Harry has thought about his revenge on the Dursleys for years, knowing that one day he would leave and never return. For sixteen years, he was treated worse than a Malfoy House Elf. Now, he has the support of the Ministry, several seats on the Wizengamot and more than enough money to buy his way out of anything he does to them.

Let's see what Harry is going to do.

This story takes place in the early morning of Harry's seventeenth birthday in the Shades of Grey story.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold.

Chapter One.

Harry's Revenge.

Harry Potter woke slowly and tried to stretch out of habit. He couldn't, because he was surrounded by warm female flesh. He sighed and carefully reached for his glasses. Hermione was wrapped around Pansy on his left, pinning Pansy against Harry, and both of them had an arm over him.

On the right side, Ginny Weasley was snuggled up into his side, using his shoulder as a pillow and her arm over him and Pansy as well. It would have been over Hermione, but Ginny's arms were not that long.

Harry looked at the three women with a fond smile. He was still privately amazed that all of them loved him enough to share his love with the others. When he'd first proposed using the various titles he had to court Pansy and Ginny, he'd simply meant to give Pansy some protection while she found someone she could love. He'd told Ginny that, only to be sidetracked when Pansy made it real.

She hadn't loved him then, but he was the key to her family's escape and she wanted a hold on him. She'd told him so, although neither of them had told anyone but Ginny and Hermione that. It had become something more over the months since then, until she loved him as much as Ginny or Hermione did.

Harry sometimes suspected that Pansy actually loved Hermione more, since Hermione was the Dominant to Pansy's submissive, but he didn't care. He was happy with things as they stood, and Hermione was teaching him about Pansy's peculiar way of loving.

Dominant/submissive games were something Harry didn't understand in the bedroom, but he was beginning to understand why some people would like it. Given Hermione's bossy nature, Harry should have known that she would love this type of sex.

He stopped thinking about those two then, focusing on the girl on his right. Ginny Weasley had come over early again, as she did every day that she was supposed to work at the Shades of Grey holding company and simply crawled into bed with the rest of them.

Ginny was confusing. Pansy was simply pragmatic, seeking the easiest solution that left her safe and out of trouble. Hermione was Hermione, always looking for the elegant solution and willing to work harder to make it happen. Ginny was far more straight forward sometimes, as blunt as an axe to the face, and sneakier than a Slytherin at other times.

She could be loving, vengeful, kind, cruel, polite or irritating, all within seconds of each other. She was a mercurial personality that never quite reacted the same way twice. She confused and amused Harry constantly, changing her mind a dozen times a day about some things while being as stubbornly steadfast as a mule about other things.

Harry stopped thinking about the girls then as he remembered it was his birthday. He smiled, and his smile would have given chills to most people.

Draco had smiled like this most of Sixth Year as he worked on the cabinet that let the Death Eaters into Hogwarts.

Lucius Malfoy had smiled like this all those years ago when he planted the diary on Ginny that nearly destroyed her.

Voldemort had smiled like this after the events of the third task in Harry's fourth year.

This was the smile of a person bent on revenge, on hurting people and making them feel the kind of fear that made them wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night.

Harry was thinking about the Dursleys. For sixteen years they had done things to him that should not be done to anyone, let alone a child, especially one that was related to you. Harry was beginning to understand Pansy's way of thinking toward Family, now that he had sixty some people in his Families, and his repugnance toward the Dursleys was growing.

Today, he would get his revenge for every word, every blow, and every little cruelty that they had inflicted on him for all those years. He'd been dreaming of this day for years, ever since he turned eleven and found that he did have an escape, no matter that it would take seven years to happen.

His daydreams had taken many forms over the years, from simple violence to exotic curses. He'd finally found a way to make them suffer that he could live with and still look in the mirror and like the person he saw.

He set that aside and began a more pleasurable task. It was time to wake the girls. This had become a ritual in the mornings when they had time, and Harry was far too male to deny he liked it. Since Ginny was the one he was looking at right then, he started with her.

Harry bent his head and kissed her softly, gently. He kissed her again, and once more until she stirred and began kissing him back. He started tracing little designs on her back, softly touching her until she moaned and opened her eyes. "Good morning, Ginny."

