"Hey you two, cut that out," Xiaoyu said furiously.

It was only two weeks later, and Jin had already managed to settle the majority of the discontent that had spread throughout the globe because of his activities in the Zaibatsu. Considering the vast amount of control he now had, owning both the Zaibatsu and G Corporation, his opponents were more than willing to call it a stalemate.

Jin and Xiaoyu had a beautiful wedding ceremony soon after, with all of their friends from school in attendance. Despite the late notice, everyone who was invited made it to the ceremony, happy to see their classmates get married, as well as the end of the war.

Beaming at her the entire time, Jin continuously wiped away the tears that streamed down Xiaoyu's face throughout the ceremony. At the very least, he thought, it kept him too busy to cry himself. Hwoarang shifted impatiently from foot to foot as they exchanged their vows.

Xiaoyu thought that the least she could do was arrange for him to be the best man. As well as having a new bike built for him, including the parts they could salvage from the original. Hwoarang's immediate reaction was shock. For the first time in a long time, someone actually repaid him for something. "Th…tha-" he struggled to get the words out.

"Thank you?" Xiaoyu asked, smiling.

"Yeah, that," he replied, as nonchalantly as possible.

After arguing about it for some time, Jin grudgingly agreed to have him as his best man. Xiaoyu was beginning to regret the arrangement though, because Jin and Hwoarang seemed insistent on fighting during the reception.

"Kazama, don't think that just because you're married now that I'm going to stop kicking your ass," Hwoarang said in his usual egotistic way, preparing to fight. Jin smiled a little. "I wouldn't dream of it," he replied, raising his fists to him. Within minutes, wedding cake was everywhere and most of the guests had backed into a corner.

"Hey, what do you guys think you're doing?" Asuka said arrogantly. She was very uncomfortable wearing a dress, and she wanted to take her frustrations out on someone.

"I hardly think that's any of your business," Hwoarang shot back, looking over to see where the voice came from. His eyes settled on Asuka, and for a moment, the Blood Talon was speechless. Feeling his eyes burning into hers, Asuka felt herself beginning to turn red. Shaking off the feeling, she continued to speak.

"We know that the romance of weddings brings out the beast in you, but in your case I guess that's the jackass," she hissed back at him, hands on her hips. Hwoarang strolled over to her, inciting an argument.

"You know, when you talk, other people get hoarse just listening."

"Whatever, if ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive."

"I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?"

"Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn."

Xiaoyu threw her bouquet at the two of them, at full force. On reflex, both of them reached up to grab it at the same time. Holding the bouquet between them, Hwoarang and Asuka stood in silence for a moment, too embarrassed and angry to say anything. Both of them blushing red.

It didn't last for long though, they resumed their argument after awhile, letting the bouquet fall beside them. The reception continued as though nothing had happened. Hwoarang and Asuka continuing to argue in the middle of the dance floor, no one paying them any attention.

Jin walked back over to Xiaoyu and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck. "Sorry about the um.. 'excitement' Xiao." Xiaoyu sighed. "It's all right. You do know some crazy people though, Jin."

Jin stopped kissing her neck for a moment and looked at her. "Well, at least I know one person that's sane."

Giggling, Xiaoyu turned and pressed her hands against his chest.

"I don't know if it's me, I did marry you after all," she teased.

"Heh, you might be right about that," he said softly, tilting her head up to his for a kiss.

Xiaoyu returned the kiss happily, ready to embrace the next, and she hoped, much happier chapter of their lives.

That's a wrap folks! Lol. I just wanted to thank all of the readers and reviewers again. Hopefully the ending wasn't too bad. Well, not technically the ending... coughs-sequel-coughs Rofl. If I get some more free time, it shouldn't be too long before we actually get to that next chapter of their lives. :) So keep an eye out. ;) Laterz!