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In London..

Alister chuckled as he watched the going ons at his house." They think they can hide things from me. Ethan is better than I thought. Theresa, will make a strong addition, to the family, as well. I just hope Julian doesn't screw this up." Mr. Crane? Asked his assistant. Anything I can do for you before I leave?

No, I'm fine. He answered. You have all the reports on my desk?

Yes, Sir. She answered.

Good, Goodnight then. As he turned back to the screens." How long will it take for Ethan, to figure out, Theresa was always the one I wanted for him? " As he drank his whiskey he sat and watched.

Back In Harmony.

Theresa was sitting down, getting ready to run lines, with Ethan. Are you sure you want to do this? She asked again.

Theresa, Ethan laughed. I said I would help. Besides it will be fun, to say the lines of big tough Danny again. Ethan teased. Unless you think I can't act? Looking at her sideways.

A smile lit her face. I know you can. How many times have you done impressions, to cheer me up. I just don't want to take up your time.

Theresa. Ethan answered back. Honestly, there is nothing, I rather be doing right now. " Theresa, I think I'm in love. Could you ever love me?"

OK Ethan.. Theresa answered back faintly." I have to remember he's a friend. That's why he's doing this. Oh how I could lose myself right now. He sounds like he means the lines,. Not like he's just reciting them." I'm sorry, Theresa said as she realized, Ethan said his line again. I spaced.

We right here, Ethan answered back. Were Danny sees Sandy as the "new" Her.

Got it. Theresa answered getting back into character. As they acted the scene out they, ended it with a kiss. Both pulled away flushed and looking lost. Ethan? Theresa whispered. Not sure on how to take that kiss. " was he kissing me or just in character" she thought wildly.

Theresa, Ethan answered back.. I think we need to talk. Pulling her close.Do you think we could ever be together? he asked.

Ethan? I'm not sure. Theresa answered. I mean how would your parents react?

I don't care Ethan answered. I just know whenever I'm around you. I can't think of anything or anyone but you. Do you feel the same? he pressed.

Oh yes, she answered. Then they leaned in for another kiss.

In London..

Alister sat Smiling. "good GOOD! Less time than I thought. I will have the best of both worlds. The Crane blood will not be weak unlike my son. But strong thanks to Sam Bennett and Ivy. Pliar always was passionate. That will bring a nice twist to things. " Clicking off the screen, he rose to leave. Pulling out a cell phone. Ready my jet. He told the airport. I'm leaving tonight. That's right. Time for me to go home. Snapping the phone close. He went to his car.