Calmly she steps between the King and Guy of Gisborne. Looking at the man she once promised to marry, at the man she still believes has goodness deep inside him.

"No Guy! I always fought for England! If you kill the King you're destroying England!"

"Marian… step aside! It'll be over soon! And we can be together!"

"I will never be with you! I am going to marry Robin Hood! I love Robin Hood!"

For a long moment he stares at her, pain clearly written in her face.

"So… all the words… everything… it was only… lies? You never cared about me?"

"I care Guy! Just not like that! I couldn't have loved you more if you were my brother! I know there is goodness in you! You are not like the sheriff! You proved that when you stayed in Nottingham to fight Prince John's soldiers, when you saved me from the scaffold!"

"Still! If I can't be with you I'd rather die!" with those words he kneels, supports the sword hilt firmly on the ground and impales himself on the blade.

The silence in the small market place is deadly. Horrified the outlaws stare at their enemy's broken body. Slowly Robin's goes to his fiancée and kneels besides her, looking at the man he hated for so long, for the first time seeing the good within he refused to before.

"Gisborne… there was no need for this!"

"Without her… I'm nothing! Both of us Hood… both of us would die without her! She… choose you!"

They bury him in the desert. All thinking about how odd it is that they should end up as the only attendants to their enemy's funeral. Standing at the grave with Robin's arms wrapped around her Marian is the only person who weeps. She alone knew what pain the man who now lays dead below the ground went through.