Ginny Weasley smiled and looked at Harry. That was possibly the nicest way to wake she'd ever found. Much nicer than Mum's knocking or Ron's pounding on her door and far nicer than any of the ways the twins had woken her over the years. She was looking forward to the day Harry wouldn't stop with a kiss and a caress. "Good morning, Harry."

Harry smiled at her, and turned his head to Pansy. Where he had been what Ginny wanted, loving and gentle, with Pansy he was different. He entwined his hand in her hair and kissed her hard, jerking her out of sleep with the sudden invasion of her mouth with his tongue. Pansy's eyes flared open and she stiffened for a second before melting into Harry, allowing him to touch her and control their kiss. It took a bit longer to make Pansy moan, but that was because she always fought giving in so she would get longer kisses. She did moan in the end and Harry kissed her a second longer, and then released her. "Good morning, Pansy."

Pansy sighed. Harry was getting far better at that, and it was becoming incredibly frustrating. She was more than willing to let Harry do anything he wanted to her, but so far, he was proving to be far more stubborn than any seventeen year old boy should be. He had stated that Ginny would be his first, after they were married, and he was holding to that, despite all that the girls had done to him.

The three of them had discussed it, and they had decided that they didn't want to wait any longer to take their relationship to the next level. Harry, unfortunately, simply wouldn't do it. Pansy sighed again as he stopped. "Good morning, Harry."

She moved over Harry, next to Ginny and kissed the younger girl good morning. It was not as long as Harry's kiss had been, but it was every bit as loving. Ginny returned it happily, having grown to like Pansy's kisses over the time they had shared.

Harry watched them, aware that he liked watching them kiss. When they were done, he turned to Hermione. Hermione needed a different approach than Ginny or Pansy. Kissing Hermione when she was sleeping was a chancy business. Sometimes she would be happy to return it, and sometimes she was irritable about it. Harry had found another way. He began slowly tracing the edge of her face, a slow touch that explored the now familiar curves of her face.

He continued down along her neck and collar bones until she stirred. He stopped there, waiting for her to open her eyes. She did, and blinked the sleep out of them while she looked at the others.

Harry waited until she was awake. Hermione liked to be awake for kissing, and Harry was willing to wait. "Good morning, Hermione."

Hermione looked into the green eyes that had caught her attention so many years ago now and smiled. "Good morning, Harry."

Harry bent forward and Hermione moved to meet him. Ginny liked to be kissed, and Pansy would allow Harry to do anything, but Hermione met each kiss with equal passion. Ginny had once referred to their kissing as a battle for dominance, and that was not far from the mark. Harry and Hermione kissed each other in a struggle to make the other moan first.

Hermione had the advantage usually, as Harry had already woken the other two, and was already excited, but Harry was, as Hermione had come to know, possibly the most stubborn person alive. He didn't give up, and knowing that the he wouldn't made the game more exciting to Hermione.

Harry won this morning and Hermione moaned softly as he started to show his excitement about kissing the three of them. Harry released the kiss and laid back, where he could see all of them. Pansy laid across him and Hermione took her head in her hands and kissed Pansy thoroughly.

When she was done, Ginny took Pansy's place and kissed Hermione. Harry sighed happily. Kissing and watching the three of them kiss was the finest way to start the day he'd ever dreamed of, and he was quite willing to make sure it happened every morning for the rest of his life.

Hermione slid on top of Harry and sat up, her actions causing the sheet to fall away and expose the fact she wasn't wearing anything that Harry could see. He knew that she would be wearing knickers though, Hermione always did. "It occurs to me, Harry, that it is your birthday. Happy Birthday, Harry."

Hermione bent down and kissed Harry again, not trying to play their game, just kissing him lovingly. Harry was intensely aware that Hermione was straddling him and that if it wasn't for his boxers and her knickers, they could be doing something with the slightest of motions.

Hermione released him and Pansy climbed on top of him. Harry swallowed, because now there was one less bit of clothing between them. Pansy slept nude, except during that time of the month, and Harry vividly remembered the times her gyrations on him had resulted in skin to skin contact between their groins. Pansy kissed him, like Hermione, not for sex this time, merely a show of love.

She grinned at him as she made way for Ginny a few minutes later. Ginny climbed on Harry and bent to kiss him. Harry was very happy to have Ginny there. Hermione wanted to make love to Harry, and Pansy was more than willing, but Ginny had so far resisted the urge to show Harry just how far she would go with him.

