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9. One step closer

He had a smug look on his face and his aura emanated accomplishment. Seeing him walk with such pride, she questionably looked at him. What's wrong with him? We have more important issues at hand…

"What's with the smug look?" She subconsciously knew that his answer won't satisfy her.

"Huh? Oh…. Nothing…" The dreamy look on his face clearly said something else, so she pushed him a little further.

"Well, that nothing left you with a smile that I rarely see. What did you do Lightning, cause genocide by striking the poor humans? Made a pact with the devil that at the end of the earth you will deliver the killing blows, or what?"

Stupefied and hurt by her words, Lightning turner to look at her. "Wind those are horrible things you speak of? Who would be cruel enough to do something like that?"

As Wind listened to him speak with such passion, her jaw practically fell to the ground. "WHAT?! Who are you and where is Lightning? Speak fast! The Lightning I know is mean, cruel, selfish, and other adjectives like those!"

"Why Wind my dearest friend, of course it's me. And even if I was cruel, that was the past me…" Wind couldn't hear his next statements, mainly because she was in utter shock and secondly because Lightning started to glide on the floor toward his room.

"Oh my, father of us all, he's gone mad…"

Sesshomaru slowly approached the small figure standing in the clearing. She looked like a rare flower that stood there to absorb every ray of sun. So fragile, and yet so strong, probably the only one able to get rid of the pesky evil hayou.

Yuhi weakly lifted her head to meet his golden eyes. "Hi."

"You have an interesting way to give your memories." His tone was flat, completely void of any emotion.

She replied in the same flat tone. "Standard procedure." Then lifted herself of the ground. "Lets go, we need to find Inuyasha."

His eyebrow twitched for a moment, not liking the idea of collaborating with his half brother. "Why? The two of us should be able to finish Naraku."

A small smile crept it's way onto her lips, but she quickly shoved it off. "Yes, we are, but the only one who can purify the jewel is Kagome. Now come on, it's almost night, let's find a place to camp."

Sesshomaru calmly watched her small form walking in front of him. He could almost see her eyes scanning the area for a suitable place. After watching her for a few minutes, his highly sensitive ears, cached the sound of a hot spring. His cleaning instinct kicked to the surface and he started to head toward the spring, leaving the young woman to follow him.

"This will be a good place for the night." It was a statement that didn't ask for opinion. He saw that she took her place, leaning against a tree. "I will shortly return."

"Were are you going?"

Sesshomaru lazily turned toward her. "To clean up."

Without giving him another glance, Yuhi leaned against the tree and closed her eyes. After she felt his aura go further and further she cracked one eye open. Well, well, now let's see why do you people enjoy water so… And as her curiosity kicked in, she masked her scent and headed toward the spring were Sesshomaru went. Being careful not to make a noise, she found a good spot to watch him. Even though her thoughts held pure curiosity, she couldn't help but feel uneasy for watching him in such a private moment. On the other hand, a feeling of excitement ran over her.

With elegant moves, Sesshomaru began to undress, discarding his armor and then starting to untie his shirt. He was oblivious to the young woman that watched his every move. With secure moves, he revealed his upper body, muscles tensing and relaxing beneath his flawless skin. The steam of the hot spring were rising in the air giving a glow to his pale skin. He…he's… he's an idiot! He is very vulnerable right now! Anybody could attack him in this state! "Idiot!" The moment those words left her lips, Yuhi realized she said them out loud… loud enough for the partially naked demon to hear. She inwardly cursed for her lack of control and emerged from the bushes.

Sesshomaru watched the red headed woman scream. She hid her scent pretty well, but unfortunately for her she couldn't control the emotions she wasn't used to, so he heard her rasped breathing from a mile away. He mentally smirked knowing that the curious element watched him undress. As she exited her hiding place, he raised an eyebrow at her. "….?"

"You!… y-y-you…" as she slowly realized their current proximity, Yuhi's voice began to shutter. The motive of her outburst slowly crawled out of her grasp. "You could have been in danger!" Suddenly her motivation was reborn, eyes blazing, criticizing his lack of attention.

With a voice that held a small trace of amusement, Sesshomaru gave her the most honest answer he could muster. "Taking in consideration that you carefully watched over me, I doubt that anything could have happened to me." A smirk made it's way onto his graceful lips.

