Life's Less Troublesome

Life's less troublesome now that you're dead. You were always loud, obnoxious, and interrupting my thoughts. You, Ino Yamanaka, were the most troublesome woman I have ever met. Thanks, for leaving.

You were constantly gawking over Sasuke, that heartless traitor. As if he'd ever see you. To him, you were just an annoying, weak girl. Annoying, extremely; weak, hardly. He couldn't see your strength. Ino, I'll give you that. You're strong. Stronger than I am in away, because when your love left you moved on. When my love left I became a wreck, but you know that, don't you?

When we were first put on a team together Chouji told me he thought you were pretty. I scoffed at the idea. You, pretty? No. Pretty doesn't fit you, either does the word cute. Pretty describes Sakura, cute describes Hinata. Beautiful describes you, Ino. I didn't say that, of course. I would have never told Chouji that. He'd probably laugh, or worse, agree with me.

My father told me he fell in love with and married the most troublesome woman in his life. I thought I'd be destined to the same horror, to marry and love the most troublesome woman I know. How can I marry the most troublesome woman I know, if you're dead?

Ino, my life is less troublesome now. In fact, my life doesn't seem troublesome at all anymore, but without that troublesomeness life's boring and dull. Without you, life is incomplete.


That was short and crappy. Sorry, I just got the urge to write a sappy tragedy story with Ino and Shikamaru. I don't know why.