Hey babybooshe again!! I've decided to take a short break from my Anastasia series (so the inspiration can flow) and write a one shot on one of my favorite Disney channel original movies… JUMP IN! Mary and Izzy on the night after the tournament. Enjoy!

Once the competition was over, and everyone was tucked in their beds at home, Mary slowly climbed down the fire escape to Izzy's room. She gently rapped on the window.

"Yo, Izzy!" She called silently. Izzy was sitting on his bed looking at some pictures of past Double Dutch competitions, thinking of a routine to wow the judges even more than the last. "Izzy!" Mary called again. This time he looked up, with the smile that made Mary's heart skip a beat.

"You want something?" he asked opening the window. Mary giggled. "Seriously," he said again. "'Cause I ain't got all night!"

"I just wanted to say…" Mary took a breath. "You looked good out there tonight…" Mary averted her eyes from Izzy's.

"Well, you didn't have to tell me that," he answered playfully. "I already knew!"

"Oh, really?" answered Mary. "'Cause I didn't see a mirror… or did it crack when you were looking into it?"

"Oh, that was cold, Mary!" Izzy stepped out onto the fire escape to sit next to her, their feet dangling over the city below. "But I know your not…" He scooted closer to her. Mary Looked at him and was about to crack a joke about her personal space, but she stopped herself and moved closer to him too. She laid her head on his shoulder. Izzy kissed Mary on the top of her forehead then looked around quickly.

"Who did that?" he asked, talking to air.

Mary giggled, then kissed Izzy gently on his cheek. "Who did that?" she asked doing the same thing that Izzy had done.

Izzy moved his face close to hers, so that there was barely any distance between her mouth and his. "You did…" Izzy whispered. "But it's funnier when I do it…"

As if she couldn't wait for another second, Mary closed the gap between their lips. This time she held on longer.

Izzy was stunned at first, but then he began to gently kiss her back. When they finally pulled away, a smirk played on Izzy's face. He closed his eyes, embracing the feeling of Mary's warm lips on top of his. Then he opened them and took a breath before speaking.

"Wasn't too bad…" Izzy answered jokingly.

"What?" Mary exclaimed.

"You need more practice!"

"And you'd be the one to judge a kiss?"

"In fact I am!"Mary rolled her eyes. "Fine then! What did I get?"

"A five…"


"I'm only kidding, Mary!"

"What ever," Mary said playfully. "Goodnight Izzy!"

"Wait, Mary!" Izzy called as she started back up the ladder.

"What?" she asked turning around.

"You could always try for a better score!" he said hopefully.

"Goodnight, Isadore…" Mary turned and walked back to her room.

When she was fully inside, Izzy blew a kiss at her balcony. "Goodnight."