That wasn't because she didn't want to, but because she knew that Harry had taken her at her word, back when they had first gotten together before Professor Dumbledore's death. She had told him in no uncertain terms that she would be virgin on her wedding night, no matter what else they did, and Harry honoured that.

Ginny sometimes kicked herself for that comment, because Harry, Pansy and Hermione had shown her that there were things she really wanted to do, and waiting another year was going to drive all of them insane.

She didn't know how Harry handled it, although she could guess, but the sexual frustration that she was going through needed a fairly regular outlet.

When the three of them were done kissing Harry for his birthday they snuggled up until an observer would have had a hard time figuring out whose limbs were where. This was how they started their mornings, cuddling and discussing the plans for the day.

"So, just how much do we have planned today and how are we going to do it all?" Harry asked Hermione.

Hermione smirked. "Pansy's father has loaned us a Time Turner. First thing, we're off to Gringotts to validate your coming of age and acceptance of the Potter, Black and Montrose vaults. You'll also be given copies of every recorded agreement the three families are party to and you'll have to either stop them, accept them or set a date to meet with the people the agreements are with, so you can modify them." Hermione thought for a minute. "That is going to be the longest block of time. After that, it's off to the Wizengamot to confirm your seats, assign proxies if you're going to and get the Wizengamot schedule and have your rings recorded."

Harry frowned. This was new. "My rings recorded for what?"

Hermione shrugged. "It's a process similar to the Galleons that we had for the DA. If there is an emergency session, or they need to summon you to the Wizengamot, the ring of the person they are summoning will flash or vibrate, or otherwise alert you."

Harry nodded. "OK, that makes sense." He smiled at Hermione. "After that?"

"It's to the Ministry, to register the families and the new Clan." Hermione frowned at Harry. "It would be better politically to make it the Potter Clan."

Harry shook his head. "If," he said soberly, "I lose to Voldemort, I won't have all my people being that easy to find."

Three fingers poked him in unison.

"Harry James Potter—"

"You will not—"

"Lose to Moldywart."

Harry sighed. "Great. They're channelling the twins," he told the ceiling mournfully.

Before the girls could take offense to that, Harry turned back to Hermione. "What else do I have to do today?"

Hermione frowned at him briefly but went back to her recitation. "The Ministry, for that talk with The Office of Magical Beasts about getting Remus assigned to you, and we all know that the Minister will show up as soon as you enter the Ministry. What he will want is open. That part, we'll have to play by ear. You also need to stop by the Office of Records and record the Families, the Clan, and our intentions to marry."

Harry sighed. "That's going to open a can of worms. All of our people know about that, since it's going to make the front page tomorrow, right? Parents included?"

The girls nodded. Hermione sighed. "Actually," she predicted, "I assume that there will be a special Harry Potter edition of the paper tonight. There will simply be too much information, and too many shocks for there not to be a special edition."

Harry grinned thinly. "If so, you know what to do. We're not going to allow any slander of any of our people anymore. I want the Daily Prophet hammered for every mistake they make, and Witch Weekly will be called on every stupid thing they print."

Harry frowned. "There was something else. What am I forgetting?"

Hermione sighed. "Forgetting, my butt." She turned on her side and rose to lean on her elbow. "Mr. Potter, we have an appointment with Madame Malkin to make the various Family robes, Wizengamot robes, and formal robes required for a person of your new stature."

Harry sighed and then grinned at Hermione. "You're wrong about that, though." Hermione started to frown and Harry grinned wider. "I've never forgotten your butt."

Hermione froze and started blushing as the other girls erupted in laughter. She tried to glare at Harry but he rubbed the back of his hand along her cheek, in an oddly intimate gesture he only used on the three of them.

Harry sighed again. "Since we have such a full day, we'd better get started." He smiled again, that creepy smile that he'd had earlier. "I have one other thing to do as well. I will be opening the door to the rest of the house."

Harry got up and the girls watched him quietly. He started getting dressed as he spoke. "I have some things to discuss with the Dursleys."

The three girls looked at each other. Only three other people had even caused that kind of anger in Harry: Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape and Voldemort.

Having heard some of the plans Harry had for those three made the ladies a bit nervous as to what Harry had planned for the Dursleys. Hermione was the first to break the silence. "Harry," she said worriedly, "what are you planning to do to them?"

