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The Next Tournament

(In the Mishima Zaibatsu Throne Room)

A soldier ran towards the throne and kneeled.
Master Kazama, Sir, everything is prepared for the tournament.

Jin looked down at the soldier with contempt.
You have the list then? he asked impatiently.

Of course Sir, the soldier answered, handing him a slip of paper.

A sly smile crossed Jin's face when he saw his father's name at the top of the list of contestants. The fool.. Playing right into my hands.. he thought.

The soldier began to turn and leave, when he remembered something.
Apologies Sir, this came for you today. He handed Jin a sealed envelope and walked away.

There was no return address marked on the envelope, but the pink orchid seal gave him an idea of who sent it. As soon as he opened the envelope, a strong aroma escaped it.

Xiaoyu's Cherry Blossom perfume, he thought. Jin proceeded to read the letter.

Dear Jin,

I didn't hear much from you after the last tournament. Hoping you are well. I'm entering the next tournament so hopefully we'll be able to see each other again. I've heard rumors.. of you organizing an army like Grandpa Heihachi did… and that you have become an even more dangerous leader than he ever was… I can only hope that these are only rumors and nothing more. I cannot believe that you could ever be anything but the sweet guy that I've known for years. We can talk about that later. I wish you all the best. C'ya soon.

- Xiao

Jin slowly raised his eyes from the letter. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to fight back this of whether he felt guilty for allowing Xiaoyu to become a part of this tournament, or for holding the tournament in the first place.

A scheme like this was uncharacteristic of him. Then again, so were a lot of his actions lately. At night, nightmares flooded his dreams, and every day he awoke to find that he was more alone than the day before. His temper was much worse than it had ever been. Most of his followers feared him, and he was extremely cruel to anyone who angered him.

Xiaoyu's letter triggered something in his mind. I'm losing control… or maybe I never had it to begin with… he thought in frustration.

Xiao.. I shouldn't be involving her in this… if anything ever happened to her…