As was his usual custom, Inuyasha got up from his light sleep with the sunrise at 6 A.M. and started cooking breakfast for everyone in the household. Normally Rin would be up in 15 minutes to get ready for work herself, but at 6:15 he heard the sound so something falling to the floor. He took the eggs off of the stove and rushed up the stairs to the room that Rin shared with her daughter and his teenage daughter but ran into his daughter before he could get there. "Rin collapsed!" she screamed out as she turned around and ran back to the room.

It looked as if Kimiko had helped her back into bed, and Kagome was quite hysterical. Inuyasha picked up Kagome and put her into Kimiko's arms commanding her, "Go get her ready and take her somewhere else." He turned back to Rin who looked ghostly white. Only once before had he ever seen her like this, and that was when she had died in the Feudal Era. "I'm going to get Sesshomaru."

Her weak voice rasped out, "No." He turned around and glared at her. "He won't come."

"He's going to make you his mate and save you. It's the least thing he can do for you and for me. He owes both of us big time," he said in his haughty tone before jumping out the open window and running at full speed to Sesshomaru's house. Not even bothering to knock or wait he kicked in the doors and went in search of his older half-brother.

Sesshomaru was sitting in his study downstairs near the door was annoyed at his brother's rude intrusion. Taking Tokijin off of the display on the wall he unsheathed it and pointed it at Inuyasha's face as soon as Inuyasha opened the study doors. "Get out. You have no business here."

Inuyasha forgot the Tetseiga at home so he stayed at the end of the sword as he barked out, "You need to get your ass down to my house and make Rin your mate."

"This is none of your concern," he told his younger brother as he sheathed Tokijin again and hung it on the wall.

"Like hell it's none of my business!" Inuyasha grunt. "She's living at my house right now because you won't talk to her. And now she's dying in my house because you won't take her as your mate." He noticed a sudden falter in Sesshomaru's normally stoic expression that was gone in the blink of an eye. "If you don't make her your mate by the end of the day she's going to die again from the same disease as last time."

"Is she not mated already?" Sesshomaru asked in an icy tone. "She does have a child. Has he not mated with her yet?"

"If she's dying she's obviously not mated. And if you'd take a look at the child you'd realize who the father was."

Sesshomaru continued to stare at the wall ahead of him instead of his brother. Did his brother not realize that he was hurting also knowing that the woman he had thought loved him had climbed into bed with someone else. Since she was not one to spite him, it was obvious to him that this other male had made her an offer to produce a family with her since he could not. Still, the thought of her laying there dying when he could save her life when the other male couldn't or wouldn't. Who would also care for the child when Rin was no longer there to do so and the father obviously wouldn't take responsibility after promising her that he would.

How had he been so oblivious to her pain? Sure, he was hurting from her betrayal, but he had turned her down for his responsibilities. And then some other male had made a promise to provide for her and didn't leaving her alone in the world with a child. How long had she been raising this child on her own?

After a couple of minutes of silence Inuyasha grew tired of Sesshomaru's silent thinking and interrupted him by snidely saying, "Do you not realize that she's dying, meaning that we don't have long to think this over?"

In a split second Sesshomaru was answering him with, "Go get the priest. I shall meet you at your home." Inuyasha took not a moment to think about his duties and was running in the direction of the shrine. Sesshomaru's steps were labored as he took the normally short journey to Inuyasha's house that seemed to stretch longer with every step. If she still loved him, he owed her nothing less than to save her life and make her his mate. He would even take care of her child as if she were his.

When he finally got to the home he found it completely empty. It seemed as if his niece and nephews had cleared out the place as quickly as they could because the room Rin was in was a complete mess along with the room across the hallway from her. She lay there completely still except for the shallow breathing. It seemed that she had fallen ill to the same disease that had once claimed her before. Before he could save her from a life of disease by taking her as his mate.

He sat down on the edge of the bed facing her. She made no motion that she had been disturbed. Taking her hand in his he noticed how cold and clammy it had become. His moments of silence were interrupted by the sound of others entering the house. Inuyasha had not only fetched the monk but also brought Boksano as the second witness to the event.

Slowly Sesshomaru brought Rin out of her sleep and she weakly stared at him as if begging him to end the misery she was currently in. "Rin, I need you to do as I say," the priest instructed her as she noticed him for the first time. She gave just the slightest nod showing her acceptance so he conducted the service there as she lay in the bed.

