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"What do you need me to do? He pretty much can hire anyone to protect him, why me?" Snape says pacing back and forth across his sitting room. Albus just smiled at the stricken man and rose to leave. Before he left he left a letter on the table explaining all that they didn't cover, turning back to Snape.

"I choose you because he choose you." And with that said he left.



Severus hadn't moved much since Dumbledore walked out his door. He had migrated over to his arm chair by the fire staring at the letter in his hands knowing what he had to do and dreading it with all he had. How would this change their relationship? What was their Relationship? Stealing his nerves he turned over the letter and broke the wax seal he found there. It was longer than he expected and he adjusted himself in his seat as he began to read.

Dear Severus,

As we both know Dumbledore was very vague with his explanation of me wanting to stay with you when the school year is out. I'm pretty sure he ratted me out on the fact that I am quite wealthy and able to care for myself. To be honest, the reason I choose you over and assigned Auror or a hired body guard is because I feel that you are one of the only people I trust these days, if at all.

Another reason is because there is something that is going on with me and my magic that I feel you could help me with. I'm not sure what it is and I'm scared...I cant talk to Hermione or Ron or any of my so called "friends". When school is over and my life begins and what ever this is comes in full force I will need some one I can trust to be by my side.

Of course I would pay you any amount you ask and will also contribute to any of the living expenses. I also would like to invite you to my Summer house in Peru for 2 weeks out of the summer of your choosing. I honestly hope you agree to this arrangement seeing how well we have gotten on these last couple of years. It would only be for the time it takes the Ministry to capture the last of Voldemorts (sorry) minions.

I really need you right now Severus...If there is anything else you feel I haven't covered please approach me and we can work this whole thing out.


Harry J. Potter

He read the letter a few times more and couldn't help the strained yet happy smile that stretched across his face. The idea of having Harry in his house for an undefined span of time sent a happy little thrill along his spine. The two week vacation in Peru sounded nice as well. Now he was in no way a poor man so the money was something he wasn't actually focusing on. He was more focused on the fact that his current living space was old, unlived in and depressing.

He only chose that one to live in during the summer holiday's when he wasn't allowed to sleep in the castle. It was the smallest of his properties, being only two bedrooms and one bath. He made up his mind and rose from his seat to make a fire call, he would make Harry's stay enjoyable.

Reaching for the floo powder resting in a small pot above his fire place he threw some into to the flames and waited for them to turn their signature green color before he stuck his head into the flames.

"Snape Flatt!" In a swirl of color that left him slightly disorganized he finally saw the grey picture of his living room. Looking around he calls out for Tabitha and Tom, his maid and butler, Both were tall and elegant, Tabitha a tall slender woman with short black hair in shiny ringlets looked a bit odd with a red plaid eye patch that matched her red and black maids outfit. She had bright red lips and one dark blue eye that seemed to look right through you. She stood still and calm next to Tom in front of the fire, hands folded at her front holding what seemed to be a kitchen knife.

Tom looked so much like Tabitha you'd think they were brother and sister. Short black Curly hair, dark blue eyes with a golden monical on his left eye. His butler uniform consisted of a blood red shirt and black vest, pants and shoes, he wore a black and red tie and a gold chain could be seen dipping from his pocket. In his hand you could see a carrot and a bowl. The duo looked very gothic and scary and that's why Severus loved them. What no one expected was Tabitha to run to the fire forgetting the knife in her hand and gushing into the fire.

"Oh Severus! My where have you been we missed you so much! Why haven't you fire called us? or owled us? Or even came by at Christmas to see us? You do still love us don't you?" She said sniffling a bit though you could still see the happiness on her face. Tom standing behind her chuckled and knelt down by her to gaze at Severus through the fire.

"Alright there my boy? Haven't seen you in a while, had Tabitha in a right fit you did." chuckling he led Tabitha into a nearby chair gently taking the knife she held in her hand and placed it and the carrot in the bowl and placed it on the table. "So I guess this isn't a leisure call so what's going on?" taking a seat him self the two sat and waited for Severus's reply.

"As you both know I will be coming back home very shortly and I know this doesn't give you a lot of time to prepare, but I am bringing back Harry Potter with me to stay for a undefined amount of time." At the gasp from Tabitha Severus knew she was going to have a tizzy fit when he got there." I feel that the flat is a bit depressing for Harry so I am relocating you guys to the estate in Wales." At this news Tabitha jumps out of her seat and whips out her wand and starts casting spells all around the room. Things start flying all over the house and its apparent that she's already starting the packing process, though there isn't much to pack. sighing Tom turns back to Severus with an amused smile on his face.

"You will need to prepare the house for his arrival on June 26th. Don't worry about the South and East wings for right now. Focus on the North and West and the outer grounds. You have your bank cards so you can buy what ever you need to restock the house. Also when you choose rooms for Harry make sure you do the room in teal and silver, those are his favorite colors. Make sure it has nothing to do with water and more with the moon and stars. Give him plenty of space and maybe a balcony room. Oh one more thing make sure he has a fire proof, and spell damage proof room, something tells me he might be needing it. If you need to transfer my room closer to his so I can keep an eye on him do so. Prep the pool and hot tub and keep an eye for a shopping list of his favorite foods and drinks. Shut down all the power spells when you leave and put up protective ward 7. Owl me if there is anything else you need."

Tom through out this whole ordeal had conjured a quick quotes quill and had copied everything Severus had told him. Ducking at the last minuet to avoid a vase zooming past Tom re-read the instructions to Severus before wishing him goodnight and cutting off the floo call. Standing up Severus dusted himself off and headed for his study. The house was covered but he still had a few things to do before he told Harry his decision. He was going to do this right.


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