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The moon was full and the stars were bright on this clear night in the Soul Society, far more beautiful than the fogy sky in Karakura Town. "But I prefer the stars there." Rukia muttered to herself gazing outside on the creamy white balcony of the Kuchiki household, "Ichigo" her mind immediately wandering to the scowling orange haired human teenager who she had accidentally given most of her powers to, changing his whole world.

Captured by her ni-sama Byaykuya and her childhood best friend Renji, Rukia had to leave Ichigo lying in is spilt blood never expecting to see him again while she waited in a white tower that reached the heavens on death row. Nor when he saved me from the Sokyokyou and fought my ni-sama, Renji and even Zaraki-Taicho and the traitor Aizen all for my sake. Sometimes I wonder why you went through such lengths to save my insignificant life, is it because I gave you the power to save your family and protect our friends? Just a debt you felt you had to repay?

Did we met on purpose or was it just fate taunting me with a constant reminder of my sins with that face of yours. Sometimes I wonder why you look like Kaien-dono and is that the reason why I l-"violet eyes close and Rukia clutches her heart in pain at HIS memory. "No I don't to say such a thing…identical in appearance and personality but you're not Kaien your Kurosaki Ichigo two separate beings but the feelings still remains." The short raven haired girl looks up to the moon- silent, yet sad- her counterpart. Her mind wanders to the sun bright, powerful yet overbearing- Ichigo's counterpart.

A soft wind dance around her still form tickling her pale face and suddenly dosent feel so alone anymore. Letting go of everything Rukia gently shuts her eyes and inhales a familiar salty scent. "Demo" violet eyes snap open searching around franticly "Kaien-dono!" no answer. All Rukia can find is a twisted flower at her feet. Unconsciously Rukia slowly picks up the unatrual flower gently as if it was glass, the foreign object fit perfectly in the palm of her tiny hand. Memorizing its every detail the color was a bright sea blue infused with white it even held a former reaitsu and smelt like the ocean…

"Impossible just wishful thinking baka Rukia" the shinigami said to herself. "But" the wielder of Sode no Shirayuki smiled twirling the distorted flower with her fingers "I don't feel so alone anymore." Kuchiki Rukia not even in 1000 lifetimes could ever forget the man who smelt like the ocean.


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