Harry turned and looked at the girls, still sprawled out on the bed where he'd left them. He finished pulling the black turtleneck over his head and ignoring Hermione's question for a minute to look in the mirror.

Harry had been listening to the girls tell him he looked intimidating in solid black for two months now, and he was using that today. Not even Harry's magic could do anything about the tousled look of his hair, but he could brush it back so his scar was in plain sight. Harry grinned and activated a Charm he'd paid the twins to put on his glasses and they faded from sight. Without them in the way, Harry's eyes seemed brighter and more alive.

Harry was wearing solid black, from the turtleneck to his jeans, with black trainers and socks. All of it had the close fit of clothes that fit properly, or as properly as they could, considering three teenage females had chosen his clothes. They were a little tighter than Harry would have chosen, but the looks the girls gave him in them made up for that.

"I am going to give them nightmares for years to come." Harry finally answered Hermione. "I'm going to make sure that they jump every time someone says the word magic, and that they go pale if someone says Harry or Potter around them." He smiled at the girls, but this smile didn't reach his eyes. Harry was preparing to deal with the Dursleys and the first faint flickers of magic were swirling around him.

"Harry," the girls said and Harry held up one hand. He checked his watch and looked pointedly at the girls. "The Dursleys will be in the kitchen in twenty minutes. I will be in the kitchen in twenty one minutes. You three are running out of time to get dressed."

With that comment, Harry left his room. The three girls looked at each other and scrambled to get into their clothes.

Hermione and Pansy were worrying about what Harry was going to do, hoping that he didn't do anything that would land him in Azkaban, while Ginny simply wanted to watch the fun. She wasn't worried about the possible consequences.

In the last four weeks, Harry and his teams had stopped four Death Wanker attacks and for the first time in memory, the Death Eater casualties were higher than their kill numbers. The Ministry was playing it down, but Harry was not allowing that.

He'd made a point of having Colin Creevy and his camera on hand after the fights to take pictures, and Harry sent copies of those pictures to the Quibbler first and then to every Wizard paper in the world. The Daily Prophet, the Paris Parchment, even the ones Harry couldn't pronounce, from countries in Africa and Asia, Harry spread the word of every Moldywart defeat.

It had raised the viciousness of those attacks, but it had also given the Wizards heart as they saw that the Death Wankers could be beat, and the last attack had been stopped more because the Muggleborn Wizard that had been attacked had holed up and fought hard. He'd held out long enough for Harry's crew to get there and take the Death Wankers from behind.

With the turning of the fighting, Harry Potter was riding a wave of popularity unlike any since he'd stopped Voldemort as a baby and Ginny was positive that Harry could get away with almost anything right now, especially to the Dursleys, and get away with it.

The three girls finished dressing and hurried out into the main room. Harry was talking to Dobby. "So, after the last person is gone this morning, empty the room, and disconnect the Floo. Go ahead and return it to what it was when you came to work for me, OK?"

Hermione looked at Harry. "Harry, would you mind leaving the Floo hooked up one more day? I'm going to need the Floo tomorrow for about two hours. I'll have Dobby return the room to normal after that."

Harry frowned at her. "What are you planning to do here?"

Hermione kissed him. "Harry, it wouldn't be as much fun if I told you what I was going to be doing, but Pansy will be with me."

Harry sighed and kissed Hermione's ear. "You may not kill them or use any Unforgivables." He spoke low enough that only Hermione heard him. He looked at Dobby. "Hermione will let you know tomorrow when the room should be back to normal. Take everything out of it and wait for her to tell you when to shrink it and return it to its original state."

He smiled then, looking at the girls. "Are you all ready?"

They nodded and Harry went to the door they hadn't opened since Dobby had changed the room. Outside, the door still looked as it had before Dobby's improvements to the inside. The little door that Harry had been fed through was there, and he felt a fresh wave of anger as he saw it.

Harry went down the stairs followed by Hermione, Miranda, Pansy and Ginny. He walked into the kitchen and looked at the Dursleys.

The Dursleys had been having a perfectly normal summer since that Miss Bones had taken Harry away. Other than not being able to open the door to Harry's room, they hadn't heard or seen the boy or that social worker again, and while it meant they did the chores that the boy used to do, that was a small price to pay to have that freak out of sight and mind.

Until he came walking in the room followed by four women.

Vernon looked up from his breakfast. "What the blazes."

