Ah, it feels good to write angst.

You know, angst is good for you.

No really, it is.

Do as your doctor says, and read something that will make you cry.

So, again. Happy New Years.

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Yay for death.

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NOTE: This is a story, inspired by a fan-art on DA. Look it up.


TITLE: The End Of Humanity


No, really. Go on and laugh. It's all I'm good for.

Zim scowled at the small crippled body in front of him. A small trickle of blood fell out of the boys' mouth as he coughed miserably. It was funny really. The only hope for Earth, the great hero is a dying thirteen-year-old child.

For good measure, the Ex-Invader kicked Dib once more in the stomach with little enthusiasm. Bitter words rested on his snaked tongue, but he said none. No words could express the inner turmoil.

This was a game to you.

It was my LIFE you were screwing with.

The Amerada was coming. Time is running out for not one, but for the both of them. Zim knew that he would be killed on the spot; defectives didn't deserve glory. And for now it didn't matter. Just this… This moment… These few precious minutes for revenge, and misguided hatred. It was the Tallest he wanted. But all he can get was Dib.

And by god, Dib put up one hell of a fight. But the human failed to take things seriously. A bonded attachment with his enemy, a false belief of friendship… The very concept of it was insane. Only an immature child could only hold the idiotic morals. Zim thought for a brief moment, that maybe in another time and place… Not now. Not here. Dib was to be hated, and he made the fatal mistake of letting his guard down.

Good-natured souls do not exist.

You are as disillusioned and selfish as the rest of us.

Zim frowned his rival, with a somewhat sad look on his face. The boy was dying, but it was better he was killed in his hands then to become a slave. Only Dib respected him, as sick as it sounded. To him, Zim was everything. Proof. A villain fit for a hero. It was flattering in a way.

But Dib had only climbed halfway up the ladder. While he had his mind open to the fact that there was aliens, while the rest of his kind continued on with life looking at the gravel as they walked; Dib only saw aliens as aliens. Being without soul to speak of. Things, with no further use then to be cut open like common frogs.

Tears burning in his eyes, Zim kicked Dib in the chest again. And again. And again.

Don't I deserve to be accepted?

Have you ever asked once, why am I doing this?

I thought I knew what happiness was, until I opened my eyes…

Dib attempted to look up at Zim, all the whiles coughing up blood. His torn clothes revealed his battered and bruised skin. Zim unknowingly flinched and out of shame, kicked Dib onto his knees. Standing behind him, he pressed one of his heavy black boots on his back and slowly raised a gun at his large head.

Take a moment and collect yourself.

Show no shame or weakness.

Zim hears the boy choking out a sob. Tears plopped onto the ground, soaking the dry cracked dirt. Was he crying for his lose? His family? Maybe for…

No time for that. Zim straighten himself and glared down at the boy. He placed his best villainous grins, and even added a chuckle to match it. The last words to his rival, enemy, friend, and mirror refection was nothing more then a lie. A lie to Dib, but most of all, wishful thinking for Zim.

"I win."