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This goes back in time. Set right after Theresa is revealed as the "stalker" This is my version on how things could have played out. Plays alone the lines of the story but then vears off to what I want to have had happen.

Loving For the First Time 1 R

Ethan couldn't believe his eyes. His trusted friend was the stalker. He sat there for a minute, not saying anything, just looking at Theresa, with disbelief. "She's so beautiful, What no! She betrayed me." Even as he thought this. He found himself, unable to turn her in.

It's not her. Ethan answered Frank.

Ethan, are you sure? Take a good look at her. Frank insisted It's her! I'll call the police, you just have to say it's her.

Glancing back at Theresa. He gazed at her. She hadn't said a word since she removed her wig and glasses. She just look at him with fear, in her eyes. " Oh can she be scared of me? " Frank that enough. Theresa is not that girl. I want this dropped now! You have scared, Theresa for no reason.

Relief flooded threw Theresa. " He's not turning me in. " If that all, I would like to go back to my duties Mrs.. Crane. Theresa asked Mrs.. Crane.

Of course Theresa, Answered Mrs.. Crane. I'm just glad that all over.

Me too. Piped in Gwen "Now Ethan can concentrate on me. "

Ethan we have to go. We will see you at dinner. Ivy told her son. She and Gwen had to, go to, a charity function.

Yes, Mother. Answered Ethan, Distracted. Gwen I'll see you later. Giving her, a small peck ,on the cheek.

As Theresa was getting ready to leave. Ethan called to her. Pilar, may I speak to Theresa, alone for a moment?

Of course Mr.. Ethan, answered Pilar. Softly ,so only Theresa could hear. Be careful . She exited out of the room.

Theresa, Ethan said softly. Look at me.

With a look of fear, she raised her eyes. Thank you, for getting, Frank to leave me alone. I just don't understand why.

Theresa, I know your the girl. I came though ,to see you, as a friend. I can't turn you in. Why though, explain to me why you did those things. "Wow, I can't believe I missed it all this time. Her eye... Wait, I'm going to marry Gwen. I have to get Theresa eyes ,out of my head. "

" Oh Ethan." I was nervous, after I spilled the paint on you. I didn't even know who you were. I found out after. Then you showed up at both my places of work. I wanted so much to just tell you I was sorry but I ended up spilling more stuff. I never meant to hurt you. You have to believe me. Theresa said with a sob. " My heart can't take much more." I'll quit my job here. You'll never see me again. Please just know I would never hurt you. Turning she went to leave.

Taking big steps, Ethan closed the gap between them. Stop, grasping her arm so she can't leave. Theresa, please don't quit. He asked quietly. My mother, is so pleased with your work. Plus , this would be a good job experience for you. " Why am I so concerned? It's because I think she's a nice kid. I like Pilar is all. This is her daughter.." Trying to justify why he cared so much. He didn't realize he had pulled her close. He said the last part, in her ear, as a mere whisper. Looking into her eyes. He almost could lose himself.

"Why,, Oh my he wants me here. " Of course, if you, really want me to stay... " Can it be, he cares.." Gazing up at him " Wow the look in his eyes.." Breaking eye contact, finally. I need to go back to my work. Pulling her arm slightly, to get him to, let go.

Snapping out of it. Of course. "What's wrong with me? She's just a friend." I'm glad your staying.

Thank You, Ethan. Theresa turned to leave the room, but then turned back. Ethan, if you ever need to talk. I'm told I'm a good listener. Then she hurried out of the room. " I can't believe I said that!"

Ethan stayed rooted where he was. Thinking about all the times he gazed at her, in her disguise and out. Always noticing her eyes. " It must of been my subconscious tell me. She does have terrific eyes though." Leaving the room he went, in search of his Father, to talk to him, about a new idea, for Crane Industry. " This time, he will not shoot me down."