Facing the Truth

In the gym

What the hell was that girl thinking?!

First she had entered the gym. Then she had handcuffed him, but instead of returning him to the Center, she had asked him if they were still friends.

When he had said that they were she had kissed him. And he had kissed her back.

Then she had called him a liar and had just left.

He had needed a few minutes to regain his ability to think and a few more to free himself from the handcuffs.

In Miss Parker's hotel room

What the hell had she been thinking?!

Okay, she had wanted to find out the truth. In this, she had succeeded.

But she hadn't planned to kiss him for so long. And she hadn't expected that he would make her feel that way …

No man had done that to her before …

She should really fly back to Delaware.

But then what?

She knew perfectly that she would always think of him.

So she told herself that she would find a solution for this "little problem" if she stayed at the hotel for a little while … only a few more hours, maybe days …

In Jarod's hotel room

He should really leave the hotel before Miss Parker got the idea that it may be a good idea to come back and return him to the Center.

But wherever he would go, she could follow him.

It seemed like she had found a way to know where he was. But he had no idea how.

He just knew that he couldn't ask her because, by now, she would already be miles away laughing her ass off because she had – for once – seen him helpless and stunned.

In Miss Parker's hotel room

Why didn't she tell him why she had walked out like that?

Well, the answer was easy: She was afraid to find out that he didn't feel the same way she did.

But what could she lose? She had already lost her pride by finding, but not returning him to the Centre and kissing him just to find out what she wanted to know.

So she decided that it was time to face the truth.

In Jarod's room

It knocked and he opened the door.

"Room service?"

And that's how he let her into his room and she let him into her life.


P.S. I'm sorry ... I really wanted to write something more ... more plot ... and everything ... but after a few months, I decided that this was all I could think of ...