The New Jersey Connection

Author's Note: This is a cross-over between CSI and The Sopranos. Also, we used to be MidnightCrime & Brassfan24 but have decided to use one name, CrazyWriters, for the both of us.

Summary: A dead body in Las Vegas leads Jim Brass, along with Catherine and Nick, back to New Jersey and a past he left behind long ago. CSI/Sopranos crossover. Jim/Catherine. R&R.

Pairing(s): Jim/Catherine, Nick/OC, Ralphie/OC and eventually Paulie/OC

Chapter 1

/Las Vegas, Nevada/

It was more overtime for Captain Jim Brass as he stood over a dead body outside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Tonight was supposed to be his night off. He still didn't understand why he took his pager with him and on a date at that. He was having a great time and was about to cut into his steak when the damned pager vibrated. But he was here now and had a job to do, so that's what he was going to do. The CSI SUV pulled up and Jim's favorite CSI stepped out of the vehicle. Along with Nick Stokes. Jim watched as she approached him and couldn't help but smile. "What have we got here, Jim?" Catherine asked.

"Michael Romano, age thirty-one, from Newark, New Jersey, according to his driver's license. He was shot in the back of the head."

"You thinking hit?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, well, it could be. But I'm not ruling out robbery. He has tan lines, indicating up until recently, he wore a watch and a pinky ring. Also there's no cash in the wallet."

"This is Vegas, Jim, the casino could have cleaned him out." Catherine said.

"Who called it in?" Nick asked.

"Parking lot attendant. He heard the gunshot but by the time he made it outside the shooter was already gone."

"I got tire treads over here." Catherine called. "Hey, Nicky get your gear and lift these."

"On it."

Catherine walked back over to the body and stood next to Jim. "Great first date, huh?" Catherine asked.

Just a half-hour earlier, the date that Jim had been enjoying so much was with Catherine. They had been at the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio on what was supposed to be their first date. Until they both got paged to this crime scene. Catherine had left the Bellagio and went back to the lab to change and grab her kit, before coming to the scene. Jim was still dressed in his gray suit, white shirt and striped gray silk tie. Another words he looked damned sexy and Catherine was regretting being taken away from their date.

"Took me a long time to ask you out and then this asshole has to go and get himself capped. But considering our jobs I shouldn't be surprised that the date was ruined."

"Postponed, Jim, not ruined." Catherine said and smiled touching Jim's arm.

Jim smiled back and then pointed to the body. "No defensive wounds on his hands."

"Well, he apparently never had a chance to fight back."

"Yeah. You can't fight what you don't see coming."

Nick walked back over. "Lifted the tire treads and I also found a shoe print, right next to the tread. I'm thinking the shooter's when he got back into his car."

"Okay, I'm gonna go do some old-fashioned police work and see if our vic was staying at the Grand." Jim said walking off. But not before giving Catherine a smile.

Of course it didn't go unnoticed by Nick. "What was that about?"

"What?" Catherine asked innocently.

"That look between you and Jim."

"There was no look."

"I saw it, Cath, so put down the shovel and back away."

Catherine laughed at that remark and decided to tell him. "Jim asked me out and tonight was supposed to be our first date. We were having dinner at the Prime Steakhouse when we both got paged."

"You and Jim? Dating?"

"Yeah, why? I happen to like Jim."

"No, that's not what I meant. Jim's a great guy but I never thought he was your type."

"Yeah, well, I'm broadening my horizons. I've come to realize what a great catch he is. Not to mention his eyes, broad shoulders and he's got a great ass."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Catherine I don't need to hear about Jim's ass. Thank you."

"Sorry, Nicky, let's get back to processing the scene shall we."

Jim was talking to the manager of the MGM Grand, trying to get information. "So, was Michael Romano a guest here?"

"Yes. He checked in last night at eight-thirty. Took his key and went straight to his room."

"Was he alone?"


"Did he stay in his room all night?"

"I'd have to check the security tapes."

"Why don't we do that." Jim said.

Jim walked back out to the crime scene. David had removed the body and Catherine and Nick were just finishing up with the evidence collection. "Well, our guy made enemies fast. He checked into the Grand last night. I also checked out the security tapes. He left his room at ten and made his way down to the casino, where he lost fifty grand playing Blackjack. When he ran out of money he threw in his watch and ring."

"So we can rule out robbery." Catherine said.

"Looks that way. You have anything?" Jim asked.

"Just some tire treads and a shoe print. No shell casing or murder weapon was left behind." Nick answered.

"We'll get this stuff back to the lab and see if Doc Robbins can extract the bullet." Catherine said.

