Sand and Water

Inspired by the lyrics: All alone I raise this child, Flesh and bone, he's just bursting towards tomorrow. And his laughter fills my world and wears your smile.

A/N: Okay so I am evil, I know this. This is going to be very sad, so have tissues ready. Blame the lack of sleep and the fact that I got the first season of Bones for Christmas!!!! Yay! Although I kind of worked backwards on Bones. Saw the entire third season, then bought the second season, and now I have the first season! First episode I watched from the first season was Two Bodies In A Lab. Then I watched it with the commentary…Thank you David and Emily for making my IQ drop with you guys…Oh and David, I love that you called Emily 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous'. And that you said she had a pretty face!

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Oh and this takes place in the middle of season three. So Parker is about six-ish.



She stared at the little boy with blond hair in front of her. His giggle reverberated through her apartment. "No Bones, watch the TV, not me." He said. Brennan smiled at him and turned her attention back to the yellow sea sponge that was currently occupying her TV screen.

Parker moved from his place on the floor and up to the couch to sit next to 'his' Bones. He crawled into her arms and quietly settled against her. "You miss daddy, don't you?"

"Yeah buddy, I do." Tempe responded.

"Is it because of me that you're sad?" His brown eyes turned up to look at her blue ones.

"No, Parker," she gasped at the thought that he had. "I'm never sad because of you. You make me so happy. I love spending time with you." Parker smiled up at her. "You have your daddy's smile."

"His charm smile?" Bones nodded at him. "Daddy said the ladies can't resist it."

Tempe smiled at him. "Well this lady certainly can't." Parker smiled at her again.

"Bones, what's your favorite memory of my daddy?"

"I'm not sure. I have a lot of favorite memories of your daddy."

"Can you tell me some of them?"

Temperance nodded. "Your dad would always stop over really late at night, just to see if I was still awake, which I usually always was. And we would just talk for hours about everything." She smiled softly. "He was always there for me, and he always knew when I just needed someone to just…be there. He always knew…"

"Did he make you happy?" Parker asked softly.

"Yeah, he always made me happy. He could make me smile when I was sad and make me laugh at the stupidest things. He was just…he was my best friend." Temperance said softly.

"Bones?" Parker asked sleepily. "Do I make you happy?"

"Yeah, Parker. You make me happy, just like your daddy did." She said as she ran her fingers through his hair. His breathing became even and his eyes closed. A tear escaped as she looked down at him.

"Don't cry…" Temperance heard. She looked to the empty spot on the couch beside her. A form began to take shape. "Please don't cry, Bones." A sob escaped her throat. She knew that voice. There on the couch next to her sat Seeley Booth. She could feel the warmth of his touch as he wiped the tears away. "I'm still here with you." Both adults looked down at Parker. "I'll always be here with you. Whenever you need me, I'll be here." He leaned towards her and kissed her forehead softly. Brennan closed her eyes at the contact.

Her eyes opened swiftly when she heard a knock at the door. She quickly glanced back to the seat beside her and sighed sadly when she saw it was empty. Temperance quickly removed herself from Parker's grasp and answered the door. "Hey Tempe," Rebecca said softly. Temperance gave Rebecca a small smile as she led her into the living room where Parker was sleeping.

Rebecca picked her son up and glanced back to Tempe. She felt her heart break for her. Rebecca knew that Seeley and Temperance had something between them. And now that Seeley was gone, Temperance looked lost. "Thanks for letting me have him, Rebecca."

The blond woman smiled at her. "No problem. Honestly, I think he needs to be with you." Brennan gave her a confused look. "The night he found out Seeley died, I expected him to cry and fight me and tell me he wasn't dead, but he didn't. He cried and said he needed to be with you, that you were a part of Seeley in some way. He kept saying that he needed you. Parker knows that you and Seeley had a strong connection, a bond. He just needs to be close to his father, and to him, that's being with you."

Parker chose that moment to wake up. "Mommy? Where's my Bones?"

"We're getting ready to leave her apartment. You want to say goodbye?"

Parker nodded. He turned to face Bones and held out his arms. Brennan took him without hesitation. Parker hugged her tightly "I love you Bones." He said softly before pulling back slightly. "Don't be sad anymore. Daddy's watching you and he doesn't like it when you're sad. He says you need to smile 'cause you're beautiful when you smile." Parker gave her the 'charm' smile.

Brennan pulled him to her once more. "I love you too, Parker." She handed him back to his mother and watched as they walked down the hallway.

"Tempe!" Parker's voice echoed through the hallway. "Daddy says he loves you too!"

Once they were both out of sight Temperance shut her door and leaned against it slightly. "I love you too, Seeley."





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