Magic Within

A Ranma Nibbunnoichi and Mahou-Sensei Negima Crossover

By Ryoga's best friend

AN/Warning – This is a major AU, the amazons are portrayed quite dark and vicious. They are portrayed as villains, china fans I hope you stick around nonetheless. As Such Shampoo and Mousse are quite different (though will not show up for some time). Changes will effect other Ranma cast characters as well but it will take time for them to trickle in. you have been warned.

Chapter 1

In a peaceful forest a short distance from the eastern coast of china two shadows past with great speed, spooking the animals. Rapid footsteps sounded through the underbrush. One heavier with wide strides and the other rapid tapping of a much smaller, lighter form. Two forms burst from the tree cover into a momentary clearing in the woods. The larger was a middle-aged man; heavyset but still in good shape from years of hard training. He was dressed in a white dingy gi that hugged his form, topped with a bandanna protecting his bald head from the harsh sun. Sun reflected of his glasses as he glanced into the forest behind them, deadly serious as he looked for any sign of movement.

Sprinting by his side trying to keep pace was a ragged red headed girl. She was slim and quite short, couldn't be much older then ten or eleven. She was dressed in a torn up outfit that used to be a Gi, which appeared to be a size or two larger. The baggy outfit somewhat hid several bruises and cuts but did nothing to hide the strange mark burned into the back of her neck. In contrast to the man's apparent calm the girl was exuding ill hidden fear, refusing to look back where they had come from.

"Were almost there boy, I've got a boat waiting." Said Genma as they disappeared into the woods once again. A few short moments later a dozen cloaked figures burst into the clearing and sped across it in pursuit. Father and apparent daughter burst out of the forest line into the soft sand of the beach, they'd made it to the coast. The pair ran up through the sand toward a fishing vessel anchored a little off shore. "Always have a back up plan." The elder Saotome said with a little smirk. "Lets get started."

"Right." The girl said with a shaky nod as the started to wade out… but then the symbol flared to life glowing a dark pulsing orange. "Ah! It's burns!" The girl screamed falling to her knees clutching the back of her neck.

"Damn they caught up." The man cursed glaring to the forest line. Without hesitation he grabbed the girl by the collar of her Gi and heaved her skyward arcing out toward the boat. "Oi! Take the kid and Get out of here. I'll hold them off!" he shouted as the girl plunging into the ocean a little ways off from the boat, two of the sailors diving in after her. The ruffling of leaves caught his attention as he turned back to the forest line. A cloaked figure rushed out onto the beach looking right past him toward the boat, but Genma would not be ignored. In speed that defied his girth he shot forward intercepting his opponent before she reached the water. He stuck her firmly in the gut with a palm strike sending them tumbling back across the sand, the cloak falling away revealing an orange haired girl in her late teens. She cursed painfully in Chinese as she tried to stand up getting only a smirk in return. "Sorry I didn't quite get that. But you should just turn around cause your not getting the boy." He said simply. Several more figures shot out from the cover of the forest all heading for the ocean but with a grunt he spread his arms wide, an invisible force carving a trench in the sand at their feet stopping there movement. "Maybe that message is a little clearer…"

Three more figures appeared from the edge of the forest, two large women with menacing looking polearms stood on either side of a shrunken old women perched on a gnarled staff. She was hardly over three feet tall, looking like a little mummy, and hanging around her neck was an amulet with the same mark as the girl's neck.

"You!" she called out and fluent Japanese. "Thieving male, return what you have stole. That slave was Amazon property."

"Sorry that slave is my son." He said rolling his neck a little, keeping a firm eye on all of them. "I have got plans for that boy and I'll be damned if I let him rot away in your village."

"Hmph, bold words but in the end futile." She shot back with a dubious grin. "We have plans of our own that you have delayed. That slave will be returned… you are merely an obstacle." She said, as the female warriors began to draw there weapons. Genma held firm.

"You don't scare me you old hag. I trained under the master for years. You're not nearly as terrifying as he was." He replied coolly getting into his battle stance. The elder raised an eyebrow she recognized that stance.

