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Rach, you'll never be forgotten.

A new chance for love

1- New Love? Or An Old One?

A few days before Christmas Eve, in the Kinomoto household, a heated argument could be heard between two siblings.

But this argument wasn't a regular one, they weren't yelling, well at least he wasn't; Touya Kinomoto was whining, while his sister was 'encouraging' him to like the twenty-four year old she was.

"Saaakkkuuuraaaa, do I have to?"

"Yes! You have feelings for her, and she's been missing for a good few days. Go check her apartment, I don't care if she is with Tong; If you don't bring me any news of her, you'll sleep with Kero!" She hissed.

Touya took his jacket from his sister, and started to head towards Meilin's apartment.

When he arrived, he didn't see what he expected; her being in Tong's company, boxing her stuff, to move it to their house.

There were boxes outside her apartment, an indication she was moving her stuff to her new apartment, where she would be living a married life…Touya shook his head. He'd long since grown used to the idea of Meilin being married.

He knocked at her door, but she merely opened, didn't say anything, and went back to packing her stuff. He got annoyed with her attitude, but he didn't say anything, knowing better than to annoy her when she was already stressed.

"You know you can always finish packing after the wedding, right?" He said, smirking, trying to disrupt the silence between them.

"There won't be a wedding!" She said, unemotionally.

"What?" He asked, outraged with the news, even though, inside, he was exhilarated.

"You heard me!" And, for the first time, he noticed that all her things were in the right place, except her pictures with him, which were missing.

"I caught the bastard cheating on me, so the wedding is off, and I'm getting rid of his presence-" She didn't get to finish, because he hugged her, trying to avoid getting her worked up about everything; he knew she'd end up crying.

"He isn't worth it!" He whispered in her ear.

"I'll leave you to your cleaning. See you at Sakura's party!" He kissed her on the cheek, and left her apartment. As he left, his face displayed the most radiant smile he'd ever had, making his eyes light up.

"She's free, I can't believe it." He smile grew slightly larger, until he realised what she'd said about Tong.

"Now I need to teach that idiot a lesson!"

He had warned him so many times not hurt her.


"If you hurt her, I'll break you!" He threatened the younger man.

"Touya, you should've told her how you felt about her when you had time, now it's too late!" He smirked at how Touya flinched to what he'd said.

"Maybe, but if you hurt her, I'll hurt you ten times more!"

End of Flashback

23rd of December 9 am

In Touya's room, the silence prevailed; his room was as messy as any guy's room, but his was full of books scattered around.

Touya was nothing but a bump in the bed, with a rhythmic breathing sound; but this was soon to be interrupted with the loud shrill of his phone.

Ring Ring

He grumbled under the comfy covers, he'd been having such a pleasant dream, where he killed Tong, slowly and painfully. His hand shot from under the cover, blindly fumbling for the phone, until he reached it, knocking a few things over in the process.

"Hello?" He said, in a rough voice; the voice of someone who'd just woken up.

"I'm just calling to inform you that the wedding is off!" Tong said, quickly, like pulling off a band aid.

"Say what?" Touya said, waking up, not expecting a call from him, at least not at 9 o'clock.

"The wedding is off and I'll be on the 2 o'clock plane to London if you want to do something to me!" And Tong hung up.

It's time to kill him!


Touya had been looking at Tong for a good ten minutes until he had it, he walked up to him and punched him square on the cheek.

"Hello, Touya!" Tong didn't look up.

"How dare you even speak to me?" He growled, trying to control his wrath but failing miserably.

"Because I know I deserve it, and everything you have store for me!"

"Yeah you do. You piece of crap. You broke her, and now it's my turn to break you!"

"Do your worst!" Tong said, standing up and facing him
"Because I'm sure it won't hurt as much as letting her go!" Touya was shocked by his confession.


But he still punched in square in the face. Tong's nose begun bleeding.

"Letting her go and her catching you in bed with another woman are two different things!" He spat.

"You were right; I'm not worth of her time, no one is!" Tong said, cleaning his nose on his shirt sleeve.

"You're damn right I was - I warned you not to hurt her and what did you do?"

"I hurt her. C'mon Touya give me all you've got - I know I deserve t!" He waited for a few minutes, with his eyes closed for Touya's punch, his stance didn't show that he would deflect it. After awhile he decided to take a peek, and noticed that Touya was just looking at him, his hand was next to his body and his face calm.

"You aren't worth the effort, if you're so willing to be hit by me." Touya turned around, and began walking away.

