As promised, the last chapter. I hope you have enjoyed the story!

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A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu.

And now open your eyes and see
What we have made is real.
We are in Xanadu.

A million lights are dancing
And you're here with me

… Xanadu
your neon lights will shine
For you Xanadu.

The love
The echoes of long ago
You needed the world to know
They are in Xanadu.

The dream that came through a million years
That lived on through all the tears
It came to Xanadu.

A million lights are dancing
And you're here with me

… In Xanadu *

Two Weeks Later….

Jim stood frozen next to Karen. He couldn't remember ever being this scared or befuddled. She looked gorgeous in a light green knee length dress and he'd tried his best to look good for the occasion. His dark grey suit was newly cleaned and pressed and his light blue shirt set off his eyes. She'd told him that when she saw him. His ribs were still sore but the bruises on his face were fading. Still, he knew they were there and it bothered him.

The man in front of them was saying something but all he could think about was Karen, standing next to him and looking radiant. It had been a tough two weeks and he'd wanted to postpone things to give her more time. But she'd insisted and of course, he couldn't refuse.

So here he stood, in a place he never thought he'd be, fulfilling a life long dream. He was getting married, to the right woman this time, and happiness was his. He had a family, be it a small one, but still… Someone loved him, because of who he was and in spite of it. And as the man spoke and then looked at him, he stood mute, mystified, his head buzzing and bright lights dancing in his mind. A nudge to his sore ribs from Karen and a look that said 'shape up mister' brought him back into focus.

He wanted to ask the man to say it again because he hadn't heard it the first time. But glancing sideways at his beloved, he knew this was his cue. "I do," he said loudly. A chorus of chuckles sounded from behind him but he didn't care.

He watched Karen as the man read the vows to her, his heart leaping as she returned his gaze sumptuouslyand said firmly, "I do." And with that, Jim knew it was real. He felt the pressure in his eyes as he thought of how close he had come to losing her after taking so long to realize she was the one. Inwardly he resolved that nothing would ever be more important to him than Karen; not the job, not other people's problems, not even Ellie. She was the top of his list and he would spend the rest of his life making sure she knew it.

She's so beautiful, he thought as he watched her, ignoring the minister. And as she turned to look at him again, his heart skipped a beat. He sucked in a nervous breath, not because he had cold feet but because he was afraid he still might mess it up. But her slight smile reassured him and he began to breathe easy again. He'd never done anything more right in his life.

Finally, the man pronounced it, calling them husband and wife. Before the man had finished the sentence, Jim was already kissing the bride, again bringing chuckles from the onlookers. And again, he didn't care. He had found Xanadu.

* Xanadu lyrics written by Jeff Lynne. It was the title song for the Broadway play and movie. Olivia Newton-John was backed up by Electric Light Orchestra for the soundtrack, but ELO later recorded it with Jeff Lynne as lead singer. The movie didn't so well, but some of the songs were big hits, including Xanadu.

The song was popular in the early 80s, when Jim was probably just discovering just how bad his marriage really was. It's always seemed to me that he wanted someone to love wholly and a family, but his dream died when his marriage fell apart. And now, it has been reawakened ;-)

Again, hope you enjoyed. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.