Pairings: XanaxTeddy. This is what happens when I go through old document folders. I might only think this one is cute because I'm sleepy, but the idea of three updates in a single night makes me too happy to leave it hidden. Also, I just love writing Xana as grumpy and frustrated. Hope you enjoy his annoyance as much as I do~

Easing his way along the long, winding paths of wiring that zigzagged through the walls of Kadic's dorm building, Xana made his way deeper into the building's inner workings. His destination? Hopefully the dorm room of one of the little brats who, time and time again, thwarted his attempts at world domination.

His problem? He had no idea where those rooms could be.

As he meandered along he tried to find some sort of sign as to where he was going. But the wiring was only marked for what it supported—lighting, computers, heating—and didn't seem to differentiate between the male and female sections or different rooms. Xana would have to head all the way down to the basement circuit breakers for that.

And who knew how long going through all of that would take?

No, Xana just didn't have the time for that, not if he wanted to launch his attack while the children were distracted by the dance anyway. So he continued along a random wire, taking a random left and hoping he chose the right random way.

It was after another good ten minutes of this that Xana began to wonder if maybe he should just leave and wait for another chance to strike. At this rate by the time he found the children's room the dance would be long over. He would probably be better off just retreating now and waiting until—

Hold on a second.

Coming to a stop, Xana stretched tentatively down a bundle of cording, at the end of which he could feel an electrical outlet crammed full of more plugs then it should hold. His mind immediately flashed to the blonde child, the one always using the computers. He probably had numerous computer devices hooked up in his room.

With a mental grin Xana redirected himself in his new direction, heading for the room with all of the electronic devices. It was as good a place as any to start. And even if the boy wasn't there, the find wouldn't be a complete loss. There were always the boy's computers to search through and destroy. That could be fun.

With all of these thoughts of computers and destruction in mind, Xana was rather surprised when he finally reached the room itself. Instead of the blonde boy he was expecting Xana found himself in a room with two young girls. They were talking about…something, Xana didn't really care to find out what. In fact he was just about to leave when he noticed what the red haired girl was holding. Xana wasn't sure why the weird brown thing grabbed his attention, but it did. Digital curiosity piqued, Xana checked back with the super computer, which quickly provided an identity for the thing—"Teddy bear."

With a derisive snort at the slew of information for this strange thing, used primarily by humans as some kind of cuddly comfort, Xana decided to leave the pair and continue the search for his actual targets. However, he hesitated when his teddy bear search began turning up fiercer looking creatures—great big beasts seemingly made of nothing but muscle and teeth.

Realizing potential when its claws looked powerful enough to rip scrawny children into ribbons, Xana hesitated. Maybe he didn't need to find his enemies directly. Maybe a more convenient weapon was already staring him in the face.

One humiliating defeat later, and Xana was left with nothing more than a bruised ego, and the vow to never to use another human toy as a weapon ever again.