"One of Happy's boy's eh?" she asked with a smirk. "That shrunken pervert has nothing on me… But it will make this more pleasurable," she added shifting on her staff. Behind him the boat began pulling away, the small elder cursing a little. She pointed toward the man and called out in Chinese, all of the Amazon warrior charging forward.

On the ship the now drenched red head coughed up a little water, shivering with a large towel draped over her. The burning on her neck had faded enough for her mind to refocus, the ship she was on was moving at a good clip away from the shore. It took a distant explosion from the shore to bring her attention to the situation… her dad had never boarded the ship.

"Pops?" she looked up to see the beach was pot-marked with craters and mostly obscured by smoke, explosions sounding here and there. "Pops!" she screamed started to stand but was held firm by one of the sailors.

"Sorry kid, this is a one way trip."

"No let me go! Pops!" she struggled calling out as the beach grew further and further away.


Days later the ship pulled into port, a bleary eyed Ranma walked from the platform. The sailors had sent him off with only a backpack full of supplies and an envelope, which apparently had a message from his dad inside. He tugged on the straps of his backpack with a sigh, trying to ignore the pitying glances from the dockworkers as he passed. As long as he could remember it was always him and his dad and now alone he didn't know what to do with himself. He held the envelope with both hands staring at it as if willing it to answer his questions.

"Well, might as well see what Pops has to say." he muttered taking a seat on the curb and opening the envelope. The handwriting was careful and unrushed, apparently this had been written some time ago in the event something like this happened. After a moment of hesitation he began to read.

Dear Ranma,

If you have received this I've been caught, or even killed on our trip to China. In any case you've been left alone and I'm sorry. I know I never said it much, but you always amazed me. Raising you I think was the one good thing I ever did next to marrying your mother. I was far from perfect but I did the best I could for you, I wish I could have done more. Remember you're a Man among Men, hold your head up high and always know that I'm proud of you boy-

Ranma looked away from the letter for a moment unable to ignore the growing tightness in his chest. He'd worked hard these six years and his father's praise had always been hard to come by. To get it in this form, phrased as it was, hurt. It was like that this was the last praise he'd ever get from his father; it was too painful. He took a moment to push back the unwanted tears, men didn't cry after all. When he felt he had control of himself he began reading again.

I was hoping such circumstances wouldn't come but I have prepared for such event should it arise. A martial artists life is fraught with peril. A short train ride from where you have been dropped off lives an old training partner of mine with a dojo; he will be willing to take you in. Just go to the address below.


The letter was torn from his hands as a white van blazed by at a ridiculous speed. The surprised boy let out a gasp as said van hit the curb further along and rolled over several times. It came to a smoking stop against a pole leaving Ranma stunned.

"Oh my god… Wait the letter!" he began looking around frantically catching sight of it soaring high and to the east. In a panic he took of after it forgetting the crashed car. A young man groan climbing out of the van, dressed in casual clothes and a white lab coat over it. Blood dripped down from a head wound.

"Oh man I think I broke my artifacts…" he groaned.


On one of the roofs of the many extensive school buildings of Mahora academy sat two students. The first was a tall statuesque girl with long green hair trailing down her back. Dressed in a modest middle school uniform baring a calm neutral expression. Strange white protrusions came out from her head wear her ears should be, baring that this was not a normal girl. Her attention was totally on her companion another middle school girl. Petite in size dressed in a matching uniform, she sat in a much more relaxed position. Long blond hair framed her sharp red eyes and annoyed expression. Giving a bored yawn she revealed a small pair of pointy fangs.

"I can't believe I've been reduced to a guard dog of this damn place. All because of that man." she grumbled clenching her small fists.

"True Evangeline-sama, but if it weren't for your duties you would have little else to do in your day." the other girl calmly interjected putting a damper on the beginnings of her rage.

