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Bleach doesn't belong to me and Yes I hate saying it I wish I did though Sigh how reality hurts…lol nor does the song A dangerous Mind by within temptation

Hinamori's POV

I'm Searching For Answers
Cause Something Is Not Right
I Follow The Signs,
I'm Close To The Fire

"Aizen-taicho" my final words as your soul pierced through my chest and I collapsed to the floor in a scarlet pool of my own pain but I can't feel anything as my eyes dim with the darkness. I remember when I first saw you tall, handsome, intelligent, kind and powerful perfection incarnate.

I Fear That Soon You'll Reveal
Your Dangerous Mind

Sosuke Aizen Captain of 5th Company do you think I didn't know? With each passing day I always saw the evil glint in your eye I could see right past your false exterior to see the cruel monster behind the flesh I am not stupid. I knew the very first time you spoke my name you where the devil.

It's In Your Eyes, Whats On Your Mind
I Fear Your Smile And The Promise Inside
It's In Your Eyes, Whats On Your Mind
I Fear Your Presence, I'm Frozen Inside

Your smile was warm but promised death your hands were cold that sent shivers down my spine every little word you spoke to me held a secret twisted meaning and everywhere you walked left behind a trail of crimson blood.

I'm Searching For Answers
Not Questioned Before
The Curse Of Awareness,
There's No Peace Of Mind
As Your True Colors Show
A Dangerous Sign

But even so I followed you blindfolded as you lead me into fire, I knew this day would come the moment I gave into your distorted melody which confused sacrifice with love. All I could do was wait until you revealed your dangerous mind, and slowly unraveled.

It's In Your Eyes, What's On Your Mind
I See The Truth That You've Buried Inside
It's In Your Eyes, What's On your Mind
There Is No Mercy Just Anger I Find

You spoke as though I couldn't hear. The cruel intentions that made this heart overflow. Counting the decades into years into months into weeks into days into hours…until we have our final moment. Alas I knew I was going to die by your hand for I wouldn't want it any other way. Just to hear my name escape from your lips is enough for me.

I Just Have To Know, While I Still Have Time
Do I Have To Run, Or Hide Away From You?

"Aizen-Taicho I'm glad I fell in love with your dangerous mind" Her final whispered words to the man she loved.


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