At the end of such a ceremony the mate was required to bite his mate on the neck to mark her as his intended. As he bit into her neck he felt her go limp in his arms as she stopped breathing. Sesshomaru released her and looked at her wondering if she had died before he was able to fully finish. He cursed himself mentally for taking too long to do this and blamed himself for her death. Inuyasha's voice cut through the silence of the room as he comforted his half-brother by saying, "Kagome did the same when I marked her. Give it a minute and she'll start breathing again as she starts to grow pink."

Sure enough only half a minute later she drew in a deep breath and began to glow, only she did not wake up from the deep sleep she had fallen into. Sesshomaru knew not how long he held her there in his arms waiting for her to wake up. For once in his life he was void of all thought but only felt the shame of waiting too long to allow things to get this far. If only he had followed his heart and taken her the moment she remembered who she was, but instead he hurt her and almost caused her death.

Rin woke up again expecting to feel the last of her life slipping away but instead felt as healthy as she ever had. The only thing she could feel was the warmth and comfort of a body holding her against itself. Her eyes opened up to look upon the white kimono with red polygonic patterns she all too familiar with. "Sesshomaru-sama," she squeaked out.

"Yes," he said. His voice was unsteady. She pulled back from him slightly to look into his now tear filled eyes. Only once before in her soul's lifetime had she ever seen the mighty Sesshomaru crying.

She reached up her right hand to caress his cheek and wipe the tears away. "What happened to me?"

"I made you my mate," he answered her. "I could not let you die when I could save you."

"I thought you weren't talking to me," she said to him.

"I was wrong. I hated you for taking another into your bed, but I should not have judged you since I almost took Akura into mine." He kissed her cheek lightly and then nuzzled it as if needing assurance that she would accept this apology.

She instead protested, "I never took another into my bed." He stopped what he was doing and held still. Downstairs he could hear the sound of the children entering the house and a small child running up the stairs. "I want you to meet Kagome before you say anything more."

At that moment the door flew open and the child ran to her mother's side. Sesshomaru looked down at his daughter for the first time. Their golden eyes locked and then he noticed the pink crescent moon on her forehead, the mark of his family. "Are you my dad?" she asked him fully anticipating his answer to finally affirm that she had finally found the father she had been anticipating to meet for the past month.

"I am," he answered her simply as he picked her up and put her between himself and Rin. "Do you want to go home now?" he asked the both of them. Rin nodded in agreement as Kagome cheered.

Five hundred and fifteen years later Rin was sent on yet another re-supply trip, but this time they would be returning back to Japan for the first time in one hundred years. As they docked upon returning home Rin ran down to her mate and gave him a peck on the cheek before turning to Inuyasha and announcing to him that she had brought someone back with her. He looked up at the ship to see Kagome standing there.

She ran down to him and threw her arms around him and kissed her passionately. Only a couple of days before she was a priestess at the shrine where Rin's first body laid, and today she had all of her memories back and was in her mate's arms again. While Inuyasha was normally not one to show joyful emotions, but not to the extent Sesshomaru hid his emotions, today he didn't care who saw the joy he had in finding his soul mate again. That night they were mated and already trying for more children as if no time had passed by.

Rin had prided herself on her great find, and Sesshomaru had to admit that he was grateful that she had brought Kagome back into Inuyasha's life. He had been grateful to Kagome when she had brought Rin back into his life, and although he never admitted it to her, she knew deep down he was grateful.

Sesshomaru sat in the bed watching the bathroom door as Rin was getting ready for bed. As he sat he thought about how grateful he was to both Kagome for her bringing Rin back into his life, but also to Inuyasha for talking sense back into him. His life would have seemed so completely worthless if he had not taken Rin as his mate, and now he had 52 children and 120 grandchildren. Only a millennium ago he would have been ashamed of taking a human as a mate and producing half-demon children with them, but with Rin at his side he felt that he was not worthy of being her mate and being the father of her children. She was ten times the mate and the parent he was, and he never allowed her to think she was anything less.

The door to the bathroom door opened revealing Rin in a rather slinky piece of lingerie. His eyes glazed over in lust at the mere sight of her. Tonight they would forget about the fight they had before she left. She knew he was concerned about her being far from his protection, especially when she was in her second trimester. But tonight he was just glad to have her home and safe and in his arms again. Tonight was a night to celebrate finding one's love again after so long a time apart.


I apologize for how bad the story ended up. I guess I just left it go too long. Next time I'll write the whole thing out before I post a story again.