Title: Ask

Rating: NC-17

Fandom: Labyrinth

A/N: Very unbetaed (any takers?)

Summary: Do our dreams reflex our wants and desires?

The mouth was hot and moist against her skin, dragging down her stomach. Long fingers traced her collarbone then dipped between the valley of her breasts. Her stomach quivered as his tongue dipped into her bellybutton teasingly.

Sarah gasped softly, threading her fingers through fine blonde hair. Her mouth opened but no sound but the sound of her breath would come out. She knew the man taking such liberties with her body, but she couldn't…the name was there, just on the tip of her tongue…

She arched her back, pushing up into those clever hands that cupped her breasts. He brushed his thumbs over her nipples, sending jolts through her body. Sarah bit her lip, staring up at the vaulted ceiling. She tightened her fingers in his hair as his tongue lapped against the juncture of her hip and thigh.

"Ask," his voice was a hot breath against her skin.

Sarah opened her mouth but nothing would come out. His body pressed between her thighs, spreading them further to make room for him.

He trailed the fingers of one hand down her stomach and through the curls between her legs. Sarah's fingers clenched in his hair, if this was a dream --had to be a dream, this had to be a dream…

A long finger slid against her spreading wetness. A small sound escaped her throat. When his fingers found her clit and pressed against it, her hips jerked involuntarily upwards. She made another soft desperate sound. It sounded like a name but she could make out her own words and his fingers kept moving and she couldn't think--couldn't think…

He pressed a kiss just above her curls, tendrils of his silky hair tickling her skin. A tremor went through Sarah's body. She wanted to tell him no, that she didn't want him to put his mouth - his sinful, wonderful, terrible mouth -- there. The muscles of her thighs trembled.

"Don't you want me to taste you here, precious?" that hauntingly familiar voice crooned.

Sarah shook her head, hips moving in tiny little jerks as he rubbed and teased her. His mouth moved lower as a single finger breached her. She cried out fingers clenching against, slipping.

God, she could taste the name on her lips almost as much as she could taste the pleasure. And his mouth was there, kissing and licking, driving her slowly out of what was left her mind.

She rocked against him, her eyes staring unseeingly at the warm stone above her. A second finger slid inside her, stroking her from the inside. He sucked at her clit at the same time sending shudders through her system. She was going to shake apart, fall to pieces…

A third finger and it wasn't enough, couldn't be enough.

Sarah let go of his hair to grip the silken sheet beneath her. So close but she couldn't -- it wouldn't come-she made a sound of longing and desperation, half-sob, half-prayer.

Between her wide spread legs he made a growling moan…and Sarah came. Her whole body shuddered and shook as her orgasm rushed through her.

His warm skin was pressed against her, his mouth against hers. "Ask, Sarah," he whispered into her mouth.

Sarah took a shuddering breath, she knew this man…

"And it looks like it's going to be another cold one folks…."

She opened her eyes and groaned, reaching for her alarm clock, shutting it off. She tried to remember the traces of her dream but she couldn't. Her body trembled and her underwear felt damp, but she couldn't remember anything but blonde hair, so much pleasure, and that voice…

Sarah's eyes went wide and she gripped her sheets tightly.

No. It couldn't…she wouldn't dream about him…


Sarah was late to her first class that day.