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"Sorry, kid. You'll have to do better than that." Quipped Red X, aiming a spinning kick for the center of Robin's chest. The Boy Wonder caught the foot and threw him off, Red X slamming into a wall. He pressed his hand against the skull-like mask, pinning him to a wall.

"Seems like we've been here before." Retorted Robin, watching as Red X's hand went for his glove. He smirked, pulling his hand back and flipping back out of the electric grip. Red X crouched down, flinging out an X, barely watching as it wrapped around Robin's shins in mid-flip. He crashed to the ground, and Red X gave a final salute before teleporting away. Robin grunted, straining his strong legs before the binds snapped, standing up and looking at his fallen teammates. Raven and Starfire had fallen first, followed by Cyborg then Beast Boy. Raven was pushing herself off the ground, burns from crossed Starbolts slowly healing as Cyborg slowly fixed his wires. Beast Boy was waking up and Starfire was still out cold.

Robin glared at where Red X used to be, although knowing there would be no trace of where he had gone. He walked over to Starfire, worried but not letting it show. Usually the alien girl woke up much quicker, she had been knocked out at the beginning of the fight and hadn't moved at all. Raven knelt beside her, glowing hands scanning the body.

"How is she?" He asked, kneeling next to the healer and tenderly moving red hair out of her paling face.

"Right now, she's just sleeping. She's exhausted." Raven said, her voice even. Robin nodded, knowing that was true. Red X had been attacking at all hours for the past week, along with all of their other foes. Oh, sure, they had apparently frozen them after the Brotherhood of Evil, but none of them really thought that would last long. The main focus was on keeping the Brotherhood-The Brain, Madame Rouge, Mallah, General Immortus-frozen, and was happening quite successfully. The rest, however, escaped, or to save funds unfrozen and sent to jail, then escaping. Either way, Jump City's crime was back to normal, excluding Red X's new antics.

"She's fine." Raven added, looking directly at him. Her eyes were soft, and he knew why. The relationships within the team had changed after Tokyo. Starfire and him were officially together, and the team was fine with it. But now, whenever Starfire was hurt, they were much more sensitive to Robin. Actually, that could be said in general, and it bugged Robin. He was the leader, after all, and he didn't need all this coddling. His jaw tightened and Raven instantly picked up on it, flicking her hood up to cover her face.

"I'll take her to her room." Raven said, looking away as she held out her hand and created a platform. Robin gently lifted Starfire onto it and Raven stood upon the circle. They took to the sky, Raven never once looking back.

Another theft by Red X has been reported to the Titans, who currently are fighting with the masked thief in a Lexcorp building where the battle could progress…

"Like that's surprising." Jade muttered, rolling her eyes as she flipped her black ponytail, turning away from the recently put-up screen. Murakami High School was in lockdown, once again. Every time any villain attacked the city, the schools went into code blue, but if the villain came into the quadrant of the city where the school was, code red was put into place. Which happened quite often, since the school was in the upper-class business section of the city, next to major business like Lexcorp and Wayne Industries. So the school was locked tight, once again, students huddled in their classes with teachers having given up on teaching anything. Especially in gym class, where nothing was really taught in the first place, besides health today that no one paid attention to anyway. Most of the class were huddled in a corner in fear and talking quickly, except for a quadruplet of girls playing with each other's hair.

"For all the good the Titans do, can't they just kill the criminals and get them out of the way? They're not gonna change." Jade continued, shaking her head.

"Jade, that would be wrong." Taunted Tori, her brown-red eyes connecting with Jade's blue ones for a moment as they burst out laughing. Ast he gym teacher gently told them to be quiet, Tori lowered her voice. "Thank god we don't have super-powers!"

"Yeah…" Mused Tara, her sky eyes softening. She could remember Beast Boy's words, and what he said bothered her. Mainly, because he could be right-she couldn't remember anything before the beginning of tenth grade, this year, and this was Jump City. Metahumans and aliens weren't that uncommon, so to explain her memory loss…No. Not everything and everyone were a metahuman, her lost memories were just from hitting her head from the car accident, just like her parents told her.

"What's up?" Asked Tori, aware as ever. "Is it that green thing?"


"Forget about him." Waved off Jade. "He was a dork."

"Though it would be cool to have powers." Added Tori, squeaking as Tara gave another hard pull on her thick hair. The teen rarely brushed her once light brown hair, now streaked over and over again with blonde from honey to wheat, the darker roots already showing.

"Unless they came with bad memories." Tara said rather darkly, causing Tori to raise her eyebrows. Tara knew she was typically the cheery blue-eyed blonde-haired happy girl, but everyone had their buttons.

"True, but if you could get them without memories…In a heartbeat." Tori stated, and Tara had to agree.

"Unless they were something stupid." Sam added, attempting to cover up her large freckles with her burnt-sienna bangs.