"Yeah I know." she relented putting her head behind her head and closing her eyes. "It doesn't mean I have to like it." she added in a snippy tone. Her companion gave a small bout of chuckling that caused the blond girl to open one of her eyes and raise an eyebrow, she'd only had the tall girl as a servant for a couple months but this was new. "Laughter, Chachamaru?" she asked evenly, the girl looked a little uncomfortable at the sudden attention.

"Um yes – The professor has been experimenting with upgrades to my software again. I understand if it is not to you liking, I can ask her to have them removed." Chachamaru said calmly but her tone held reluctance to the idea. The blond gave a little smile and closed her eyes again.

"No need, I was just curious." she replied casually with a shrug. The taller girl offered the hint of a smile.

"…Thank you Evangeline-sama." The two fell into a companionable silence as the warm breeze picked up a bit. Suddenly the Eva's eyes shot open, something that did not go unnoticed by her companion. "You felt something?"

"Yeah, a faint magical tremor based through the barrier. It's flickering and hard to keep track of but it's pretty strong. We should tell the old man," she said calmly as she stood and brushed off her skirt. She started back into the building with her companion right behind her.


Ranma ran hard as he tried to keep up with the fluttering letter staying tauntingly high up in the sky. Though granted it's not an easy thing to run safely down a side walk with your attention total pointed upwards, martial arts skill only goes so far. A sudden updraft sent it over the building to his right, cursing he sharply turned into the closest alleyway and barreled on through to the other side in hopes of catching sight of it, instead he collided with someone. There was a pair of groans as Ranma slowly got up trying to clear his head, under him was a girl. Her long red hair in pigtails splayed to either side tied up with some sort of bell hair accessories. She was dressed in a red school uniform, confused two color eyes looking up at him. "Um... sorry?" he managed, his voice was a little weary considering the last girl's he'd interacted with had sentenced him to hard labor. His words seemed to bring her to full attention and her eyes widened.

"G-Get off me!" he said kicking him up and off her, she sat up a little flushed. "You should watch where your going." she grumbled.

"What the Hell?! I said I was sorry. Crazy chick..." Ranma shouted as he sat up holding his stomach, she was pretty strong.

"What did you call me?!" she glared

"You heard me," he returned the favor, sparks flying up from there eye trails.

"Um calm down please?" another girl spoke up, she was dressed in a similar uniform, her long black hair hanging straight down. Her expression pensive at the chance of a fight breaking out.

"Hmph, whatever..." Ranma grumbled only to pale a little and look around frantically. "The letter, shit! Where the hell did it go?" his voice sounded panicked as he searched the skies and nearby areas. There was nothing, the two girls gave him an odd look at his actions. He heavy feeling sat in his gut, not only had he lost whatever directions were in there but it was also the last reminded he had of his father. Men don't cry, men don't cry he repeated softly in his mind looking to the confused girl with pigtails and glaring, turning his pain in to much easier to deal with anger. "Idiot, if I hadn't run into you I'd have found it!" he knew it didn't make sense but he needed to vent. From what it appeared though the girl was not one to back down and glared back at him.

"It's your own damn fault you lost it! you the one barreling out of alleyways without looking!"

"Shut up!"

"Asuna please don't, he's obviously looking for a fight." Her friend said nervously, he hands tightly clutching her school bag.

"Sorry Konoka, but if he's going to be a selfish little brat then someone's got to knock some sense into him." she said still glaring. Both of their fists clenched, legs tensing to move forward when a voice broke through the tension.

"Now now, what do we have here?" The tone was calm with a hint of amusement, approaching the three was a rugged looking man with a nice suit, gray spiked hair and, small pair of glasses sitting on his nose. Ranma looked at the man cautiously, they way he moved he knew the man was a martial artist... and a good one at that. Asuna's reaction was different entirely.

"H-Hello Takahata-sensei..." she said sound shy and demure. The pig tailed boy looked to the girl like she had two heads, a second ago she was about to rumble with him... he decided yet again that girl's were weird.

"Evening Asuna-chan, Konoka-chan." he said pleasantly before looking to Ranma.

"As for you young man, you shouldn't be starting fights with the students here. It's not a good way to make friends." he said cheerfully, Ranma gave a rebellious snort.