"Okay, I'll see you both later." Jim said and started to walk away.

"Jim, wait a minute." Catherine called after him and then turned to Nick. "Listen, Nicky, pack up the truck and hang out a minute, okay?"

"Sure, no problem." Nick took the evidence and the field kits back to the truck.

Catherine walked over to Jim and took his hand. "I meant what I said before, Jim. Our date has only been postponed. When this case is over, we'll definitely pick up where we left off, okay?"

Jim smiled at her and squeezed her hand. "I never had any doubts, Cath. " Jim didn't even care that Nick was watching, he leaned in and gave Catherine a kiss. "And, yes, we will pick up where we left off." With that Jim walked toward his car.

Catherine was blushing as she made her way back to the SUV. She and Jim just shared their first kiss and it was at a crime scene. Not exactly the most romantic circumstances. But she did have to admit one thing: Jim Brass was one hell of a great kisser.

Catherine climbed in the passenger seat and looked over at Nick. He had a big grin on his face. "What's so amusing, Nick?"

"You and Jim. I can't believe he just kissed you. And at a crime scene."

"It's not like we were making out over the body, Nicky. He gave me a kiss before he left, that's all."

"Well, it seems like you enjoyed..."

"Nick, stop now before you bury yourself." Catherine interrupted.

"I was just merely saying..."

"Just drive us back to the damn lab, Nicky. Now!"

"Right. Got it." Nick said and decided he'd better quit now while he was still breathing.

Nick pulled the truck into the parking lot and noticed Catherine seemed preoccupied looking for something. Nick decided to take a chance. "Hey, Cath, what are you looking for?"

Catherine jumped, slightly startled and turned to Nick. "What? Oh, nothing."

"You were looking for Jim's car, weren't you?"

"What? No, I wasn't. I was seeing if Grissom was here."

"Mmmhmm. And I was just elected President of the United States."

"Yeah, well, I didn't vote for you." Catherine snapped.

"What's your problem?"

"You are, Nick. Stop butting into my business and let's just do our jobs, okay."

"Okay." Nick said to Catherine and then mumbled to himself. "Jim better sleep with her quick. She definitely needs to get laid."

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Let's just get this stuff inside for processing."

Nick parked the truck, got the evidence out of the back and he and Catherine made their way inside. Nick had pulled the front door opened when a car pulled into the parking lot. Catherine turned and smiled when she saw the Charger. "I'll meet you in the lab, Nicky. Sorry about snapping at you before. Its just I get one day off in I don't know how long and I get called in."

"Don't worry about it, Cath, I'd be the same way." Nick smiled at her and watched her walk toward the Charger. "Geez, she looks at Jim's car and her mood totally changes. I gotta keep him around more." Nick said to himself and walked inside the building.

Catherine walked over to Jim's Charger and greeted him as he got out. "Hi." Catherine said.

"Hi. You weren't waiting for me, were you?" Jim asked.

"We just got here and I was walking inside when I saw you pull in."

Jim smiled at her and they walked toward the building. Catherine reached out and took Jim's hand. All Jim could think about was: he could definitely get used to this.

Catherine and Nick went to see Doc Robbins. Jim always steered clear of the autopsy room whenever he could. He never did like dead bodies.

"Hey, Doc. You got anything for us?" Nick asked.

"Well, your guy was shot in the back of the head. Definitely a 9MM. The bullet lodged in his cerebral cortex. It was fairly easy to extract. I have it right here for you." Doc Robbins said.

Nick picked up the bullet and put in a bindle. "I'll get this to the lab and see if we get a hit on IBIS."

"Okay, thanks Nick." Catherine said.

After Nick left, Doc Robbins looked at Catherine. "So, there's not much more I have for you. COD was pretty simple. No defensive wounds."

"Thanks, Doc. I'm gonna meet up with Nick."

"You got it."

Nick ran the bullet through IBIS. It didn't take too long before he got a hit. It was coming up on the screen as Catherine, along with Jim walked into the lab. Nick looked up when they entered. "Hey, guys, I got a hit on our bullet."

"Really? So, this gun was used before?" Catherine asked.

"Yeah. Unsolved homicide. A bullet matching ours was removed from the head of a guy named Dominic Roselli." Nick looked at them again. "This homicide took place in Newark, New Jersey."

Jim didn't like where this was going at all. Their vic was from Newark and so was a related homicide. "I'll put a call into Newark P.D. See what they have." Jim said and left the room.

