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Every person in the world has their own special objects or people they can't live without. You know those things that make the world go round. The ipod, the computer, or maybe it's the precious smile of the person you love most in your life. Everything might not be perfect with these things around but with them you know you'll make it. Things will be ok as long as you have these objects or these special people in your life, but what happens when you lose them?

20 years ago….

The eight year old Sarah Nelson held tightly to her mother's cold hand as they rushed down the street. Her mother walked swiftly and her movements were strange; strange like they had been the last few days. With every person they passed her mother looked as if she wanted something from them, but was too confused or scared to ask them. "Are you ok mommy?" Sarah asked.

Surprised, Sarah's mother glared down at her with lust in her eyes. Then she snapped herself out of it. "Yes I'm ok honey." They stopped in front of a dark alley and Sarah saw an old man sitting on the ground far back in the alley. He was homeless. Sarah noticed her mother's breathing began to pick up. Roughly, her mother dragged her into the alley to an old dumpster, and knelt down to tell Sarah something. "Listen I want you to hide right here behind the dumpster, and no matter what you hear don't look toward me. Do you understand?" Sarah nodded and her mother jumped up and ventured further down the alley to the old man.

Sarah's mother walked swiftly to the old homeless man. She didn't know what was going on with her, but she desired something, something she knew she could only get from killing. The feeling consumed every ounce of her burning her to her core and she wanted something to quench that unbearable fire and stop that terrible thirst, and it took every bit of energy she had to control herself. Only moment's before she had wanted to bite her own daughter and remove that precious substance from the person she loved most. "Can I help you?" the homeless man asked her as she approached.

Immediately she could feel the pulsing of his warm blood, and every beat of his heart pulled her closer to him. "Yeah," she muttered before she attacked him. The warmth of the blood filled her body with the most wondrous sensations. She felt feelings she didn't even know existed, but it was a moment short lived. A strong hand grabbed her jacket and she was thrown back into the brick wall. Fuming, she looked up to see a tall man that looked about thirty. He was so handsome it would be a shame to rip apart his perfect face.

"I can't let you kill this man," announced the mysterious stranger in a beautiful voice. Livid, she growled at him and showed her fangs, but was surprised when his eyes turned a snowy white and sharp white fangs appeared.

Even angrier, she jumped at him, but he knew what he was doing. Quickly, he pulled out a stake and pushed it through the woman's heart. She fell to the ground, limp. Sighing, he pulled out a long sword he had attached to his pants. "I'm sorry to have to do this, but it's what has to be done." Then swiftly, he brought the sword down on the woman's neck severing her head. A sad look came over his handsome face, and then he turned toward the street when he heard small footsteps.

Sarah looked from the limp and headless body of her mother to the man staring at her with snowy white eyes and long fangs. Sarah noticed a long bloody sword in his hand. The man had killed her mother. His magnificent eyes were focused on her and the look scared her. Then the eyes and the fangs disappeared and he looked normal. "I'm sorry about this, but your mother was out of control." Then he ran off and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Present day….

Sarah awoke suddenly from the nightmare. It had been twenty years since that day happened and every night since then she had the same dream. Every night she saw her mother's headless body and the man with the magnificent eyes. Now she knew that man was named Mick St. John and that he was a vampire which explained the fangs and the eyes. She could never forget the image of him standing there glaring at her with those eyes. This monster had ruined her life and she was about to get her revenge…

"So what's happening?" she asked Rick who was driving the van. They had been following the woman known as Beth Turner all night, and now it was early morning, and Sarah hadn't gotten any sleep until just a few moments before.

"She's just now coming out of the building," answered Mark who was in the back. Mark and Rick were both brothers and friends of Sarah's since they were children. They were muscular guys and shouldn't have trouble picking up a small woman like Beth Turner. Plus this was the perfect area; there were very few people around at this early hour so no one would notice if Miss Turner were to suddenly disappear.

Beth walked angrily out of Josh's apartment building. They had just gotten in a big fight about her going to New York with Mick. She hated getting into fights with him because they weren't really fights. Josh would not even raise his voice or really even seem all that angry. He would just get that disappointed look in his eyes and have the sad disappointed voice when he told her what she did wrong. She hated it! She would rather him blow up and be furious with her than just be disappointed. The only thing worse than having someone angry with you is having them disappointed in you especially when the person disappointed is someone you truly care about.

Beth glanced over at a large white van that was driving slowly toward the sidewalk she was walking on. She was growing increasingly suspicious of it. Suddenly, the door opened and a masked man jumped out and grabbed her. She didn't even have time to scream before she was locked inside the dark van.

Mick awoke to loud and hard knocking on his front door. Annoyed, he pushed open the freezer and quickly threw some clothes on. "I'm coming!" he called as made his way down the stairs. It was just now twilight, and he wondered if it was Beth. The knocking on the door grew louder.

He threw open the door to see Josh standing there with a worried look on his face. "Wow wasn't expecting you," muttered Mick. In the few moments he had spent with Josh he could easily sense that the man hated him. Of course it would be a lie to say Mick was in love with the guy.

Josh rolled his eyes and rushed into the apartment. "I didn't want to come, but I've been left with no other options. I need you to help me find someone," explained Josh. He had a desperate and tired look on his face.

Mick rubbed his eyes to wake up a little. He didn't particularly want to do anything for this man, but he had the time to listen. "Ok who do you want me to find?" he asked without much curiosity.

"Beth," answered Josh.