How the pancakes got burned

There was a horrible smell in the air when Daniel entered Sam's house after having gotten no response to his knocking.

He had called her earlier that day and she hadn't answered her phone, so he had gotten worried and had decided to come and check if everything was alright.

She was nowhere to be seen in her living room.

So he called out her name.


No answer.

He found his way to her kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks.

There was smoke all over the kitchen and he could make out the form of a pan with a former pancake in it that was now totally burned.

He went to the cooker and turned it off.

Then he went on searching for Sam.

Again he tried to get a response.


When he came close to her bedroom he heard some sounds he couldn't quite categorize.

But when he opened the door he could see some grey hair he knew very well next to some blond hair he had also known for about nine years.

For a moment, he was too shocked to move.

Sam and Jack. Together. In bed. Having sex.

That was too much.

Not that he hadn't know about their feelings.

But why hadn't they told him that they were finally together?

After a few seconds, he regained control over his senses.

"Well, I think the pancakes are not the only thing that were on too much fire."

With these words he closed the door.