Seeing his smug attitude, Yuhi's anger flared up once more. "Why you!!" Her fist flew to connect with his jaw, but due to his demonic speed, he cached her angry attempt to hurt him. As their eyes locked on one another, her fist unclenched and smoothly steeled on his cheek.

Sesshomaru felt the calming waves of heat coming from her, and he knew that the fiery girl in front of him was slowly relaxing. When he felt her warm hand connect with his face, he couldn't help but lean a bit into her touch. Her aura was so soothing, trying to warm up his own icy one. Her body language, so inexperienced transmitting her emotions in their raw state…She was just so… appealing.

Yuhi stared in the eyes of the man towering above her. He was an example of complete self-control, a cold unmoved block of ice. This block of ice was half naked in front of her, leaning into the touch of her hand. To say that she was shocked was an understatement. Emotions were pouring out of her in waves of heat. What are these things, these emotions? And why in the name of the creator can't I control them? Suddenly her eyes widened, orange orbs shockingly watching half lidded golden ones. Her face turned at least five different shades of read as she felt his warm tongue on her hand. Did he just lick my hand? Did mister freeze just lick my hand??

He just couldn't help it. All her emotions clashing with him made him loosen his control. She was so warm, his exact opposite. "You are showing weakness." So fragile right now, I could break her in any moment… I could lose myself in her… just this once, couldn't I? Slowly he leaned closer to her, keeping his gaze glued to hers. Should I?... Their lips were barely one inch apart when Sesshomaru looked one last time in the depths of her eyes. Seeing the small hesitation in them he spoke in a husky tone, his breath sending chills up her spine. "Next time don't hesitate." And he let go of her hand. He took his discarded clothes and went to their camping place, leaving a very confused red-head behind

"Next time don't hesitate." His words kept repeating in her mind like a broken record. She slowly regained her composure and started to walk back to camp. Even if I want something, I can't have it. I will leave soon and I could never have it, have you…I mustn't have you. When she reached the clearing she saw Sesshomaru lean against a tree. He nodded in her direction, silently telling her to sleep while he stood on a higher branch watching the moon.

"Did you manage to find something?"

"Actually I did. The reason Fire managed to stop Naraku's regeneration in the origin of her powers and the way they work. Naraku's body would regenerate an reform every time he was cut, slashed, etc… He managed to control his sliced parts like they were still a part of him. That is how it looks at least, but if you take a closer look, he actually implements a sort of genetic order right before the parts get detached from his body. They can only do what he told them before they were cut off."

"I see…" Wind frowner a bit. "He seems to be pretty smart…for a feudal era villain."

Lightning nodded, approving her opinion. "In fact he is very smart. He plans his moves ahead to be able to give the genetic order in time. For that he has to know the enemy inside out, to be able to know what ticks him off in order to react when he wants to."

"Well then, if he is so smart, how come until now, that colorful group managed to delay him every time?"

Seeing Wind's confusion he smirked. "from the data Fire gave me, it seems like he is to confident in his own powers. His arrogance is his downfall." He sighed, mentally tired. "in any case, Fire will be most likely able to defeat him, because her powers act at a genetic level and they practically destroy any trace of order he might send. Also it will considerably slow his regeneration process, thus giving her a better chance to destroy him."

"Good, we will tell her that so that she can come home already." Because I miss her.

Yuhi watched him for a few minutes then took a seat against a tree. …don't hesitate. If I don't, what could happen? I will leave after Naraku is defeated… I will go back home, were emotions are a taboo that only the bravest dare to trespass. Maybe…maybe I should enjoy them while I have them within my grasp…maybe… She lifted her eyes to watch him. His silver hair glowed in the moon light, a small breeze making it move in waves on his back. Yuhi allowed herself to daydream, fascinated by the view of the man in front of her. Without being able to stop them, a wave of strange feelings washed her, bringing a feeling of emptiness inside her core. Her powers flared up, responding to her need, her thoughts, and Yuhi felt the familiar feeling of flames surrounding her body.

Feeling the intense wave of heat coming from her, Sesshomaru looked down to were Yuhi was supposed to be, but was surprised to see that she wasn't there. When he lifted his eyes, he found himself staring into flaming orange ones. She was floating in front of him, her aura giving her an unearthly appearance. Like an angel of desire, her look ignited his soul, and when she spoke her voice was sensual. "I will not hesitate." Then her lips crashed on his. Her actions were impulsive, and at first he was shocked to see the flaming red-head do such a daring move, like she wanted to prove something to herself. The thought was quickly pushed aside as her warm hand came to rest on his chest.

