Chapter 17: Sirius….WTF?

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He swore his heart froze in that moment. He didn't remember how to breathe, how to blink or close his mouth which had fallen open in his shock. On shaky legs he rose to his feet facing the man he long believed to be dead. He couldn't help the tears that stung behind his eyes as he brought a hand up to caress his face…

"You're alive?" Was the only thing his brain could come up with as his hand blazed a trail over the firm cheeks and straight nose.

"Yea sport…I didn't go very far. I was always with you; the veil I fell through only transported me to another veil in Ireland. When I returned, everyone thought it best that I stayed the way everyone thought I was…dead. I'm so, so sorry Harry I…" *SLAP!*

There was a collective gasp as the sound of stiff hand met soft cheek. It was a heart wrenching sight to see, Sirius…his head still to the side where the force of Harry's hit had moved him, his hair in disarray, tears running freely down Harry's cheek.

"How, Could, You? You were everything I had and then I lost you and it took me forever and a half to think of you with out crying, without hating myself or wishing I could go back and make it me that died not you! You should have told me…." At last Draco couldn't stand to see his Harry in so much pain and gently led the crying young man out of the great hall amongst all the whispers and light chatter that began to accumulate around the room, leaving Sirius standing alone in the middle of the great hall eyes down cast and a hundred eyes following his every move…

(Back in Harry's rooms)

Draco led Harry into the living room of his suite and sat him in the chair closest to the fire. Leaving him for a minuet to gather tea and a couple of biscuits he returned to find emerald eyes turned to the fire confusion and hurt clearly visible. Placing the tray down on the table at the hearths edge Draco kneeled at Harry's feet his hands on his knee's rubbing in a comforting motion the light glinting off his collar.

"Harry?" the dark haired boy didn't respond as he continued to stare into the fire, the confusion in his eyes turning to frustration and fatigue. "Hun, look at me…please?" A Malfoy never said please for anything and not wanting to insult the blonde the green eyed savoir finally turned his head and looked down in to the concerned silver orbs below him.

"Why didn't he tell me Draco?" A few more tears escaped as he asked the question that had been rolling around in his head since he sat down. "He knew how much he meant to me. How much I relied on him to be there as the only family I had…two years Draco, two years! That's how long it took me to get to a point where the thought of him didn't make me want to throw up from the pain." Harry gave a tired sigh and slipped to the carpeted floor next to Draco. "You have no idea what I had gone through and done in those two years…" Draco didn't know what was going to come next but all he could do was sit and listen as Harry went through his tale and vented his demons.

"Then tell me…make me understand…" at first Draco didn't think he was going to tell him and for long moments he sat and said nothing, just let Draco drag his fingers lazily through his unruly hair calming his frazzled nerves and soothing his irritated thoughts. After almost an hour of comfortable silence Harry turned to Draco with a determined look in his green eyes…he took Draco by the hand and lead him over to the plus couch in the corner of the room. At Draco's searching gaze Harry tugged on his had to help move him along, sighing Harry pulled Draco into his lap and nestled himself in the blondes neck…

"Please don't hate me for what I'm about to tell you, it wasn't my choice and I had to do what I could. Just, let me finish before you ask any questions." At Draco's nod Harry sighed and resumed his original place at Draco's neck.

"It was just after Sirius died…"


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