"You ain't in charge of me, I'll do whatever I want." he said with a nonchalant shrug.

"Hey! stop being a jerk to Takahata-sensei. He's being much nicer then you deserve." The red head said crossing her arms. the statement causing his eyebrow to tick.

"Who asked you stupid girl..." he started but felt a firm hand on his shoulder causing him to look up to the man.

"That's enough." His voice was calm but firm. "The headmaster wishes to see you."

"Me? why? It's not like I hit anyone." he said mustering a little to glare up at the man. He felt one of the man's fingers lightly tap a location he was very familiar with.

"Just a few issues he'd like to discuss." the older man said with unwavering patience, he had lightly touched the symbol on the boy's neck. That seemed to immediately get the boys attention eyes widening a little as he reached to cover it instinctively.

"Oh..." Ranma was still wary but it sounded like the headmaster was a man, and considering how those old ghouls were they likely wouldn't be consorting with a man to get a hold of him. He swallowed a little and spoke in a soft voice. "When... did he want to see me?" The change in demeanor did not go unnoticed by Asuna and Konoka.

"He's free now, he set time aside to talk with you."

"Ah. Well I guess I shouldn't keep 'im waiting right?" he said with a little bit of nervousness, the abrupt stop to his fights had drained away his frustration leaving him uncertain. The teacher nodded a little and began to lead him away, the two girls exchanged a confused look as Takahata led the volatile boy away.

"Why would Grandpa want to talk with him?"

"Forget that jerk we need to get to class."



Saying Mahora Academy had a large campus would be quite the underestimate, The campus covered several grade levels from elementary - college with dorm space to accommodate nearly all. It was like a city in itself with the businesses that had moved there to cash in on the student population. With the mysterious library island shortly off the coast and the major class buildings built around the great World Tree. If that alone didn't make it stand out the facilities were all top notch, though much of these details were lost on the young boy who was being led through the campus by Takahata.

There's so many girls... He thought tensing up a bit. He was no fool, he knew they weren't Amazons, and those school uniforms were hardly intimidating but still having so many girls around was making him weary and they kept looking over to him and the older man before whispering and giggling. They're probably plotting something...

But soon enough for him they arrived at the administration building. Which was good because the sky looked like it was darkening. Heading up to the third floor they paused outside a pair of double doors.

"Right this way." Takahata said with a smile as he opened up the doorway. The door opened into a large room lined with bookshelves. Directly in front of the large window ahead was an ornate desk behind which an elderly man sat. Head mostly bald save a ponytail of white and a long beard, his eyes crinkled as he smiled at the boy.

"He looks almost as old as those shriveled ghouls in china." Ranma said with no filter between his brain and mouth. The comment brought out a snort of laughter from his right. He turned to see girl in a similar uniform to the pair he'd ran into earlier. She looked a little older then him with long blond hair trailing down her back. As she composed herself she began to looking him over curiously. Eyes sharp like a predator turned his way bringing bubbling of fear in his gut. This girl was different then the other two.

"My My, this one has some spirit." Spoke the Headmaster from behind his desk reclaiming the young boy's attention. "It's always nice to get visitors to our academy, If you don't mind I had a few questions for you." his voice was even with a note of cheerfulness to it that had the boy nodding and moving forward. Allowing the boy to stand in silence for a moment the headmaster eventually spoke up. "Very well, firstly I'd like to ask your name."

"...Saotome Ranma. Why?" the boy said with heavy suspicion.

"Well I need something yo call you Saotome-san." The old man said amused, unphased by the rude behavior. "Now if I may ask to what do we owe such a visit, was there something you were looking for?" he asked cheerfully.

"Something like that... I lost something and was chasin' after it but I wasn't able to catch up..." he said with a note of disappointment.

"I see I see... If your lost I'm sure we could help you get back to where you need to be. I'm sure your parents are worried."

