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He was watching her, from a distance but closely. He was watching her watching him. He stared into her eyes as she unknowingly stared into his.

'Most probably thinks I'm asleep' He thought to himself as he pulled out his cell and dialled her number.



"Hey Ziva, I can see you"

"What are you on about, Tony" She glanced up and saw him there, grinning like a monkey

"Tony, how long have you been there"

"Long enough"

"Tony" She warned

"Maybe 10 minutes or more"

"Oh alright"

There was a silence between them as they just stood there and looked at each other. Tony broke the silence after a little while longer...

"You want to come in"

"If you wouldn't mind, I'm sort of drenched"

"Well Zee-Vah, it is raining and rain..." She closed the phone and walked towards the apartment building. As she arrived at Tony's floor, he was standing outside his door, waiting for her to appear. She walked towards him and pushed past him to enter his warm living area. As Tony closed the door, she took in her surroundings. Tony's apartment was dimly lit and a cool cream & blue colour. All the furniture was modern and his pride and joy, movie collection, locked in a cabinet. She felt a nudge in her arm and turned round to see Tony handing her some clothes.

"Here you can borrow these"

"Toda Tony"

"Oh and you can use the shower if you like"

"Ok, I need one anyway" as she walked towards the bathroom.

She stopped once she reached the door and glanced at Tony watching her

"Aren't you coming," She asked seductively

"Umm...err...yeah" He said stammering like an idiot

He walked (Almost ran) to the bathroom, where Ziva was turning on the shower.

He came up behind her and put his hands around her waist. She turned around in his arms and put her behind his neck. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Waking up very early the next morning, she etched herself up a bit and found Tony's arm draped across her stomach. She looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was 6:30am. She suddenly remembered she had a plane to catch. She manoeuvred Tony's arm and slid out of the covers. She went into the bathroom and picked up all her clothes lying and round and folded Tony's into a neat pile and left them on the counter. She left a container on the side with instructions on. She then picked up her coat, keys and cell and closed the door, as she reached her car and drove back to her apartment. She reached her apartment and noticed how it was completely different form Tony's and it just didn't feel like home. She picked up her packed bag and walked to her front door. Glancing back she felt a sudden wave of guilt surge through her body. She remembered him and she would never forget him. She closed the door locked it and off she went.


Tony was awake. He felt her move from underneath his arm, and how she silently went into the bathroom and then he heard her in the kitchen.

'Ah breakfast in bed, never thought she would think of that;

Then he heard it. The sound the voice had been saying in the back of his mind. The front door.

'She left'

He felt his heartbreak. She was here one minute and gone the next. She was leaving him, when was he going to see her again? What about if it was never.

Just then the alarm clock went off

"Oh fuck off," he said reaching for the alarm and throwing it against the wall.


She drove to NCIS. She was walking past the bullpen and looked at his desk. His desk. The one he sat at. She walked up to Jenny's office. Cynthia phoned Jenny and told her to go straight through. Ziva entered Jenny's Office.

"Shalom Jenn"

"Shalom Ziva"



"Right Ziva here is your plane ticket. You'll need to leave within the next 10 minutes to caught it"


"Ziva, I know you can take care of your self and all that, but you know we are only a phone call away, you get into trouble with anyone you just call" Gibbs came around and gave her a hug

"I will, Right I best be off. I really need to get some fresh air"

"Bye Ziva" Jen came around and hugged her tightly "Take care of yourself"

"I will" She reached the door and opened it, she walked out but just as she was about to close the doors Gibbs said

"Ziva, you need to tell the others"

"Im sorry. I can't"

And with that she closed the door. She walked past Cynthia and out towards the stairs. As she was walking down the stairs, she noticed that Ducky, Abby, McGee and Tony were in the bullpen. She took a deep breath and continued walking. She walked straight into the bullpen and towards her desk; she picked up her discarded bag and move to stand at the entrance of the bullpen. Everyone was staring at her ready to take in what she was about to say. She tried and tried again to say it but failed every time and the more times she tried the harder it got. So with out a word, she turned her back and walked out, walked out on everything that meant something to her. The elevator doors closed and tears cascaded down her face, she had left them, left them without a word.

The elevator doors opened and she walked out, the wind blowing against her tear stained face. She reached her car and got in, as she sat down she saw Tony's car pulling up just a few spaces away, so she quickly started the car and sped off towards the airport. Thoughts running through her head as she sped up, thoughts of him and how heartbroken he would be. Thoughts of the team and how confused and upset they would be.' But she had to take a break, it was getting too much for her to handle. She drove to the airport and didn't slow down once.