'Why,why,why,why,why!' thought Ziva punching the lifeless punching bag. She was angry and she didn't know why, he had done nothing wrong, but him just looking at her, just made her so angry. she sighed to herself as Gibbs came out the changing room

"Right McGee, your with me , Tony with Ziva" he announced.

'Thanks a lot Gibbs, I owe you one' she thought sarcastically.

"Right so what we doing to day sweet cheeks" came the famous voice of Anthony DiNozzo, with his smile up to his eyes. Ziva turned to look at him and saw the fear of what was to come in them.

"Grapple" she piped up

"Grapple? Well I warn you im sort of a.."

Ziva had pushed him backwards and he had landed on the mat, she let out a laugh at the sight of his face.

"That it Zee-vah, your in for it" he said getting up and chasing her around the floor mats.

"Oh I am, am I?" she said stopping instantly,Tony didn't have to react to Ziva stopping and ran straight into her, she toppled over and he landed on top of her.

"Tony get off of me now" she said trying to shift his weight but failed.

"No I quite like it here" he said smirking at her

" Well I don't, so get off before I..." she was interrupted by Gibbs

"What the hell are you to doing, DiNozzo and David"

"Umm.. Grappling" Ziva lied, so in one fluid moment she had Tony straddled between her legs.

"Now this is how I like it, Tony" she smirked, looking at him

"Well I'll have to remember that for next time." He laughed at he confused look on Ziva face, but Ziva suddenly hit him.

"Hey what was that for" he protested

"Just shut up and piss off tony" She stormed out of the Gym to take a shower.

Tony just sat an looked at the door which she had exited, hoping she would return.

"What the hell just happened DiNozzo" Gibbs shouted from the ring.

"I have no idea boss, no idea"

Why would she just get up and walk off like that, he was only playing with her and she teased him back.


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