"Look I ain't hopeless like Ryoga... I don't have parents to worry like it's any or your business." he said smoothly enough but he could feel his chest tighten, the hurt was still fresh and admitting it aloud didn't make it any easier to think about. The headmaster's expression dropped somewhat as did Takahata's, The girl kept and even look on the boy, seemed she wasn't one for pity... "Look I didn't agree to come here to answer a questionnaire. I was told you wanted to asked about... things." at 'things he unconsciously reached and touched the back of his neck indicating the seal. The sky continued to darken outside behind the view of the headmaster.

"Straight to the point I see... Yes I had noticed that when I first heard of your arrival. It looks to be quite well made. Strong too." The elderly man said calmly making the boy nervous, how had he seen him, had this old guy been spying on him without his notice. "I'm fairly sure I know it's purpose considering the location but I am interested in where you got it."

"China." The boy said vaguely.

"Saotome-san, your going to need to be more frank if we're going to be able to help you..."

"Amazons." The girl suddenly spoke up causing the boy to jump and look her way, also catching the attention of the headmaster. "I've seen there work before, it that is the case it would seem like there mind set to do that to a young BOY who had decent reserves." she said calmly specifying the gender. "I don't know how you got away kid but this is only the beginning." she smirked meanly eyes tinted with malicious "Amazons just HATE to lose..."

"Feh, tell me something I don't know." Ranma grumbled lightly after getting over his shock. The headmaster nodded a little, his expression dropped to a more serious position.

"I see, that complicates things somewhat - Saotome-san do you know what that seal is?"

"I have a few guesses, it's some kind of control thing right? They kept using these amulets on me when I talked back. Made my neck feel like I was on fire." he said in a soft voice trying not to think back on the memory.

"That is a secondary purpose." he said calmly catching the pigtailed boy's attention.


"Yes. Considering the placement of that seal I have little doubt it is a block. Used to prevent access to your magical energies." Ranma's eyes widened a little at magic, why would they put something like that on him. He didn't know any magic. "with that seal placed on your spine it not only can give total stoppage to access but with the proper focus it could allow another you take your energy and use it like there own."

"But... But that's insane, I'm a martial artist not a mage!" the boy said with a little panic, he didn't like how that description painted things.

"Heh, you don't need to be a mage to be a battery." The girl said snidely.

"Eva that's enough." Takahata said firmly getting a snort in reply.

"If that is the case I have little doubt that they will be seeking you out now that you have fallen from their grasp. In that case I have a prop-" Ranma cut him off before he could speak further on the matter.

"No. MY dad stopped them, they won't be coming after me. He's the greatest Martial artist I know, he stayed behind to stop them." Ranma's voice was torn between confidence and fear, emotions starting to get to him.

"If he's so great that why are you alone." Evangeline said firmly causing him to flinch.

"Shut up!"

"Face it kid, if he went up against the Amazons by himself he's as good as dead. You need to stop pretending and get real."

"He's not dead!" He growled suddenly bolting to the door and opening it.

"Ranma!" Takahata called out but he was already gone.

"You went too far." The headmaster admonished that girl looking away seemingly unconcerned. "Takahata see if you can find him, call any of the other teachers that are free. If he makes it off the campus it's only a matter of time until they come to find him."

"Yes sir." the teacher took off leaving headmaster and the vampire alone in the room, the old man sighed softly and shook his head as Eva's expression remained neutral glancing to the door. A distant thunder rumbling from the darkened sky.


The sky opened up into a pounding sheet of rain, Students scattered about cursing the sudden weather change. Through two seemed to have been somewhat prepared for the change as two girls huddled from bit of shelter to the next sharing on fairly small umbrella. "Man, it was so sunny not before class..." Asuna said with a sigh when there came to a stop under the awning of one of the older school buildings. "It better clear up before the morning I don't want to have to deal with this on my route." she said with a little frown.

"The news said there might be rain today but if I have known it would be this bad I would have brought a better umbrella." Konoka said looking up at the endless downpour. Lightning flashed followed closely by a rumble and she glanced behind her, she thought she heard something.

