First chapter reworked to be story like. Included the cast of my humor oneshot "The Laws of Fanfiction" because they're perfect poster children for crazy authors. This explains all the crazy to come, although you can certainly skip it if you wish.

"Dear Lovely Reader,

"First off, if you are reading this because you clicked the link to "A Story of Love: 100 Tales of Cuddles and Fluff" then welcome to my story! If you are reading this because you clicked the wrong link, you are also welcome and I hope that you stick around anyway and give this little fella a look-see. As you may or may not have already gathered from the title and summary of this bit of fanfiction, this here is a pairing compilation that will eventually hold a total of one hundred chapters, each containing a different possible Code Lyoko pairing. They will span the entire range of the couples' spectrum—"

"You know, you're just restating what your twenty word summary says."

Kitty paused, blinking slowly. Taking a deep breath, she then continued.

"They will span the entire range of the couples' spectrum, from the usual boyxgirl pairings to those of yuri and yaoi, as well as covering a wide range of relationships—family, friendship, crushes, the beginning of a relationship, the prime of love, the break up. I also won't be limiting myself on the number of persons involved (not that this means three involved persons automatically equals a threesome, just keeping the options open)."

"Wait, you're doing what?"

Taping her note-cards against her desk to straighten them, Kitty continued as if no one had spoken.

"This may seem like a monumental (or maybe just insane) task that I'm giving myself, but I do have my reasons. I've always thought that a writer that writes romance can never reach their full writing potential if they stick strictly to their one favorite pairing. Different pairings have different relationships—"

"You can say that again."

"—and therefore would each be written in a different way. If you stick to one pairing you only get to see one of the multitudes of sides to the complexities that make up relationships. And so I believe that the more variety you give to your pairings, the more relationship dynamics you can explore; which means a more rounded romance author. And so in this endeavor I hope to do that for myself."

"You? A more rounded romance author? Please. All your oneshots with Odd and Aelita are practically the same story. You just changed the seasons and time of day."

Gritting her teeth, Kitty turned a pointed look on her peanut gallery as she continued,

"Also, I have basically no restrictions when it comes to pairings. For me the only thing I'm personally not a fan of would be adultxminor pairings. Other than that? I have. No. Filter."

Standing to the side of Kitty's desk, the trio of teenage boys fell quiet, Ulrich and Odd sharing a worried look while a dark haired boy in a shirt reading "xana" narrowed his eyes uncertainly. Seemingly satisfied by their silence, Kitty continued.

"At this point you must be thinking something along the lines of 'this girl is nuts! You can't do one hundred pairings for Code Lyoko' and maybe even 'She won't make it past the first twenty.' Well, I have thought ahead and prepared for that situation! The one hundred pairings have already been figured out, written on little slips of paper, and crammed into a jar to allow for a nice random selection." Kitty paused, holding up a jar full of bits of paper. The boy in the xana shirt scoffed.

"And no characters have been left untouched," Kitty said, eyeing him pointedly. "Whether they are at the protagonist level of our favorite Lyoko warriors or secondary characters like Sissi or Jim; either background characters like Emily or fillers like Brinja. Be they student or teacher or parents or something else all together, they have not been spared my pairings craze." As the boy's expression shifted to a worry that matched his companions, Kitty nodded to herself and continued.

"And it's about now that I feel I should make a note of the fact that, while some of these pairings might be a tad..."cracktastic" might be a good word, never will I just slack off and throw together a half thought out chapter just because I wanted to be weird and silly. All of them are well thought out and each one given the effort it deserves. Some of my most random pairings have some of the most serious chapters. This being a project to help improve my writing prowess, you can be sure I will give it my all.

"Now I understand going into this that not all of the pairings I will write are exactly main stream, but I do hope that when you read this you don't simply skip around to find and read only the pairings you prefer, without giving a chance to what else there might be to read. You romance writers, I said that writing other pairings expands your abilities, but that can't start if you don't first expand your imagination."

"Good luck with that," one of the boys muttered. Kitty tossed a note-card at them without looking.

"And now that you've been prepared for what's to come, it's time to actually read it. So sit back, open your mind, and prepare to see lots (and lots) of pairings!"

"And lots and lots of suffering," Ulrich muttered, the others nodding their agreement. Grinning brightly, Kitty ignored them completely.

"Your loving (if a tad eccentric) authoress, Kittyclaw."