Kazander's Song
By Misha

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the characters from the Dragon Prince or Dragon Star books. They belong to Melanie Rawn and probably a bunch of other people, I'm writing this without permission, but since I'm not making any money off of this, please do not sue me.

Author's Notes- This is my third Dragon Prince/Star character poem. After Andry, Kazander was my favourite character, so I guess it's natural that he'd be my next victim. It's really short, I couldn't help it. It just sort of made itself that way. Well, anyway I hope you enjoy!

Son of the wind,
Life of a wanderer.
Your soul belonged to the Desert,
Your heart to a highborn daughter.

You came from different worlds,
You could never be together.
Yet in an instant,
You loved her like you had never loved anyone before.

You were thrice a husband,
But no woman had ever made you feel like this.
You had only a moment in a tumultuous time,
But you accepted that was all that there could ever be.

You loved her instantly,
But it took her longer.
She grew to love you,
Though she didn't realize until it was too late.

You saved her life,
And then died fighting the good fight.
You spoke of her near the end,
Of your Zabreneva.

Your life was too short,
But your memory would never die.
Your bright spirit would never be forgotten.