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Subitus Vices Unexpected Events

As he groggily resurfaced from his dreamless but restful sleep, Harry's first thought on waking had to be that it felt much more pleasant than the way he had become unconscious.

He blinked slowly, his unfocused pupils picking a small gap in a world of white, where blurry shapes and dark colours passed by.

His memories from the night before were as sluggish as he felt now, heavy from sleep. He wanted to groan and roll over, tell the memories to go away and come back later, but that first thought nagged at his tired brain. What was so unpleasant about going to sleep the night before?

He remembered bits and pieces; seeing Ginny and wanting to confront her about the way she had been acting towards him, a crowd of girls and a suit of armor but these things didn't seem relevant at all. He remembered talking with Malfoy, trying to be calm, to just get it over with and then getting angry. Too angry.

His magic had reacted. He knew it would. He gets angry, his magic lashes out, that was normal for him, he had just wanted Malfoy to back down and sod off!

And it had been working... until it wasn't.

A spark had brought that unpleasant feeling Harry remembered the most. The sensation had felt like he had literally been sweating magic, like steam rising from his pores, raising, dancing. It had been so gradual, so slow that it could have been happening well before he noticed.

Any accidental magic he had done without a wand before had always been uncontrolled and wild, offensive to the threat that had provoked its attention, like his aunt Marge.

But this magic had seemed... different and small, like there wasn't much of it but just enough to be noticed. Harry couldn't imagine there being enough for the cloud of magic he vaguely remembers surrounding him...

At that moment, his train of thoughts were interrupted and almost completely derailed as the all-knowing school nurse, Madam Pomfrey, pulled back the curtains separating the beds, making Harry audibly groan and cover his ears at the loud screeching sound of metal running against metal.

That woman always did know when her patients were awake.

"Afternoon Mr. Potter, so nice of you to visit again, why it's been a whole..." he turned to look at the blurry women as she waved her equally blurry wand, making a series of glowing neon numbers materialize above him "Oh 2 weeks. Must be a record." she teased, stern expression of the Matron still in place, but softened by the amused glint in her eye and the twitch of her lips.

Harry could only grin back sheepishly. People must think he was the poster boy for Gryffindor or something, with the amount of time he spent in the hospital wing from defending his friends in a fight or Quidditch. The bullseye Fred and George had once painted on his Quidditch training robes should have been indication enough to ask madam Promfrey for a bed of his own in her ward.

But he really didn't mind any of that, even Professor McGonagall considered it normal Gryffindor behavior... He just minded when it was something Voldemort related which put him in this bed. It reminded him once again that he was lucky to be alive, and luck always ran out eventually.

Madam Pomfrey snapped Harry out of his thoughts for the second time.

"Come on Mr. Potter, you know how this works" and there was that stern look again as the school nurse handed him his well loved glasses. Harry put on a sigh but his lips twitched in a tiny smile. Madam Pomfrey was his favourite member of staff and always tried to keep a patient happy, if she could.

Lifting himself up from the overstuffed hospital pillows, Harry accepted the glasses, put them on and flopped back down on the bed to accept his fate.

Nodding her head she summoned his medical record with a flick of her wand and looked over it "Good boy. Now, Professor Snape has informed me of the … unusual way in which you ended up here, and I've been told that the headmaster would like to see you when you're feeling up to it. Just for a little chat to see how you're doing, nothing to worry about deary. So I'll just proceed with the routine check" a quick glance back at him and a comforting smile "So, how are you feeling? Any significant discomfort or soreness? Nausea or vomiting recently? What did you have for dinner? Have you been eating regularly? And don't try to lie Mr. Potter; we both know it won't be getting you out of that bed any faster. Now…"

'No doubt about it' Harry thought 'This was going to be a long, long day'

It was another hour before Harry was allowed to go back to his red and gold Tower, with specific instructions to go straight to bed to get a decent nights sleep, which they both knew he wasn't going to actually do.

Harry Potter get a good nights' rest. Ha. You've got a better chance convincing filtch that all children are angels in disguise.

Walking tiredly up the well used steps to Gryffindor tower with his head bowed, he greeted the fat lady with a pleading look to just let him through without a fuss. She just raised her eyebrow. After all these years, she didn't need to ask why he would be out of class at this time of day, quite aware that his life barely ever worked on the same timetable as everyone else at Hogwarts.

