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Author's Notes: Many thanks to my fantastic beta mayalaen. This was written for oldenuf2nb for the Yule secret drabble exchange on The Quidditch Pitch using the prompt 'baubles'.

This story contains SLASH so if you do not like it - or don't know what it is - then DO NOT READ. Thanks :o)

One Green Bauble

"Pass me a bauble."

"A bobble?" Harry peered into the cardboard box and frowned. The silver tinsel draped around his shoulders dangled in the way, and he slung the ends back around his neck like a scarf. "What the hell is a bobble?"

Draco, precariously balancing on a footstool to reach the uppermost branches of the huge Christmas tree, scowled down at the bowed head of his boyfriend. "Not bobble, you uneducated ignoramus. Bauble." Harry looked up, still looking nonplussed, and Draco sighed. "The glass balls."

"Oh, right. Why didn't you just say that in the first place?" Harry reached into the box and pulled out a brightly coloured ball. It emitted a soft chime, and he eyed it nervously. "Why'd it make a noise?"

"It's charmed," Draco said sharply, his patience wearing thin. He'd spent all morning decorating the house for Christmas, and the whole time Harry had pestered him with questions. He readjusted a strand of golden tinsel and looked down, shaking his head when he saw the ball in Harry's hand. "No, not the green one: the red."

"What difference does it make?" Harry asked, giving the ball a little shake and grinning when it let out another melodious tinkle.

"Look at the tree, Harry, just look at it."

Harry lifted his head. "I can see the tree, Draco."

"Well, if you can see the tree – decorated as it is in red and gold – then why do you need me to explain why a green bauble is inappropriate?"

"It's just a Christmas tree; who cares if the colours don't match?"

Draco looked horrified, and he had to steady himself, curling one hand around a branch. "It is not just a Christmas tree. It is our first Christmas tree. And it's going to be bloody well perfect." His voice rose with each word, and by the end he was almost shouting.

"All right, calm down," Harry said. "You're going to have a heart attack if you carry on like that."

Draco took a breath and spoke again in a normal tone. "Perhaps, Harry, you might like to go and entertain yourself somewhere else?"

"What? Why?"

"Because, Harry, dear, if you don't go somewhere else, I'm going to have to kill you," Draco snapped, and the tip of the branch in his hand snapped off. The murderous look he gave the branch, and turned back on Harry, was enough to reinforce his words.

Harry nodded swiftly. "Okay, okay," he said. "I get the message. I'll go and make some tea, shall I?"

"That would be lovely. Thank you."

Bobbing his head and still clutching the bauble in his hand, Harry hastily left the room, leaving Draco with the tree.

Draco took out his wand and, with a swish and a flick, levitated all of the red and gold baubles out of the box to hover in the air beside him.

Feeling much calmer with Harry gone, Draco methodically set about hanging all of the decorations, setting them precisely on the tree to give the most inspiring effect. If there was one thing his Malfoy heritage had gifted him with, it was the ability to make a room look picture-book perfect.

He was almost done, crouching down on the stool to place a final bauble on a lower branch, when he heard Harry clearing his throat at the door to the room.

"You were a while making tea," Draco observed, not turning around.

"I got a bit distracted," came the reply.

"Hmm?" Draco placed the last bauble and brushed a long strand of hair back behind his ear as he straightened.

"Yeah, I... er... decorated my own tree," Harry said. "You see, you've done one in Gryffindor colours, and I thought..."

Puzzled at Harry's stilted speech, Draco turned and froze.

Harry stood in the doorway, naked but for a Santa hat, the string of silver tinsel still circling his neck, and the green bauble hanging from the end of his half-erect cock. He was flushed and looking very nervous. "So? What do you think?" he asked, holding his hands out to the side.

A predatory smile formed on Draco's lips, the perfect tree behind him all but forgotten. "I think," he said, climbing off the stool and taking slow, stalking steps towards Harry, "that you make an exceptional Slytherin tree." He stopped a few feet away and tilted his head to side, considering. "Of course, you're missing something."

"Oh, yeah?" Harry said. "What's that?"

"A fairy," Draco said. "You've got to have a fairy mounted on top of the tree."

The green bauble chimed merrily between them, and Draco stepped forwards, smothering the sound as he pressed his body against Harry's and captured the brunet's mouth in a kiss. Harry's hands twisted in the Draco's jumper, pulling him closer still, moaning as Draco's pine-scented fingers brushed across his cheek to slide into his hair; Draco's other hand cupped his arse and made both of them forcefully aware of the bauble trapped between them.

Draco groaned, reluctantly breaking off the kiss and pulling his head back to rub his nose against Harry's. "It's customary for Slytherin trees to be decorated in a bedroom," he said.

Harry grinned. "Well, who am I to doubt the word of a Slytherin? Lead the way."

And that – in a tale they shared with no one – was how there came to be a single, slightly dented green bauble hanging proudly on the Malfoy-Potter Christmas tree.