AN: Wrote my first piece of angst earlier, and someone asked for a sequel. Well, this isn't exactly a sequel, but it's a companion piece. So, enjoy! As always please R&R.

After everything that's went on with me and Ianto, somehow we still play at these games.

He hurts me, so in return I hurt him. I hate it, and don't know why I just can't end it, stop all this pain for both of our sakes.

There's just something about Ianto.

Even when I'm aware that this relationship - if you can call it that - that we've somehow got wrapped up in is only doing us harm, I just can't get enough of him.

But then I did the unthinkable.

I left him, and didn't even explain when I returned.

He wouldn't talk to me for quite some time, and it was killing me that I couldn't touch him, so I got my kicks from flirting, and eventually he succumbed.

So now, day after day, we go through the motions, because we believe that ending this mess we've found ourselves in will hurt each other more than continuing the way we are going.

So, that is why I find myself pretending to be asleep in Ianto's bed. The mattress dipping every time he tosses and turns. And I curse whatever god that there may be, that no matter how many times I hear him sobbing in the night, I still go back for more.

And I hate myself for doing this to him.