With his brain still recovering from all the questions, potions and tests he had endured at the hospital wing, it took him several minutes to remember the password to get inside.

Eventually his brain woke up and as he stepped into the the red and gold tower, only to be immediately sent stumbling back out by Hermione as she hugged him fiercely.

"Harry! Where were you, we've been so worried"

"Missed you too, 'mione" Harry wheezed from the death grip crushing his lungs.

"Let him breathe, woman!" Ron intervened a moment later, prying the worried girl off him.

Harry breathed in relief as he took a lung full of air before sharing a look with Ron, both rolling their eyes at their best friends' motherly attitude. They clasped their arms together and Ron pulled Harry into a loose one armed hug.

After a moment in the familiar embrace Ron asked "Hey mate, what you been getting up to without us? We've missed you" Harry pulled back to look at Ron, raising an eyebrow at Ron's heartfelt response.

"Big game comin' up you know, you haven't practiced with us in weeks" the red head quickly covered the sentimental remark, his cheeks filling with red. Ron was never good at talking about feelings. Harry grinned.

He sighed "I know, I'll tell you what's been happening, Merlin knows I need help figuring out whats been going on myself. Come on, let's go sit by the fire, I'm knackered"

Harry got his favourite comfy chair by the fire, only just noticing that the common room still had a few occupants when Neville came over to ask if he was okay.

He told him he was fine with a smile that said the same; something he always did when asked questions like that. It had just become a reflexive response, just like dodging the bludgers in Quidittch. But as Neville nodded slowly in the way that suggested that he really didn't buy it but wasn't going to push it, Harry dropped the smile and looked towards the fire.

Sighing he amended "Okay, I'm not that fine, I'm confused"

"Just tell us what you've been doing these last few days and we'll probably be able to help, even if just to fill you in on what we found out about what happened in potions the other day" Ron said just as Neville sat on the couch with him and Hermione. Hermione ready with all her attention focused on him to take in every detail of the conversation, because by 'we' he really meant 'she'.

Harry nodded with a slight smile; he could always count on Hermione to find out about something important when the time called for it. "Okay well, that's good 'cos I haven't the foggiest about what happened in the classroom, can only remember bits of what happened and… flashes of … I don't know.., but I do know that Snape knows what triggered it"

"Yea we caught that too, well I think everyone did mate" Ron said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck to make the sentence sound less daunting that it actually was.


"Well, You … he .. you.." Ron stumbled.

Hermione lay her hand on Harrys knee to gain his attention "Professor Snape began his lecture about the Moon lilly and its defensive tactics, its very interesting that a flower would have such a contrast between the .."

Ron coughed.

Hermione quickly looked at ron and realized what she'd been doing and blushed. "Sorry, as Professor Snape talked, you just spaced out and then there was some sort of magic steaming off you, me and Ron could actually see and feel it around us. It was quite an experience to say the least, the whole class saw it, it was like a greenish-purple-y mist, very fascinating, but when you snapped out of it, it seemed to dissipate, well until Snape came over. He made you keep eye contact with him and said the same thing again and your magic just came out in big waves of the mist again but that time it had a bit of punch behind it" she explained with an excited look in her eyes and a big grin. It sounded quite scary to him, but 'mione seemed to be thrilled at being there to experience it, like being part of a great adventure.

So that was how it got around so fast. Harry knew Hogwarts was famous for its rumor mill, but most of the time it was inaccurate at best, like Chinese whispers on a massive scale. No, the problem lay in the fact that it was a rare occurrence and happened with him. With everything happening at the minute; the newspapers, reporters and most importantly Voldemort being back, the rumors' would probably be about him being the next dark lord, or worse like joining Voldemort or something.

Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his parted knees and his head in his hands, Harry felt like his world was spiraling out of control. At least, more than usual.

Seeing his friend getting more and more upset, Neville joined in with something that would hopefully steer the conversation away from anything too distressing. Thankfully he knew what was going on since he had been there "You said you had flashes? Of what, images?" he asked curiously.

Still coming to terms with the kinds of lies people could destroy his life with, he answered distractedly "No, not images… just… feelings …" wiping his hands slowly down his face as he looked up, Harry looked over to the fire, remembering. He defiantly remembered the feelings... Thinking back, it was the most pleasurable experience he'd had in a long time…

"Was it pain or torture or -"

"No. It felt .. nice, but it was just a bit much" Harry said quietly, blushing faintly.