"You know it was for the best!"

Touya didn't even glance back, and the next thing Tong knew, Touya's fist was connecting with his face; he could have sworn he felt his cheek bones break, before he fell to the floor, five feet away from where he had been standing only moments before.

"That felt good. Don't ever look for her again!" And Touya resumed his away out of the airport, leaving a manhandled, bruised and bleeding ex-friend behind.

He's taken care of. I just need to buy her the perfect Christmas present.

Christmas Eve

He had been watching Meilin for a long time now, and when he saw her eyes begin to haze over, he knew she was remembering something about Tong, and it was time to put his plan into action.

He walked up to her and stood in front of her for a few moments, but she still didn't notice his presence, so he threw himself onto the couch, gently.

"Aieee!" She exclaimed, jumping into the air, he chuckled lightly, so she didn't notice he found it funny.

"Didn't know you were so easy to scare!"

"I was lost in memories, that's all!" She said, glaring up to him, his chocolate eyes clashing with her ruby ones, and her heart skipped a beat, which she blamed on him scaring her. Touya's heart was also beating fast, though he knew the real reason.

"Good or bad?" He asked, dismissing her glare.

"A mix between the two!"

"Thinking about the wedding?" He asked, upset with the little flash of pain and sorrow that appeared in her eyes, so quickly that he could've been imagining it.

"Shut up, Touya!" She said, standing up.

She started to walk away from him, now, and he knew he couldn't let her get away; across the room, Sakura met his gaze, and he immediately stood up; something about her emerald gaze reminded him of their mother, when she was mad.

Meilin slammed the door behind her, and he sighed.

He grabbed her coat and the bag he had brought in with him, and opened the door and got out, the first thing he took notice was the gush of cold. "Damn Syaoran for always wanting the heat to be high!" – he grumbled to himself. Then he saw her sitting on the steps her arms rubbing against her bare arms trying to heat themselves. He knew she heard him coming out she said – "I want to be alone!"

"Alone or out of that room, with people looking your away every damn second, assuring you aren't depressing?" He said, in a rough voice.

"That, too. Please, Touya let me be!" She said, sitting down deeper on the steps, trying to protect herself from the cold it was.

"So that you can freeze to death? And then having my sister and cousin on my neck for not preventing you for doing something that stupid? He isn't worth it!"

"So I've heard you say, to him and to me!" She let out an exasperated breath
"It never occurred to you that those words could have been the breaking point for us!"

"If that was the reason, then I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen!" He walked up to her, and dropped her coat on her shoulders.

"Save it. What is it that you want for me, since the moment I've known you, no one is worthy of me? Tell me, is there anyone worthy of me, by your standards?" She felt a coat being dropped on her back, muttered a quiet thank you.

"So you don't catch a cold!" He said.

"But that isn't the answer to my question." She said, not looking at him.

He sat down beside her, and put a bag on her lap, even though she noticed it there she didn't made any motion to see what it was.

"Aren't you gonna open it?"

"Why not wait with the others for midnight?"

"Because it's already midnight, and I know you'll leave without saying goodbye to them."

She opened the bag, even though she didn't felt at ease with him knowing her so well; it scared her slightly. From inside the bag, she drew a long black velvet box; she opened it, and inside, there was a white gold chain with a ruby gem in the middle. She was speechless for a moment.

"I can't accept this!"

"Don't be silly. I bought it for you!"

"Fine, you put it on me." She drew her hair aside, and took off the other necklace she had been wearing. He put it around her neck, his fingers passing softly along her silky skin, that send a shivers down her spine.


"What necklace were you wearing?"

"An old one. One that's not gonna be on anymore." It was also a white gold chain but instead of a ruby, it had a locket, Tong had given it to her.

"So how do I look?"

He looked into her eyes, noticing a faint glow in her eyes, that was growing steadily. She was radiant.


"Thank you, for the gift!" She said, looking, for the first time since he'd followed her outside, directly to his eyes, she felt drawn into them, and, without them noticing, they were both leaning into each other, their eyes closed when they were only a inch a apart, and then their lips met in a sweet kiss.

During the kiss they both smiled, their arms locking around each other, it only lasted two seconds, as they realised what was going on, and broke apart, still in each other's arms, their hearts racing in sync.

"I have to go. See you on New Year!" She said, disentangling herself from his arms and, running into the night.

"Mei wait-" He tried saying, but it was too late she was already gone.
"That didn't go according to the plans!" – He said to himself before returning to the party!

To be continued

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