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Italic represents what they are thinking.

The meeting

She was sitting alone in the darkness of the abyss. Moments ago Wind informed her that Creator convoked a meeting.

I do not wish to attend, even if I find it very intriguing that this meeting has been convoked. The last meeting was held when this world began to take shape, and our ranks in it were established. But, I must attend…my curiosity is getting the best of me. Even so, what is curiosity? How do I define it?

She never understood her feelings. When you are born as an adult, it's much more difficult to find your feelings,and understand them. And yet, she was always close to humans, observing them, taking mental notes. Slowly she began to understand the way they act and even started imitating their feelings. She even seemed to feel a slight jealousy towards humans, because they had feelings of their own, they did not need to copy them, to watch others so that they can imitate them. And yet, she was the only one that tried to understand them better, and she was among the few that did not look upon them like they were bugs.

It seems so long since I first started to learn how to feel, and even now, after all this time, I never quite got the hang of it.

Her line of thoughts was cut short as Lightning's voice filled her ears. He is always so loud, so rash to take decisions and such a big mouth.

Flash back:

"I remember telling you not to abuse your powers, have I not Lightning?" I waited patiently for his outburst, and I was not disappointed.

"Are you insinuating that I destroyed that human establishment? I did not abuse my power, they deserved it!"

"Actually I was just making a remark, but if you are the one that destroyed the village, then you will support the consequences." And I left him standing there, staring at me, being unable to realise that I fooled him…again.

End flash

She chuckled remembering how short minded he can be.

"What in the name of the abyss are you doing? We are going to be late, and the Creator wants us to be punctual, remember?"

"Have no worry my lighty little friend, I shall be there in no time. said she with an ironic voice."

"Hmpf, smug as ever….never mind, just be there"

And so he left, with an air of self induced superiority. "Poor guy…" She whispered to herself.

She began heading to the meeting point, attempting to gather her thoughts. When she finally managed to clear her mind, she found herself in front of the meeting point.

All the elements were gathered and as she walked to designated place, she realised that even Moon, Sun and all the stars were present.

This is strange… why is it that the Creator gathered all of us? It must be something of great importance for him to do something like that…I wonder… meetings like this would be held only if the physical world's problems would affect our dimension in some way, or…

She did not manage to finish the thought as Creator entered, towering above all of them, hotter that fire, yet colder that ice, more solid that earth itself and yet as fluid as water.His eyes were as lightning bolts and his hair as delicate as the wind. The light coming from him was brighter that the sun in a hot summer day and his beauty and grace was far greater than Moon's. He fluttered his midnight robe, from which stars were born and spoke with his thunder voice.

"I have gathered all of you here to speak of the past, present and future. Son's and daughters, the world, as we all know it, will end soon."

At the sound of these words, worried whispers started to fill the large room.

"How is this possible?"

"Oh no! What shall we do?"

From her left, Sun stood up, his light trying to defy the Creator, and spoke proudly and confident of his words.

Oh, how I hate this bonding between me and this bastard. Ever since the beginning of time he tries to make me feel inferior, even if our powers are alike , and yet he is the one put high in the sky, towering above us all, he, the light giver.

"Please do tell us, mighty Creator, father of us all, of what interest is this matter to us? We are not part of this world, we do not care for humanity, the Sun will rise and dawn even if the Earth is without his beings, or gone, this problem is not of our concern."

"Arrogant as always, aren't you?" She mumbled, but unfortunately he heard her and gave her a hateful glare, which she returned with an very fake smile. I would burn you to a crisp if you weren't the friggin sun.

"Thank you Sun for your most sincere opinion, said the Creator calmly but unfortunately you did not let me finish what I intended to explain. As I said, the world shall end, not by human hand, but by a greater evil. In the past, 500 years ago, humans tried to destroy this evil. But unfortunately, as time went by, it became more and more powerful. When I first created this world, and all of you, we agreed not to interfere in it, but merely observe. Our observation is now complete my children, we have to act, or the world that we all know and love, including our dimension, shall be greatly affected by this evil."

After Water build up her courage to speak, she said:"But we cannot interfere and commence a war, or Earth will be destroyed by our own forces, and is it not this very reason that made us agree that we merely observe?"

"Indeed, we shall not commence a war, instead we must cut the evil from it's roots. For that we need only one person. Fire!"

"Yes sir!" She stood up, as straight and proud as she possibly could and looked him in the eyes… Those eyes, they remind me of life and death all together.

"You will be sent on Earth, 500 years in the past, to destroy this evil."

"Yes sir, but…. I have only one question, why me?"

"You seem to understand the earth's creatures better"

"Bu….t…" that was the last thing she managed to say until the Creator dismissed the meeting.

"There will be a messenger who will inform you of your name, appearance and your exact target.Once you get that information you will travel immediately to Earth."

"Yes sir…"

She went back to were Lightning found her and saw Wind waiting, with the profile prepared.

Oh Wind, how I am going to miss you. You are my closest friend, the only one that understands me. You didn't even tell Creator when I started to study humans, and for that I am grateful…he knows too much of my activities already. You even agreed to study about feelings with me…

As Fire was lost in her thoughts, Wind double checked her profile, making sure everything was alright. She was nervous, even if she did not want to show it, she too cared about Fire. After all Fire was the one that taught her this amazing thing called feeling.

Oh I hope you will be alright. Even if you know them, I heard that having a body makes feelings more intense…

"Wind?" She looks so lost in thoughts, I wonder what is she thinking about.

"Yes! Oh I apologize, here is your profile. Read it well. Once you are on Earth you shall take this appearance and this name." She said the hole thing in one breath, like it was a thing she needed to get out of her system.

"I understood. Wind?"

"Yes? What is it? Tell me, anything!"

"I wonder, why did Creator choose me to go to Earth? You also know about humans, and you know about feelings to. So, why me?" It was a thought that stressed her. I am no better then Wind, so why me?

"Is it not obvious? Indeed, I also have knowledge about humans and feelings but I am Wind, I never stand still. I run, I am just passing by. But you, you are there, in the center of their lives, whenever someone needs light in the darkness, whenever they need warmth in a chilly night, or warm food. You are the closest to them, helping them in their everyday lives. Without you, they will not be able to live properly. So please Fire, do not let your flame extinguish!"

She giggled, Wind is as worried as ever. "Thank you and… Goodbye, my friend."