"Well there goes that theory" Ron said out of the blue. Harry turned his head quickly to Ron with a questioning look. He clarified "'mione thought it might be to do with you -know -who but…" he obviously wouldn't send anything good to him.

"Yeah and I doubt he had anything to do with last night either" Harry commented.

"Last night?"

"Errrmm... Yea, something similar, or... Just something happened last night when I was walking to my detention with Malfoy but I can't remember much" he told them what he thought he could remember about the talking and getting angry and the feeling of magic steaming off him, like Hermione had mentioned, but he also remembered the colour violet.

"Weird" Ron stated while the others stayed quiet for a long time, until Neville spoke up.

"Could it be linked to when you we're ill a few months ago?"

"..With the muffins?"

"No. before that when you kept getting dizzy and ill, when Umbridge first started the punishment thing"

"….. I was ill?" it was a weird question for most teenagers to ask, but for Harry it was quite significant. Even with his mistreatment at the Durdleys, he rarely got ill and could remember every time clearly because there were so few. So for him not to remember and for a time that sounded particularly horrible was quite strange.

"Yea, you don't remember? It lasted like a whole week! Then you snook out one night and you were fine after"

"…You heard me sneak out?"

"Yeah, where did you go? The nurse?"


Hermione looked worried now "Harry, what can you remember? You remembered the muffins... But what about before that? Coz' I remember you being awfully depressed for a while and then you just brightened up" she said, her brows pulled close together as she started remembering what Harry had been like, and the possible reasons for it.

Ron had a similar look on his face. "I just thought you'd broke up with your secret girlfriend and then got back with her... And had a bit of make-up se-" he promptly shut up when Hermione gave him that 'stop now!' look.

"…secret girlfriend" Harry asked, an eye brow raised at the completely out of the blue comment.

"Well you never talk about anyone… and we just thought... That you might just be hiding someone…and well… you don't like Ginny… so you must like someone …else…and... And..." Rons face had slowly turned red from frustration as he heatedly attempted to get across what he wanted to say, in the best possible way "You Glowed!… you had that thing… after sex thing!" at harrys blank look, Ron attempted to get to the point "that week we had the huge transfiguration test, and we went outside to use those new defense charms umbridge wouldn't let us practice.. And... And... You had a hickey!" Ron's had a determined look to prove that he knew what he saw.

"We got to test those new charms?! But I've been wanting to do that for ages!. Wait Hickey! I did not! I'm pretty sure I would have noticed one of those in the morning, plus no, I don't have a secret girlfriend. And apart from what happened recently and Umbridge, I haven't been really depressed about anything…." Harry was becoming more confused by the minute.

His friends looked around at each other helplessly, even Hermionie: his best friend, his rock and the one who always had the answers, looked lost for words.

Burying his head in his hands again, Harry felt his life was just spiraling out of control without him. He couldn't remember bits of his own bloody life!

Letting his glasses slide to the end of his nose, he rubbed his eyes slowly. A distraction from all of this would be very welcome right now.

Sometimes he just felt like going away on a short holiday, just away from voldemort and the rest of his problems as his list of worries just got longer and longer. Maybe to somewhere with a beach like in the magazines his aunt always buys or maybe just a small muggle town where no one knew his name.

His friends discussed even more weird and wonderful possibilities as to what was happening to him, because nothing could be ruled out when your name is harry potter. His silent holiday planning going completely unnoticed.

He could do it, leave. He had enough money, it was just locked up in Gringotts. Using his invisibility cloak he could sneak out, he had plenty of practise at that.

"Hi Colin"

He'd have to be quick if he wanted a peaceful holiday alone, he felt bad about planning this without his friends, but Ron would just miss his family and Hermione would panic over missing lessons.

"...see harry.."

He'd have to leave a note, otherwise they'd send the Aurors, which would spoil the whole idea of quite holiday, undisturbed.

" … acid pops..."

Maybe he could convince Remus to come with him, I bet he'd love a holid...

Wait, acid pops? What on earth were they talking about?

"Huh?" harry blurted out, finally looking up and seeing too many pairs of eyes watching him. Harry looked back with worried confusion, "Did something happen?"

"No, Dumbledore just asked Colin if he would send you to his office when he found you, and something about liking acid pops"

"That will be the password Ronald"

"Oh, errr, thanks Colin" Harry gave a small smile to his young fan while Ron scowled at Hermione, muttering "I knew that..".