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Sexy Welcome Back

Written by: Merciless Ruby

It had been a tiring month for the strong tenth division taichou. Paperwork was not the problem this time; it was his missions back and forth from the world of the living, to Hueco Mundo, to Rukongai, and any where else the old geezer could stick him. The short white haired taichou has never been preoccupied like this, and he was not happy about it. However, he wasn't the only one that was angry at Yamamoto-taichou for this, so was Matsumoto and Momo.

He didn't care whether Matsumoto was annoyed by this or not. She was only annoyed at the overly large amount of paperwork that she had to complete before her grumpy taichou would come back and all the bottles of sake she would have to dump before he saw.

He did, however, care about Momo's feelings about the situation; both young shinigami have been dating for approximately six months, and both of them feel comfortable at how safe their relationship has been going. Matsumoto always keeps on questioning them about when their innocence was going to end! The only reply that the strawberry-blond received all the time was 'we're not ready for that'.

Now that both Toushiro and Momo have each other, both of them wanted to spend a lot of time together, not wanting to hear or worry about Hollows running after humans, shinigamis betraying Seireitei, and other. Both of them spend roughly three hours together almost every day, and for them, it wasn't enough.

Momo hummed a sweet melody as she sat on her boyfriend's chair, still waiting for him to arrive from Yamamoto-taichou's office. It was late at night. Losing track of the time a few minutes ago, she estimated that it was probably midnight. She was anxious of seeing her Shiro-chan again. Not seeing him for two weeks always depressed her, and when he would arrive, she would always jump on him and give him the longest hug ever.

In the meantime, she also thought about the conversation she had with Matsumoto. Her friend suggested that she should make a small Sexy Welcome Back party for him, and Matsumoto's definition of "party" in this subject was for Momo to give some excitement to her boyfriend…

The brunette blushed as scenes of her seducing Toushiro rose to her mind. Matsumoto's foolish ideas really get into people's heads... Her friend suggested her to get naked and wait for him under the covers on his futon. Momo wasn't sure whether Toushiro was going to be happy about the idea; most likely not since it came from his vice-captain!

However, as Matsumoto said, as well, Toushiro needed to relax after his long mission. The Tenth Division taichou was always cranky after a mission, and to get rid of his crankiness, Momo would make him happy by having watermelons sitting in front of him. However, now, Matsumoto convinced her that making of them fulfill his dreams would be best for both. But the question is….

How will he react to this?

Toushiro Hitsugaya sauntered back to his quiet division, glad that his private meeting with Yamamoto-taichou was finally over. Even if he was a stoic taichou, Toushiro had to acknowledge the fact that the old man talks too much and repeats his own questions. Now, that's on the side and Toushiro was just glad that it was over and he can finally see his girlfriend and rest. So far, everything in the Tenth Division was quiet, which he was glad about. The taichou felt his girlfriend's reiatsu coming from his office, and quickly, his small smile crawled to his lips.

He opened the door and walked inside, however, Momo was not inside his office. He thought he was going to find her sleeping on his chair, or on the couch, as she always does while she waits for his arrival. Frowning, Toushiro closed the door and walked further into his pristine office. His girlfriend's reiatsu was getting stronger, and the only door left was the one that led into his bedroom. Toushiro opened the door, and immediately, he looked around for the familiar girl.

His turquoise eyes fell on her as she opened her eyes and looked at him. There was a pregnant silence as both of them stared at each other. Momo blushed as she suddenly regretted the idea. Toushiro blinked, watching her naked creamy legs. His eyes stared at every inch of her legs, slowly traveling upward. His gaze on her legs continued to go up and up, not realizing that this could lead into something he wanted to wait for in the future. His gaze fell on her creamy thighs, but it didn't halt there. He continued gazing upward, but was disappointed as he saw his blanket draped over the upper half of her body while concealing her private area.

He could see that Momo wasn't wearing anything at all. How long had she been waiting for him like this? The fuku-taichou bit her bottom lip as she sheepishly smiled at him. Her whole face was red, especially over the fact that this was the first time being naked in front of him. What would he think of her petite, pale body? She was no Matsumoto, Orihime, or Yoruichi. Her breasts were still developing, though at a slow rate. She compared herself to a thin white box, but she was anxious of Toushiro's reaction. After staring at her for long minutes, Toushiro closed his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Momo, what are you doing?"

Momo frowned as her heart pounded faster. What was she going to reply? She thought he was going to get inside, naked, with her in addition, like how Matsumoto said. The girl opened her mouth to speak, but halted for a few seconds. In addition, Matsumoto explained to her to show off a bit so he can start getting the idea of the naughty situation, since Hitsugaya Toushiro can be dense! Momo sat up, letting the blanket slide down her body and land on her waist, still concealing her lower area, but fully exposing her small but noticeable breasts. Toushiro gaped as his face turned red as well. Momo bit her bottom lip and looked back at him through her eyelashes.

