Disclaimer: I don't own V….but I do own a guy fawkes mask!

That man was my hero, the man cloaked in black also known as the "terrorist". He protected me and helped me understand more about my inner self. He taught me be fearless and how ideas always overcome. I loved him….but could only dream.

He scared me sometimes and I knew he had killed, but something attracted me to him. Perhaps it was as simple as his voice or perhaps it was his passion he had for saving this country.

As time went by, I saw that he was no longer the man I had hated for torturing and inprisoning me, but he was now the man I wanted to hold tightly to. I don't know why, but I always felt comfortable talking to him. I felt I could tell him everything…my secrets, my longings, my fears, and my overall thoughts on everything.

At night I dreamt, and I still dream, of him holding me tightly in his arms telling me he loves me and that he'd never let me go. It was just a dream. I never got that close to him…

I knew he loved me because he told me, but I knew that blowing up parliament meant more to him than I did. Now that man is dead. He died saving our country, but at the same time dooming one individual. That person is me.

As time went by I loved others, but never did I feel as strongly for them as I did for him. God, it hurts to even think of him. I seem to cry myself to sleep every night wishing he was back.

I love you V….I'll never stop missing you…