"Okay lets make a dash for that overhang up ahead." Asuna said looking out trying to gauge the closest dry place on there root only to find an umbrella placed in her hands. "huh?"

"You go on ahead I Just remembered something I forgot. I'll catch up." She said with a little smile getting a frown in return, her friend obviously reluctant to leave her alone in this weather but she made a shooing motion with a light chuckle to assure her it was okay. "No need for two of us to get wet. Just brew up some tea for me okay?"

"Okay." the red head said with much reluctance. "But don't take too long okay?"

"Right. I'll be there before you know it."

And with that the pair parted, Asuna using the feeble umbrella to fend off the elements as Konoka slipping into the building they had been sheltered by. It looked like it hadn't been used in months, dust coated nearly every surface. She noted a partly open door where heavy breathing could be heard, she slowly peeked inside the old classroom. It was an interesting sight, it was the boy from earlier, his leg up and to the side as if he'd just kicked something, against the wall the two knocked over desks. His fists were tightly clenched and his eyes tightly shut. A small amount of moisture had gathered at the corner of his eyes, thought whether it was sweat or tears it was up for debate.

The boy allowed his leg to come back to the ground and he fell to his knees head drooped to the floor. His shoulders shaking slightly, soft cursing under his breath. "That boy..." she whispered softly leaning more on the door causing it to move and creak quite loudly. The boy tensed and wiped his eyes before turning, eye's weary. On seeing Konoka he looked confused and annoyed.

"Hmph, You. Got nothing better to do then spy on people. Go the hell away..." He grumbled.

"But," The girl looked between the broken desk and the distraught boy, lightning flashing outside casting a large shadow. "I though you went to talk with my grandpa. You didn't run from Takahata-sensei did you?" she asked with a light frown.

"That ain't any of your business." He said eye turned away.

"Well if you going to keep causing so much trouble for everyone it just might be mine." Konoka said crossing her arms. This boy was just so rude...

"Oh so you want to fight then?" He said standing up fully, he could use one right about now. At least then he wouldn't have to think.

"No," the school girls said with an exasperated sigh. "Always fighting... I wanted to know why your breaking desks. Just because this building is under repair doesn't mean you can break things. I don't know what grandpa said to you but I doubt it could warrant this." she said motioning to the crumpled frames.

"It wasn't the old man, it was that blond girl. She said some stuff about my pops." he muttered calming down a little but his fists were clenched. "...He can't be dead." he added in a whisper. Her eyes widened a little.

"Oh I'm so sor-"

"Don't!" He cut her off with a shout. "Don't you dare pity me!" he said voice a little hoarse a few tears coming up unbidden. He strode forward brushing past her on his way out.

"Wait, it's storming pretty bad you'll get sick!" she called as he opened the door hesitating on seeing the pouring rain outside. With his pause she managed to catch up, hand out reaching. "Look, just stay a while. Let it slow down some."

"I'm not going to be stuck in her with a nosy GIRL." he said glaring her way.

"Now that's uncalled for." she said with a little frown in return. "I'm trying to be nice."

"I don't need anyone to be nice... I've had enough of 'pity the freak'" he grumbled stepping out as Konoka tried to pull him back in but she froze as his hair seemed to flow from black to red, body sliming and an inch or so melting off his frame. Ranma turned to the girl with a neutral expression, a self deprecating smile hitting his face as he noted her confusion. It was almost amusing... "This is why." was all he, now she said before jogging off into the pouring sheets of rain.

"W-what?" the girl stared to the disappearing figure with total shock and confusion. He, she... it was like. Magic.


The rain soaked girl ran through the empty streets focused only ahead of her, shirt stuck to her like a second skin revealing he thinned frame and fledgling bust to anyone that could get a good look at her. But Ranma was too distraught to care, the loss was finally catching up to her. Tears mixed with droplets of water, making no motion to stop them. Pops wasn't around to care... no one was. The pigtailed girl pushed herself faster, she needed to get away. Anywhere. Though as she came to the bridge at the end of the main road she stumbled falling to her hands and knees. Her eyes glazed over with confusion, anger and fear.