Jim went back to his office and got comfortable behind his desk. He picked up the receiver and got the number for the Newark P.D. "Newark Police Department, how can I direct your call?" a female voice asked on the other end.

"I'm looking for the head of the homicide division." Jim said.

"One moment please." She left the line for what felt like an eternity to Jim. Finally she came back. "That would be Captain Peter Brass but he's not available at the moment. Is there a message I can give him?"

"Uh, no thank you. I'll try back another time." Jim said and hung up the phone.

Captain Peter Brass, Jim's younger and only brother. Peter was younger by two years and their sister Andrea was younger than Jim by five. Jim always tried to set an example for Peter and Andrea, but apparently Peter chose to ignore his brother's advice and took the wrong path in life. Although, he became a cop like Jim, he also chose to get involved with the most dangerous crime family on the East coast: Tony Soprano's crew. So Peter had gotten promoted after all. Although Jim wasn't really too surprised at that news. Peter was after all connected in all the wrong places.

Andrea, on the other hand, had gone to NYU medical school and became one of the top surgeons in the state of New Jersey. Jim had always been proud and very protective of his younger sister. Even when he made the move to Vegas, they kept in touch and talked on the phone at least once a week. Unlike him and Peter. The two brothers hadn't spoken to each other in years.

Jim sat at his desk and contemplated what he was going to do. Dealing with his own case meant also dealing the case back in Newark. Which also meant dealing with Peter. Was Jim really ready for all this? Only time would tell.

/Newark, New Jersey/

Peter Brass walked into Bada Bing. A strip club owned by Silvio Dante, aka Sil, a prime member of the Soprano crew. Peter walked to the bar where Sil and Tony were standing. On the stage two women in G-strings were swinging around poles to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long. "Hey, got your message. What's up?" Peter asked.

"Not here. Let's go in the back." Tony said.

They walked into the back room of the club. This was where Tony conducted most of his business. That is when he wasn't at his office in the back of Satriale's. In the back room of Bada Bing was the rest of the crew: Ralphie Cifaretto, Paulie Gualtieri - better known as Paulie Walnuts, Christopher Moltisanti - Tony's second cousin - but was considered more his nephew, Bobby Baccalieri - or Bobby Bacala and the newest and first female member of the crew, Tony's cousin - Nicole Soprano. Although letting women into the crew was usually against the rules but Tony made an exception for Nicole. One - she proved herself worthy and two - she was family.

Paulie, Christopher and Bobby were sitting at the table, while Ralphie and Nicole were sitting on the couch. Usually, Ralphie tried to hide his relationships from Tony, especially if he was dating a member of Tony's family, but Nicole said she wouldn't go out with him if they hid their relationship. They both knew Tony didn't approve but there wasn't much he could really do about it.

Tony and Sil took the remaining two chairs at the table and Peter sat in a chair by the couch. "Hey, Pete. What brings you here?" Ralphie asked.

"Business." Peter simply replied. Then he looked at Tony. "Our little problem was taken care of."

"Glad to here it. Those little fuckers were becoming a very big problem." Tony said.

"Well, they won't be a problem anymore." Christopher stated.

Peter didn't want to stay any longer than was necessary and everyone knew that. Peter stood, shook everyone's hand and made his way out of the club. Just then he heard a voice calling after him. "Hey, Pete, wait a second."

It was Ralphie Cifaretto, a Captain in Tony's crew and Peter's best friend. "What's up Ralphie?"

"Nothing. I just haven't seen you around in awhile. Just wanted to see how you were doing."

"I'm good, Ralphie. How have you been? You and Nicole seemed pretty cozy in there."

"Yeah. I think I finally found the woman for me, Pete."

"Yeah, I've heard that before."

"No, I mean it. We have very similar interests. If you know what I mean?"

"I do. But I really don't wanna think about it. Believe it or not Ralphie, your sex life is the last thing on my mind."

Ralphie laughed. "Okay. Hey, man, don't be a stranger. Come over for dinner tomorrow. Justin will love to see his Uncle Pete."

"Sounds good. I'll be there."

Ralphie and Peter hugged and Peter turned around and strode to his car.

Peter arrived back at the department and went straight to his office. A female officer knocked on his door with his messages. Peter took them and flipped through them. He got to the last one and stopped her before she left. "What's this one about?" Peter asked.

"A man called looking for the head of Homicide."

"He didn't leave his name or what he wanted."

"He said he'd try back later."

"Okay. Thanks."

Peter laid his messages on his desk, when the phone rang. "Brass." he answered.

The person on the other end took a deep breath, then finally spoke. "Peter? It's Jim. We need to talk."