Ok, here's an all-new Gaakura story for you guys! Wait… Is it Gaakura or just SakuGaa? Weird. Anyways, this one's set in modern times of course.

Title: The Diaries of Pink

Summary: Sakura Haruno is quite the unusually pink one. She's pretty optimistic, but what happens when she catches the seafoam eyes of a particularly pained redhead (aka the new kid)? He's quite the opposite of her and they're from two different worlds. But then again, red is a darker shade of pink. Or is pink a lighter tint of red? Either way, there's still a connection, and there's still some interference of a certain raven-haired boy.

Up there is the full summary. I would've added 'but people say black goes good with pink' but then that's kind of excessive and unnecessary. Whatever! xD On with the story! I hope you guys like chapter one!


Chapter 1: Another Emo


Peace, Serenity, Tranquility. Three words that describe the emotions felt when one has walked through a cool, refreshing morning. The sun glistened in the sky at perhaps its freshest with a hazy glow to its edges. The sky is tinted a light gray – almost silver in fact and the breeze carried a crisp winter-fresh smell to it, probably courtesy of the many snow-frosted wildflowers growing around the area. Dew was a wonderful gift which sprinkled over the many blades of browning grass that dispatched a sort of pleasing scent. This truly represented one of Konaha's many winter mornings.

Somewhere, burrowed deep into the middle of the village, stood a sturdy, wooden house. Ms. Sakura Haruno slept peacefully inside her haven, buried in thick, pink sheets. Too bad she was missing what the morning view had to offer. But then again, the clock only read 5am. Any normal teenager wouldn't be up at this godforsaken time, unless of course, they rolled off the bed and banged their poor head on the cursed wooden floor.


Damn. The alarm was supposed to be set to 5pm instead for when Sakura needed to head to a concert later that day… A pale hand snaked through the tangle of blanket folds and slammed down on top of the 'snooze' button. Hard.

"Stupid clock." The pink haired 16 year old yawned as she stretched up. Shikamaru was right. Alarm clocks are troublesome. But thinking back at the lazy pineapple head, he thought everything was troublesome. "Oh well. I'm already freaking up," Sakura grumbled, not even bothering to slam back down for another hour's rest.

Her messy fluff of pink hair was rumpled over her eyes and every strand seemed out of place as she stared at herself in her vanity. Oh boy. She had a lot of work to do before school started. Sakura's feet felt heavier than usual while she sleepily dragged herself to the shower, telling herself repeatedly that a nice, long spray was all she needed.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Time went by. How long was it? Oh yeah, probably close to half an hour. Creak. The glass door leading into the showering stall finally opened as the constant drip of water on the floor ceased. Two pale, lean legs stepped out, soaked completely with droplets of water.

"Ah… That feels a lot better." Sakura's head was now cleared and any signs of grogginess had been efficiently wiped away. Now the next milestone was what should she wear? This, dear readers, was a kind of problem faced every single morning, unfortunately. You see, Sakura has a, shall I say, high level of self-consciousness. Not only does she require a very healthy-looking demeanor, but she also needs her outer appearance looking sharp and attractive – but not the slutty kind of appeal.

Sakura's hands rested loosely on her hips as she debated in her mind between a twill coat or a sweater tunic. Oh, hell to it all. She finally decided on an entirely different choice – a nice, black blazer. It was chic and perfect for the current weather, which was bitingly cold.

"Black blazer over beige pleated pants? Nah, too business-y. What about a black blazer over a white floral crinkle skirt and yellow tank? Nope. Too cold. Ah!" Sakura withdrew a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans and a simple white tank to use as an undershirt. In the end, she'd just buttoned up her blazer over her tank, wrapped layers of red and fuchsia ethnic scarves over her neck and a navy blue belt around her waist, and tucked her skinny jeans into a pair of black buckled miniboots.

Wow. It's a record. She finished getting ready in approximately an hour. Breakfast time, then the usual morning routine… To rephrase Shikamaru's words, school is such a hassle.


"Ohayo, Orochimaru-sensei!" Sakura slid open the door to her homeroom class at Konaha High.

"Welcome to class Sakura. You're early, as usual." Orochimaru smiled (or at least that's what Sakura thought he did), then returned to shuffling some papers, which were most likely tests from the previous week.

The said Konaha resident plopped down at a seat near the window, her backpack falling limply to the ground. She sighed, staring at the scenery, wondering how she could miss such a beautiful morning sight.

"It's quite a chilly day, isn't it?" The lanky teacher stood up and started writing an assignment on the chalkboard.

"I guess." Sakura shrugged then looked at the doorway, hoping another student would stumble in so she didn't have to be the only one. Orochimaru had a very, uh…, unpredictable personality. Yeah, let's leave it at that. His appearance seemed to symbolize a snake, courtesy of his hissing voice and curling tongue. Man, even his deathly pale skin could make your blood curdle. No wonder his room is always so cold, or was that because he constantly had his window open?

