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A young woman of 25 arrived at the shrine of the maiden Rin, who is believed to have died 500 years prior. Rin was dressed in a furisode of bright blue with cherry blossoms adorning the design. Her obi was of a pink that matched the color of the cherry blossoms. A small section of her hair was tied up in a bun and the left was left to tumble down her back. As she walked her geta clicked against the pavement.

Once inside the shrine she knelt down and said her prayers to the maiden Rin. As she stood up and turned around she saw a man sitting on a nearby bench. His hair was black, a color that appeared to be wrong for him even if nearly everyone she ever saw had black hair, and his eyes were the same shade of brown as nearly everyone elses' but didn't seem right on him either. His haori was white with red trim borders along the edges of his sleeves and his neckline. There were some polygonic patterns upon the red borders outlined in red and white. His haori was tied by a sash of blue and yellow material. She couldn't help but also think that he looked as if he belonged more in the past with some large changes than he looked as if he had been born only 30 years earlier.

He seemed to be staring at her with a sort of curiosity, which made her blush. Never before had she attracted this much attention from any man she had never seen before. Sure, every now and then she would notice men checking her out, but she was so shy she always passed it off. "Excuse me," his bass voice rang out in the empty shrine.

"Yes, can I help you?" She stood at the entrance of the shrine and looked down the bench at where he sat 5 feet away, but she tried to avoid any eye contact with him as it only made her blush.

"Has anyone told you that you look like the maiden this shrine was made for?" Sesshomaru was enraptured at the thought of this being the reincarnation of the young woman he had rescued over 5 centuries past.

"Actually, yes." She smiled brightly at him as she said, "That's one of the reasons why my parents named me Rin."

"That is very interesting." He pat the bench next to his left side, the side closest to her, and offered her the chance to sit down, "Do you have the time to sit and talk?"

"Actually, I do have to get to work in an hour and a half. It's my first day," she said pointing towards the open doorway of the pavilion.

"Where do you work?" he asked as he leaned forward and looked in front of him pretending to not be as curious as he was.

"Taiyouki Industries."

He leaned back against the wall of the shrine and said, "I know the CEO. If you stay I will let him know that you were talking to me." He grinned slightly understanding that she did not know that he was the CEO of Taiyouki Industries. His company was the only company in all of Japan that employed demons, half-demons, and their human mates. As the Lord of the Western Lands, it was his duty to protect the decreasing number of his kind by giving them jobs and hiding them from the rest of the world. He even made precautions not to hire humans, but it seemed that someone, most likely Inuyasha, had decided to hire Rin against the policies.

Her face lit up further as she asked him, "Would you really?"

"I would." She sat down next to him but made sure to put enough space between them so that an entire person could comfortably sit between them. She had just met him, but it seemed that she was already very much attracted to him. "Why else did your parents decide to call you Rin?"

Her irises of her eyes moved to the corners as she recalled her memories. "The first time they met was at this shrine. They said it was like love at first sight."

"Perhaps it was on purpose they met here since you could very well be her reincarnation," he said pointing at the statue of the maiden to whom the shrine was built for.

"I don't know if I believe in reincarnation. It seems too...strange." She gave a funny face as she stated that information. It was rather funny that he had mentioned reincarnation since the woman who had hired her suggested that she was a reincarnation of the maiden at whose shrine she was now visiting. The woman had even offered to hypnotize her to unlock the memories of the woman she was reincarnated from.

"Do you know the story of the maiden Rin?" he asked her thoughtfully.

"Does anyone? I don't think I can find anything on her or why she had a shrine built to her. My parents told me that they had heard from the shrine priestess that this shrine was built because whoever had taken the time to bury her wanted the whole world to know that she existed and deserved a great deal of honor. Yet that's all they know about her."

"If you are willing to listen, I can tell you the story about her." He allowed her to see his rare smile cross his face. If anyone else had been there he wouldn't have allowed her this luxury.

"Would you please?" Her face was so overjoyed at the thought of getting to hear the story that he just couldn't help but tell her.

He looked forward again at the space in front of him as he recalled the story of his Rin. He laid out for her the story of how Sesshomaru came to find Rin and to save her with the Tenseiga. Then he continued on to tell her what happened to himself and Rin after Naraku died:

"After Naraku died Sesshomaru sent Rin back to his palace to study with the best demon tutors while he continued traveling about his lands. Rin grew up to be a beautiful woman who was loved by many demons and humans, and she was smarter than most demons. When he finally returned the castle she was 18, past the marrying age for human women, which made him feel responsible for her well-being for the rest of her life. What he hadn't planned on was falling in love with her, only he was not willing to admit his love because he thought that being in love with her would cause others to think that he had gone weak, just as they thought his father had gone weak by taking a human as his mate.

"Sesshomaru started pushing her away, but finally he felt that he could no longer hide his feelings. He had decided on her 25th birthday to reveal his feelings to her, but she collapsed before he was able to do so. She died that night due to a human disease that was unpreventable. This left Lord Sesshomaru devastated, so he decided to commission a statute of her to be built over her grave so that all the world would know that his love was buried there and bring her the honor he should have given her a long time ago."

"Wow. What a sad story. Poor Lord Sesshomaru." The woman next to him was much like his Rin of long ago in that she deeply cared for everyone.

He stated matter-of-factly, "It is said that Lord Sesshomaru comes by the shrine every year on the anniversary of her death to bring her honor."

"But demons don't exist today." At this he said nothing more.