"Like turning into green animals." Jade hinted, causing Tori to snort with amusement. Tara gave a small smile, knowing that Tori was just sucking up to Jade, mostly. They were both new girls-Tori had switched in this year, along with Tara, and the two had become quick friends, and then Jade and Sam had come in. Jade and Sam became protective of Tara, while Tori was much more independent. And because of that, Tara knew Tori had to really suck-up to Jade and Sam if she wanted to hang out with Tara, and put up with a lot of crap and jabs. Tara was grateful that she was willing to do that, along with being slightly envious Tori didn't mind being on her own.

"Hey, can I borrow a phone?" Tori suddenly asked, turning to look at the three others. Tara looked down at the pockets of her skirt, shaking her head so her wheat-blonde hair shimmered in the dim light. Sam pulled out her phone and tossed it over, Tori catching it with one hand.

"Probably won't work. Bad reception in the gym." Sam added as Tori shrugged, pressing the buttons.

"Tara, still want to come over?"

"Oh, yeah." Tara nodded, remembering she had promised to come over. Mainly because her parents were going out tonight to some meeting, and she needed a place to stay, and Tori's was the obvious first choice. She stopped brushing her friend's hair, watching her make the call. She was off with a few quick words, her full lips in a smile as she turned to face Tara. Tara couldn't help smiling back, excited about what they'd do: bake cookies, order pizza, watch movies, attempt to act-out whatever action scene happened and make fun of the inevitable corny dialogue.

"Cool. He'll be here soon, his work's close."

Who is Red X?

Obsession had become a habit of Robin's. Slade was his most well known, but ever since the end of the world, he hadn't done anything. If he survived at all-he was meant to die after Terra, but only because of Trigon's magic was he brought back. Now that Trigon had fallen, the magic in Slade should have let Slade rest. And for now, that theory had nothing against it, and even Raven admitted that quite well could be the case. Of course, this was still Jump City. He wouldn't be surprised if Slade came back. But for now, there was just only thing currently on his mind.

Red. X.

Who was he? What did he want? What was he doing next? Most importantly-how could he be stopped? Robin had his suspicions, mainly coming from what had been stolen. Information and xenothium for the suit. The information from Wayne Industries he easily found out was on their newest project, new developing materials for stronger buildings and structures. The idea was it would cut down the cost of rebuilding after all the metahuman fights, let alone from other disasters. Information from any of the other companies-Lexcorp and the like-the only information he could find was it was data from unknown experiments.

What does he want?

Red X never had some master plan. From everything Robin knew about Red X, which he admitted wasn't much, it was that Red X did whatever benefitted him and only him. The information didn't suit Red X, unless he was selling it to someone. Which could be quite likely, but it was only a theory, where he had nothing else. Who would Red X be selling it to? Brother Blood? At the moment he couldn't think of many others, with Slade apparently dead and the Brotherhood apparently frozen. Was he waiting for the Brotherhood to come back? Did he plan to bring the Brotherhood back? Robin doubted that, X hadn't been involved with the Brotherhood before and he doubted his enemy would do so now. So that left, who, Mad Moth? Chang? Dr. Light? Mad Mod? What would any of them want, or was it someone new? A new super-villain, or maybe just a business owner wanting a heads-up on his rivals. There were plenty of new companies out there, especially how technology kept booming, who probably would pay for a leg-up.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Of course, countless theories could run on and on. But to find what was really going on would require more information. And, he knew, a good night's sleep. He walked to the window, feeling hot and tense, to open the curtains and get some fresh night air. Upon opening the curtains, he was surprise to see the end of the sunrise. Had he been up all night? Well, he couldn't say it was all that surprising. He yawned, turning his back on the sunrise and leaving his room. He was headed to Starfire's room, and was there before he knew it, his tired mind still analyzing Red X scenarios. He gently knocked, and when there was no sign of anyone entering he gently opened the door. To his surprise, Starfire was still on the bed, sleeping peacefully. Raven sat beside her, and looked up as he entered, her amethyst eyes nearly making him pause. They were quiet and stunning, and unexpected.

"She woke up, but we kept her in here to rest." Raven said steadily.

"Did she eat?" Robin asked, walking up to his girlfriend-the term still bewildered him a bit-and looking down at her face. It was back to its bright orange, even as it hung over the edge of the bed, her long ruby locks brushing the ground.

"Everything we put in front of her." He could hear the smile in Raven's voice, and matched it with one of his own. Starfire gently opened her eyes, a tired smile on her face.

"Robin." She said, her voice soft. She took his hand and he bent down to kiss her cheek, her eyes closing back to blissful slumber. Her grip was still strong on his hand, almost painful although he wouldn't admit it, especially since she was getting better. There was a gentle silence, and he didn't even realize Raven had moved until the door swished open and she left. Star's grip staid strong for a while, until eventually fading, letting go of Robin's glove completely.

He pulled his hand back, looking as Starfire's face tensed as she slept. There was a time to don the mask, and a time to take it off. Being the Boy Wonder was all the teenager had needed to be, but clearly that wasn't getting him anywhere at the moment. He would need to be something else, but he wouldn't make the same mistake twice, especially for this, seeing how clearly it could turn into a cycle. He created a side to fight something, that side came back to fight him, and it continued. No, he wouldn't get into that. He just had to be someone he hadn't been in a long time.