"Shut it, you scum sucking Muggle bastard." Harry's voice was low and quiet, but the wave of magic that flowed through the room was not. Plates fell to the floor, the light bulb popped and Petunia gave a small cry.

Harry stood there for a second and smiled at them. Vernon was turning darker shades of red until Harry spoke again. "I am of age today. There are no more restrictions on me doing magic."

Petunia and Vernon looked at each other and back at Harry. Harry smiled again and his eyes seemed to shine. They felt the magic flowing from Harry, surrounding them and touching them with small hot fingers that would have burned, had it been physical.

"I've been dreaming of this moment for years. I've thought of some of the worst tortures ever used on another human being, and invented some when I couldn't find anything that expressed my true feelings for you three."

He watched the adults pale, understanding that Harry was not happy and that no owl would come threaten him now.

"You do have a stroke of luck today, though. I have a dozen things to do related to me coming of age. First, I have to claim the Potter vault. You were right about one thing, my parents didn't work. They didn't have to. James Potter owned a dozen businesses, and made more money in a day than you'll make all year, Vernon."

Harry held up a hand when Vernon tried to say something. The hand itself might not have stopped Vernon, but the wand pointing at his nose did. "Sixteen years of abuse and beatings, being starved and tormented. That's a lot to pay for, and I simply don't have time today to extract every ounce of pain and fear I'm going to want from you all."

Petunia looked at the other people in the room and found no help in any of their faces. The brunette with the bushy hair was fingering her wand and looked as if she'd like to show Harry how to make them hurt.

The redheaded girl was just staring at them like they were something she was about to step on and crush out of existence.

The dark haired girl in the robes was mapping them like a side of beef, choosing the best place to start cutting them.

The last woman was the worst though. Dressed in some sort of leather armour, she had no expression at all, as if the three of them weren't worth a single thought.

Petunia's thoughts were brought back to Harry as he tossed a few papers on the table. "In the last month I've been responsible for saving dozens of people and destroying Death Eaters by the score. Right now, I am the most popular person in the wizard world. If I told them what you three had done to me for the last sixteen years, you would all die at the hands of a mob of Wizards."

Harry smiled cruelly. "I'm not going to do that though, because I want the pleasure of torturing you to death." Harry made that comment in a bland tone, as if he was discussing the weather. "This is what I am going to do. I'm going to leave now, and I will never return to this house."

He looked up and cast a spell, that made the room glow. The girls with him recognized an illusion spell, but the Dursleys didn't know anything about magic. "Do you see that glow?" Harry inquired. "Those are the wards that keep us safe from Voldemort." He looked at the Dursleys, and a smile colder than an Antarctic night crossed his face.

"This is not my home." As he made his announcement, the glow that had covered the room winked out. Harry sighed. "There are no protections here anymore. I am leaving now, and I will find you after I have killed Voldemort. When I do that, I will be so important to the Wizards that they will forgive me anything. I will find all of you outside of this house and I will extract more pain from you three than you could ever believe you could feel."

The Dursleys were staring at him with expressions of such horror than Harry was almost moved to pity.


"When I have tortured you long enough, I will feed your living bodies to the Acromantulas that live in the Forbidden Forest outside of Hogwarts, and watch as they feed on you."

Harry looked at the people that could have been his family, and then at the girls that were his family. "You have a choice to make, one that has no bright side. On one hand, you can stay in this house, and sooner or later, Voldemort will find you. He will torture you to death as well, but with him, it will not be personal, merely the dislike of a Pureblood bigoted Wizard for Muggles. Or you can run, and leave the country. He won't have time to find you, but one day, after he's dead, I will, and my torment will be personal, tailored to each of you."

Harry smiled again as he turned to leave. "Choose wisely."

Until his dying day, Harry would never forget the last sight of the Dursleys, with the wet spots on Vernon and Dudley's pants and Petunia hitting the floor in a faint.

OoOoOoO The Author. OoOoOoO

Those of you reading SoG will remember what Harry said to Tonks in Chapter Two, and know what he's going to do after he kills Voldemort. Those of you who are not reading Harry Potter and the Shades of Grey may be a bit confused.

Next, we're going to see what Harry's friends are going to do. Harry only gave Hermione two rules. She can't kill them, and she can't use an Unforgivable Curse. Given Pansy's imagination, Hermione's brains and Ginny's experience with revenge... what will the girls do?