Something that came out of nowhere. I have a cat. Don't ask how I made the connection. He is isane.

Disclaimer: Yes. I admit. I am JK rowling. And I'm writing fanfiction for my own books because I decided it was time to stop bathing in liquified money.


It was cat and mouse. As simple as that.

She would run. He would chase.

He would terrorize. She would save.

He would bully. She would yell.

He would brag. She would tell him to shrink his head.

He would idolize. She would tell him to stop worshipping her.

He would stalk. She would point out that he was insane.

He would compliment. She would ask if he fell off his broom and hit his huge head.

He would beg. She would hex him.

He would continue to beg. She would hit him.

He wouldn't give up. She wouldn't, either.

Remus Lupin grinned as he looked at the wedding photo that he found under his bed. A silent tear leaked through his scrunched eyes and fell on the moving picture. Sirius was grinning inanely. Lily looked simply radiant. And James looked smug. In the end, the cat had caught the mouse, and that's all she had ever wanted.


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