Just her luck, Naruto Uzumaki, the class clown, tripped through the doorway, falling flat on the floor. But the little incident didn't bother him one bit. He had an unfair advantage to the hard ground because of the layers of puffy orange coats he had on. "Ohayo, Sakura-chan!" His cheesy smile flashed on his face as he pushed himself up, not even caring that he probably embarrassed himself greatly in front of his teacher and dear friend.

"Naruto-kun!" Sakura exclaimed in alarm at the sudden entry. "You are such a baka." She shook her head, but a small smile graced her face for she knew Naruto would always be, well, Naruto…

Behind the clumsy blond, a scowling raven-haired teen scuffled in, glaring intently at the cheeky kid in front of him. "Dobe, you're blocking the doorway."

"Teme!" Naruto frowned at his, surprisingly, best friend, addressing the grouch by the usual nickname.

Sakura chuckled at the display, knowing all too well that an argument was to spark up. "Now sit down you, two! It's way too early to be fighting!"


Now, it's time for a well-deserved locker break. Sakura converged with a few of her friends, whom she shared the next class with.

"New kid, new kid, NEW KID!" Ino squealed, jumping up and down excitedly. "You know what that means right?"

"Trouble…" Shikamaru groaned, hands stuffed in pockets.

"No! It means another friend! And a possibility of a cute boy! But of course I'm not saying he could ever replace you, Sasuke-kun! Well, that is, if he's a guy of course!" Ino giggled. And before you ask any questions, yes, she is your stereotypical blond. Hm, but maybe except when you piss her off. Yeah, that's when she can make your life a living hell. I'd say that's her specialty.

"How troublesome…" Shikamaru responded by yawning.

Sasuke only rolled his onyx eyes. No blush or anything at Ino's comment. He was, after all, used to the fan girl stuff. And besides, Sasuke Uchiha is cool. He practically oozes cool. In fact, he gives the definition to the word 'cool.' Wait, that's only in the point of view of the so-called fan girls of the Uchiha.

"Think of it as making a new friend, Shikamaru!" Chouji was munching on his favorite Lay's potato chips.

"Yeah. Chouji has a good point you know. I think it'd be great to have a new person in our group!" Tenten eyed Neji to see what he'd think of her statement.

Mr. Hyuuga, the other 'cool' induced ice cube, merely snorted. He was not a people person. Compared to Naruto, he'd be a social outcast or just some arrogant ass, BUT, he isn't! He's totally in the arrogant part, but not the ass part…

"Why should we listen to him anyway? It's typical of Mr. Lazy Butt here to say things like that! No use trying to convince him!" Ino sniffed.

"Wh-Where did you hear of this 'new kid' anyway, I-Ino-chan? Orochimaru-sensei di-didn't tell us…" Hinata pressed her fingers together shyly.

"Oh Hinata! Haven't you ever heard of sneaking? All you do is dig inside his drawers! Simple as that!"

"HEY! Why didn't you ask me to go along with you?!" Naruto zoned in on Ino.

"Because, you'd ruin everything!"

"WHAT?!" Naruto huffed.

"Naruto, shut up. Ino's right at that. But Ino-pig, it's not right to dig through a teacher's stuff without permission. You remember what happened last time you did that right? Now you're just being Ms. Busybody again," Sakura pointed out.

"Oh what about you, Billboard Brow? You're just being plain ol' goodie goodie two shoes."

"Uh, guys? Let's just go to class now… We only have three minutes to get to biology, and it's on the second story!" Kiba wanted to avoid a fight between the two childhood friends. Plus, he needed to use the bathroom. Badly.

"Woof!" Akamaru barked from under his thick jacket. How Kiba received permission to bring a dog to school was beyond Sakura. Maybe he said that it was part of some special religion or something that his clan practiced…


"Class, before we start our exciting lesson on the study of the miraculous human body, I'd like to introduce to you a new student." Jiraiya snatched an index card from his desk and began to read off of it like some reality show host. "This young man is one tough cookie who relishes the darkness and craves alone time. He came all the way from the sandy Suna, where the sun makes you sweat crystalline drops of a clear, shining liquid that a lot of girls seem to ha-"

"JUST GET ON WITH IT! We all know you secretly write perverted books so you're just honing your describing skills!" Some daring student lashed out and pointed an accusing finger at Jiraiya. No wonder the old man's such a good biology teacher. He knows all about the human body, and I'm talking about both genders.

"Ahem." The biology teacher narrowed his eyes. "Anyways, please give a warm welcome to the one, the only… Sabaku No Gaara! Uh… Just call him Gaara…"


The door opened. All eyes were directed to the entrance, anticipation swirling around the room. A black-clad foot stepping into the room, dressed in leather combat boots. Judging just from the shoe, this guy would serve to be another contribution to all the emo kids in this school. Or, that's just what Sakura thought. Boy she couldn't get any more wrong than that.


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