"…I was waiting for you Shiro-chan."

Toushiro was too distracted with her breasts to scowl at her for his ridiculous nickname. Instead, he slowly walked over to her and crawled on the futon. He halted in front of her and dug his face on the crook of her neck. Momo allowed a contented sigh to escape as her hands fell on Toushiro's shoulders, lightly rubbing them as she draped them over his back.

"How long have you been waiting for me… like this?"

"For about an hour…"

"Sorry that I made you wait so long then." He told her, voice suddenly hoarse. She was caught off guard when he captured her soft pink lips with his.

Momo moaned loudly, wrapping her arms around his slender neck and bringing him down on top of her. His hands fell on her sides, and soothingly, he roamed it up and down her soft skin. Momo shivered at his electrocuting touch, feeling a sexual sensation in her stomach as she could feel herself get warmer between her thighs. The taichou's kisses traveled down her chest, but halted by her breasts. Blushing, Momo shifted her arm over her breasts, but Toushiro halted her. She looked up at him and saw him smile.

"Don't, you look beautiful." He told her, leaning down and immediately sucking on one of her breasts as he groped the other.

Momo gave a whine as she flung her head back. Her panties got wetter and her nipples perked out. Toushiro smirked and bit her perky pink nipple. Momo screamed as she felt his wet tongue suddenly went over her other breast. She opened her glossy brown eyes and looked at him, shocked to see that he was still dressed while she was panties away from being completely nude.

As he sucked, nibbled, and licked her breast, she pushed his white cloak off his shoulders and threw it on the floor. Then, she slowly pulled the sleeves down his top, revealing his lean muscles. She removed his top and gazed at his half opened eyes. Her breasts were wet from his intense licks and kisses.

"I love you…" Toushiro whispered and kissed her lips again.

Momo smiled against his lips as her hands roamed around his back. Toushiro pressed his hard penis against her, wanting to inform her how much he wanted her. Momo gasped against his lips, and this gave Toushiro the chance to dart his tongue inside her mouth. Momo moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling her wetness increase, as she felt his hard member press against her wet hot core. Breaking the kiss, Toushiro removed the blanket that was wrapped around her waist and looked down, only to frown as he noticed that she was wearing her white panties. Momo giggled at his expression. Toushiro glared at her and quickly removed her undergarments.

Momo gasped as his hands grabbed the back of her thighs and shifted them upward, causing her legs to open. Her whole face flushed as she saw him looking down at her. She wanted to close her legs, but his grip on her was tight. Toushiro looked down at her wet womanhood with complete lust and desire. He needed to be inside her…

Toushiro lowered his head and licked her folds first, causing her to whimper. Closing his eyes, he placed his lips against her wet ones and darted his tongue inside her. Momo groaned as she felt her liquid oozing out faster. She would never imagine her Shiro-chan doing this to her. Momo eyes opened and closed, feeling her love juices being sucked into his mouth by him. Toushiro pulled his head up and kissed her lips again. Momo whimpered as their tongue danced in each other's mouth.

Suddenly, Momo's back arched as he entered three fingers inside her. Toushiro touched her lips as his girlfriend screamed and whimpered. He loved the way her hot vagina felt around his fingers. He kissed her rosy cheeks and removed his fingers out of her. Momo opened her eyes and looked at him. He pulled his slacks and boxers down, and Momo gasped at his erection. Toushiro positioned himself, and Momo moaned as she felt his member's tip brush her wet center. Before entering though, Toushiro gazed at her worryingly.

"Do you want to wait? I don't want to hurt-"

"No," Momo cut him off in a whimper, "I want you inside me already."

Toushiro gave a slight nod, and slowly, he entered her. Momo screamed and arched her back, a strong pain ripping through her small body. Toushiro continued to thrust into her slowly, hoping that the pain soon turns into pleasure. Momo continued to moan louder, though the pain was quickly going away. Toushiro groaned as her tight walls clenched down on his dick. He felt her hot juices on his member, and it made him even more aroused.

"….Harder Shiro-chan…" Momo moaned loudly, shifting her hips with his.

Toushiro fulfilled her commands and thrust in her harder and faster. Momo continued to scream, but they were cut short as his lips captured hers. Momo moaned against his lips as she then felt his liquid ejaculate inside her. Toushiro grunted and collapsed next to her. He opened one of his eyes and glanced at her, slowly pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. Momo turned her head and smiled at him. The taichou wrapped his arms around her as she rested her head on his chest. Their bodies were dripping with sweat, and both of them had a wide smile on their faces.

"Momo," Toushiro said, grabbing her attention after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes, Shiro-chan?"

"This wasn't your idea, right?"

"…. No, it wasn't, Matsumoto gave it to me. Are you mad?"

"No, I just know that I have to thank her tomorrow morning."


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