Being highly inexperienced, Yuhi had no idea what to do from now on, so she backed a bit to be able to breathe. She had no idea if she did it right, and all she could do was look at him with confused, wanting eyes. When her eyes met his, she saw the battle taking place inside of him, a battle between instinct and self control. Unfortunately for his ice cold side, instinct won, his hand tangling in her hair, pulling her toward him. Their lips clashed in a needy kiss, one that spoke of abandon and the intensity of feelings.

His lips slowly parted hers own, his hot tongue asking for entrance. Seeing that she did nothing, he sensed the insecurity in her aura, and softly spoke to her. "Let it go… Let me guide you, just let it all go."

The words seemed like a trigger, his deep sensual voice entering every corner of her mind, feeling the pull of abandon get stronger and stronger. He pulled her flush against him, all the time looking into her eyes to catch every flicker of emotion that might pass through them. With great agility he lifted her and jumped from the tree. They descended on the grassy ground and his tongue once again demanded entrance in her mouth. This time she eagerly gave it to him. Their battle for dominance began as their tongues explored each other.

Suddenly he pulled away from her mouth and spoke in the same deep voice. "You will experience feelings that you never experienced before. And you will enjoy it."

His words were like a mantra for Yuhi's ears, and all she could do is mutter a weak "Yes."

Looking into his eyes, not knowing what to do, Yuhi waited for his next move. Of course, he complied. Sesshomaru took a few steps back and spoke in a tone that gave no room for argue. "Undress."

Her eyes widened a bit, but quietly started to undress. "Slower…" she heard his husky tone behind her. Unconsciously she complied, caught in his web, not willing to get out.

He watched her for a while with predator eyes then, approached her slowly. The way he moved and spoke brought a small shiver down her spine. He knows exactly what he's doing, exactly what to say… Yuhi watched him approach her nude body.

After measuring her one last tine, Sesshomaru's clawed hand tangled itself in her blood red hair, dragging her toward his mouth.

A few minutes of mind blowing kisses passed, until his hands started to trace her form. From shoulders to lower back, the hands descended, finding round, firm buttocks, giving them a teasing squeeze. Meanwhile, Yuhi was trying to fight the sounds that threatened to escape her. Unfortunately, all her efforts crumbled to dust when Sesshomaru's mouth traveled to a sensitive area on her neck, nibbling and leaving small bites on her flesh.

"Mmmm… What are you doing?" Her clouded mind couldn't think anything more.

"Right now, nothing. I'll start doing something later." Just like earlier, his voice had a lustful tone in it.

"This nothing you do…it feels good… Probably she would have liked to say more but, she found herself at a sudden loss of words when Sesshomaru's searching mouth started to suck on a peaked pink nipple.

Being occupied with the pink peaked of her breasts, Sesshomaru didn't notice the way her eyes were rolling inside her head, but her little moans and mewls were like symphony for his ears.

As the tension started to grow, Yuhi began to feel incomplete, the need for more. "More, I….I want more…"

"You will have it. But…are you sure you are ready for it?" his hot breath on her neck, the soft words in her ear, all so tempting… how could she say no?

She nodded her head, not able to form words. She expected lots of things, but not what he did. With one digit vibrating on the bundle of nerves between her legs, and the other skillfully entering her body, Yuhi found herself squirming, moaning and arching her back to the point she felt it will break.

"How is it?" His words barely registered inside her head and she found no words to answer him. "Good, now…come for me Yuhi." Those soft words whispered in her ear, with the adding of a small bite brought Yuhi in a tornado of desire, as waves after waves of pleasure flooded her senses. Never did she knew that feelings like those existed. When Sesshomaru let her get down from the high peak, her heart rate increased at least two times and her breathing was harsh.

"…In the name of the abyss, what are you and what did you just do?" she was panting while she spoke, looking at him with pleasure clouded eyes.

Looking at her flushed face, seeing her glassy orange eyes and remembering all the delicious sounds she made had a profound effect on Sesshomaru. His member twitched painfully, and he took a few moments before answering. "Tonight, I am a man, your man….and you are my woman, all mine."

"Only yours…" And he slipped himself in her awaiting core.

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