Dying Affections

Dying Affections

By: Matrix Taylor & Sakura

Type: Romance/Adventure

Rated: T

Anime: Naruto

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know since writing Chapter 1, we haven't continue to write anything else. This was only because we haven't found anything to inspire me for the second part. However, jamming to one of our favorite cds, we became inspired.

Sakura: Should warn you that there will be flash backs and leave you in suspense just to keep you guys reading. So here's the next part for this fic.

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Chapter 2: Over It

Konoha's current Hokage, Tsunade, sat her desk lost in her thoughts instead of completing the tedious paperwork in front of her. Tsunade hated paperwork, which is why it is always ended up strewn everywhere from frustration. It was one of the things Tsunade hated about being Hokage. Paper work was never one of Tsunade's strong points. She hated it more then losing when she gambles or running out of sake.

However, that was not what was bothering. Sakura, who was not only her student but also like a daughter to her, was not quite herself since the attack on her. Tsunade was not sure what happened to her apart from what she told them from her account, but she was sure that whoever attacked her did something to Sakura. Tsunade was more then aware of Sakura's desire to be strong like the others. After all, Sakura did confide in her. However, Tsunade could not shake the chill she sometimes got when she was around Sakura. Sakura seemed herselt. But at times, Sakura's green eyes would become cold whenever she was training real hard or when someone mentioned Sasuke. Sometimes, Sakura's chakra would become a very dark purple color when she was training intensely. Tsunade was more then aware that she was not the only one to notice these changes, although as subtle as they sometimes seem to be. The changes seem to grow more with Sasuke Uchiha now returned to the Leaf Village.

All Tsunade and a few others know is that it simply had to do with the attack made on her that day in the village when they found her unconscious in the Forest Of Death…

Many people from Konoha were gathered at the Ramen restaurant for the all-you-can-eat and a talent show. There were more people then usual lined up to eat and listen to the provided entertainment. Among them were the following konochis: Naruto, Neiji, Hinata, Lee, Ino, Shikamaru, Shino, Choji, and Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura, of course, did not join them. However, it was because she was one of the few who are actually performing.

The only reason Sasuke came was because he was hoping to get to talk to Sakura. Sasuke was more then sure that Sakura was avoiding him. She always seemed busy and she did not seem to be as pleased to see him. In fact, she seemed a little reserved. It was not the type of welcome he was at least expecting from her. He knew that Sakura would probably be angry with him; however, he never thought she would have forgiven him by now. Sasuke was told by Naruto that Sakura has not been quite herself since being attacked while Naruto and the others were away. He asked her about it, but she suddenly became somewhat defensive about it. Naruto said that she was kind of always like that since it happened. He knew he had to get her alone and talk to her soon.

However, Sasuke could not shake the chills he got especially when he was around Sakura…

Hearing them announce her name, Sakura felt the jitters she always felt as she walked on stage and to the mic. However, seeing a pair of friendly faces helped relax her a little. Despite of herself, she found herself blush as she spotted Sasuke Uchiha. Suddenly, as always, a unfamiliar pain that has been coercing through her body came again and she grasp the mic to balance herself.

"No…not again…" Sakura thought to herself.

Sakura instantly willed herself to fight against it, causing the overwhelming pain to succeed. However, it was no use as she felt something take over as it always has no matter how strong she has become or how much she fought. Suddenly, the music began to play…

Sasuke felt it suddenly as he saw Sakura bow her head. He knew something was wrong. It became clear when Sakura looked up and at him, her eyes hard and cold as the music began and she began to sing…

"Are you ready to be…ready to be my everything? La da de de dad a ahhh yeah! Hey oh…ladadayo ladeeda…"

Suddenly, Sasuke found himself remembering what she said to him on the day she hugged him when he came back, "This will be the last time you'll ever see me cry…"

Suddenly, a feeling of dread came over him that he probably hasn't felt since the day his parents were killed as he continue to listen to Sakura sing….

Sometimes I give into sadness sometimes I don't

Doo dooo dooo doo


At times I'm part of the madness sometimes I won't

Give in to you….

Ya' seeing the way I have been drifting down the river to nowhere

And you're giving me nothing

But if you're ready to be my everything

If you're ready to see it through this time

And if you're ready for love, then

This I will bring

But I'm not gonna wait for you forever this time

Ladeeda ayo Ladadayo ladeeda

Everyone began clapping unaware of the danger they were in or the fact that Sakura was not Sakura. Even her friends didn't notice it at.

Sakura begins rocking to the music as she continues singing.

At times I'm part of the madness , at times I'm not

Doo doo doo do

Yeah yeah yeah…yay

What's with that guilt that you're stylin' baby talk?

Sakura points at Sasuke.

Don't look good on you.

Her finger sways back and forth as if she was going tsk tsk.

You see in a way

I've been lookin' for a reason to go there

But you're leading me no where!

Sakura jumps up and down now as she sings this. Both hands now clasp the mic.

And if you're ready to be my everything

And if you're ready to see it through this time

And if you're ready for love, then

This I will bring

But I'm not gonna wait for you forever this time

Ladeeda ayo

Ladadayo ladeeda

Sakura rocks the mic and forth really getting into the song.

Are you waiting for a special occasion

To give me your heart

Do you need a little confirmation

To make a real start

Don't wait till it's too late

Are you ready to show me

Are you ready to love…

And if you're ready to be, ready to be my everything

And are you ready to see it through this time… yeah!

If you're ready for then baby this I will bring

I'm not gonna wait…forever this time!

La deed da!

She drops the mic, the microphone falling and hitting the ground and Sakura walks away. Everyone in the restaurant was going crazy. However, what they did not know as of yet was that darkness has come to Konoha….

End of Chapter 2

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