-1After everything that's went on between me and Jack, somehow I still can't help but have feelings for him.

Maybe it was the way in which he forgave me so easily after Lisa.

Or maybe it's the way he smiles at me.

Or maybe it's the way he can make me forget my own name when I'm screaming his in bed.

But whatever it is, he has some kind of hold on me, making me crawl back to him even after he disappeared.

I hated him for a while after his return.

He didn't even give me a proper explanation, just sauntered back into my life, expecting me to return the favour by climbing back into his bed.

For a while I resisted temptation, choosing to ignore the flirty grins, and compliments, but after a certain period of time, no one can deny Captain Jack Harkness' charm.

And so that is why I find myself lying wide awake in my bed as Jack sleeps soundly next to me, cursing whatever god there may be that I seem to have no will power what-so-ever when it comes to this gorgeous, toxic man beside me.

Because, it seems, that no matter how many times he hurts me, he still holds power over me.

And I hate myself for giving in.