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30 Lemon One-Shots With Hitsugaya and Hinamori! Collaboration between Shrochanxmomo1220 and Merciless Ruby!


Chapter 1: Come Back

by Merciless Ruby

It was late at night, and everything was quiet. Toushirou sighed as he brushed his hair with his hand tiredly. He has not seen Momo in sometime because the captains have been to meetings and missions lately. The good thing that paperwork was cancelled, since there was so many things to do.

Tomorrow, the white haired taichou had to go to another mission with Mayuri and Soi Fong. After that mission, he was another meeting to attend, and then more missions. Sighing, he rested his head on the back of his chair and closed his eyes.


He truely misses her. He remembers when they just to go on the roof of either his or her division and just stare at the stars. Their light reflected her beautiful face and when she smiled, she looked like an angel, or a fairy, or a queen...

Toushirou need to end this crap. So much thinking about her made him fustrating. Standing up, he grabbed his zanpakuto and left. He made his way towards fifth division with his stoic, emotionless face on...

Momo wrapped her naked body with her peach colored towel. She left her hair down and began to wash her face. Suddenly, she heard a soft knock on her door, and she had an idea of who that might be...

Her heart beated faster as she walked towards the door. She felt his presence on the other side of the door, and she was glad that he came...she missed him so much.

Momo opened the door and yes, it was him. Toushirou looked at her and smiled. She was in a skimpy peached colored towel and she looked more beautiful than ever.

"Hey Shirou-chan, what brings you here?" she asked him in that sweet voice of hers.

"I just wanted to see. I have been busy for the past couple of days, and I wanted to see you before I leave tomorrow..."

Momo smiled at him as she opened the door more so he can come. Once he did, she closed the door and stared at him. She was sad knowing that he was leaving tomorrow, and she wanted to tell him how she feels about him incase anything happens... Toushirou knew that this was a bad time to visit since she was in her towel.

"I'm sorry for coming so late..."

"It's alright. I wanted to see you also..." she told him as she sat down next to him

He felt his face heat up as he looked at her. He felt like ripping that towel and do so many things to her...

But he should not take advantage of her like that...

"When are you coming back?" she asked him.

Toushirou sighed. One of the questions he does not like to think about.

"I do not know..."

Momo looked down at her lap with a sad sigh. He does not know when he is coming... That is a bad thing... He will not even know if he is coming back... And Momo did not want to lose him... Toushirou noticed her saddened face and he placed his hand on hers. Momo looked up at him in his eyes.

"But I will come back for you..."

The fuku-taichou smiled as Toushirou embraced her.

"You better Shirou-chan, and I will be waiting for you..."

Toushirou let go of her and leaned closer, pressing his lips against hers.

It's now, or never...

Momo closed her eyes as she felt his lips touch hers gently. He wrapped his arms around her waist gently as she wrapped hers around his neck. Their tongues made contact passionately...

Momo did not realize that her towel fell off from her petite body, and now she was completely naked in fron of him. They stopped for air and he noticed her naked body in front of him. With cloths, she looked like a queen, naked, she was a goddess...

Slowly, he laid her down on the couch and swiftly got on-top of her. Hands on her breasts, he began to kiss passionately. Momo began to take off his captain's cloak. Seconds later, it fell on the floor. Next was his yukata. Her hands went inside it and began touching his muscular toned chest. She began to untie his white sash. Now, the yukata and sash were gone. His hakama was swiftly removed with her hands...

Toushirou broke the kiss and helped her take the hakama off. Seconds later, it fell on the floor. Now he was in boxers while she was naked; and it was unfair for her. Toushirou began to nib her neck. She moaned as he then began to suck on it. Toushirou then licked her chest, and then in between her breasts. He cupped one of them with his hand while he licked the other one. Momo groaned as she felt her nipple harden. Toushirou sucked on the breast and then he bit the nipple. Momo led out a short cry.

Then he shifted to the other breast. Momo began to play with his hair as she felt him suck on her breast. She bit her bottom lip and smiled as she loved the pleassure she was getting. She also began to feel wet, she was something that had never happened to her before. Toushirou looked at her and kissed her lips gently. Then he began to lick downward to her stomach, and then to her wet womanhood. Momo shivered as she felt mouth touch it passionately.

Momo moaned louder as she his tongue go inside. All this pleassure she was getting was driving her crazy. But she wanted more, and she knew she was going to get more later on... Toushirou felt her juice going around his mouth. He stopped licking her womanhood and inserted two fingers inside her. Momo led out a short scream and he kissed her lips. Then, he inserted another finger. Momo moaned against his lips. Toushirou broke the kiss placed his hand on her stomach. Momo felt her juices from when he inserted his fingers.

The captain began to touch her as she began to moan and groan. He placed his finger with her juice inside her mouth as she began to suck it. The two switched places and she was on top of him. She kissed him with so much force that the captain did not even know what to think besides kissing back. She then licked downward his chest and abdominal. She grabbed his boxers and began to pull them down. Toushirou was taken back when the fuku-taichou lowere her head and began to lick his erected penis.

Toushirou groaned as the pleassure began to build up. Momo licked the tip of it. Semen began to come out and to her mouth as she continued. Then, she began to massage it and Toushirou groaned louder. Momo smirked as she continued to torture him. Toushirou opened his eyes and sat up. He captured her lips as he began to lay her down on the couch. Momo knew what he was going to do and she opened her legs. Toushirou smirked and slowly entered her. The girl screamed due to the pain.

Toushirou groaned as he went faster. But he did not want to hurt her either... Momo's pain went away and now, it was just pleassure that she recieved.. She was surprised and happy that it was her love that was taking her virginity, and vice-versa... Toushirou's speed increased. The room was filled with moans and groans.

Minutes later, he stopped and got out of her. He then laid down next to her and pecked her cheek caringly. The two were sweaty from head to toe. Momo looked at him and smiled.

"I love you Shirou-chan...and I hope you come back..."

"I will come back for you, Bed-Wetter Momo... I'm never going to leave you..."


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