Disclaimer: The creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! is Kazuki Takahashi. Not I.

Warning 1: Thou shall not steal. Plagiarism is a dastardly deed. Thank you.

Warning 2: No beta reader. Apologies for everything wrong, including any uncharacteristic behavior of the YGO! cast, in this short story. This piece follows the English dub of the anime and the Americanized names.

Warning 3: Most of the (brief) chapters are dialouge only. Wedding details stem from North American traditions.

Timeline: Four to five years after series finale

Section: 1/7

". . ." - This signifies a moment of silence, or no talking, in the dialouge only sections.


By Jan J. (P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

Chapter One – Conversation One

"All right, men. You know the plan. This day has to be perfect. No hitches, no nonsense, and no missing merchandise!"

"Gee, Joey. It's not like we're fighting in a war. Who made you the commander?"

"Well, I think that Joey's pledge to responsibility is quite commendable."

"Thanks, Bakura. Look, Tristan. Today's Yugi's big day. It's the least I can do as his best man."

"I understand, man, but promise me one thing."

"What's that, buddy?"

"When it's your big day, you better make me your best man, so I can drive everyone nuts!"


"Er, Tristan, isn't that a bit extreme?"

"Finally, someone who appreciates what I'm doing! Come on, Bakura, let's leave Mr. Whiney here to think things over."

"You go ahead, Joey. I'll catch up with you in several minutes."


". . ."

"He doesn't mean it, Tristan."

"Yeah, I know. I guess everyone has a bad case of nerves today."

"Imagine how Yugi's feeling!"

"Probably both terrified and ridiculously happy. But I never would have thought that those two would take so long to tie the knot!"