Standing at the mid point of the bridge were two girls he'd seen in the old guy's office. The tall green girl stood near motionless holding an umbrella over herself and her companion. The Blond at her side, arms crossed and that insufferable smirk as she looked over Ranma's pathetic form. She was no longer dressed in the uniform, instead clad in a black skirt and top with a flared cape that flustered about as if it had a mind of it's own. "Jusenkyo too? Your just a curse magnet aren't you?" she asked in a tone that caused redhead to clench her fists. Slowly standing, shoulders shaking.

"Get out of the way."

"what? So you can run away like a coward?"

"I'm not a coward!"

"Coulda fooled me kid, but I guess you've had a lot of practice. First your dad and no-"

"Shut up!" the girl scream knuckles going white from the clenching. "Just shut your damn mouth!"

"Testy." Evangeline seemed amused at the outburst. "But your coming with me kid."

"Like hell I am!" Ranma growled getting into stance, a good fight would be a good distraction. Besides this witch had had it coming. The green hared girl seemed to flinch but her smaller companion held up a hand.

"I'll handle this Chachamaru. You stop him f he tries to make a break for it." she said calmly.

"Yes Mistress."

"Come on kid, lets see what you got" she said striding forward into the rain. Ranma tensed and shot forward, she may not be in her best mindset and she hadn't trained much in her girl form but that would be more then enough to beat this school girl. The redhead lashed out with a few quick kicks which her opponent evaded with ease. A roundhouse and a seres of punched brought a very different result as she felt her arm grabbed and the world was turned upside down. The wind knocked out of her as she slammed into the pavement. She could see the blond smirk down at her. That damn smirk, growling she rolled to her shoulders and kicked up to her feet lashing out at the girl once more but not even touching her. She got in a wide stance and caught the girl's arm once more. Pulling the redhead with the momentum of the punch she nailed her in the stomach with a palm strike.

Ranma collapsed to her knees and the blond continued her assault twisting the captured arm back behind trapping it and the other arm going around her neck in a firm 'not quite' choke hold making it difficult to breath. The red head squirmed a little but the hold was unshakable, perfect textbook execution.

"You done with your little tantrum?" she asked smoothly as the rain seemed to stop, the other girl had moved forward and put the umbrella up over the pair. Ranma struggled again growling in frustration. "My my, how unladylike-like." Evangeline taunted, tightening her hold on the arm to send a lance of pain into the girl. The growl turned into a whimper of pain bringing a smile to the blonds lips. "You ready to listen now?" She was met with silence but could clearly see the mixture of defiance and hopelessness in her eyes. "Good enough." she lessened the pressure so the pain would stop. "Now why are you acting like a little fool?"

"What the fu-ack!" Ranma started a retort but she was choked.

"It was a rhetorical question idiot." she said lessening the hold allowing the redhead to gasp for air, she continued on as if she hadn't been interrupted. "You may not have come her on purpose but through whatever dumb luck you possess you managed to find one of the only places that could help you. And what do you do?" she asked giving a little choke. "You run away like a little sissy the first bit of conflict, pathetic really. You would have turned you back on help and ran as far as you little legs could carry you and then the Amazons would drag you back to china." she could feel the girl stiffen in her hold, "Oh yes, did you think that you could just run away? No with that mark, that little symbol means your Amazon property and they are very possessive." she said chuckling cruelly as she could feel some slight shivers in the girl. "Normally I couldn't care less, But your a unique set of circumstances." she leaned close to the girl's ear. "You stick around and the old man can work on the seal. While I could help you get revenge." she said, stretching out the word smirking as the girl turned her eyes toward her. Silence stretched on for a few moments before the girl's eyes hardened.


"I Propose a deal." Evangeline said her fangs clearly seen, predator's eyes flashing chilling Ranma to the bone. But if it meant getting back at that tribe of sadistic women... She could make a deal with this devil. A piercing shout seemed to shake the scene, shattering the mood.

"RANMA!" Totally out of place a long haired albino girl rushed into the scene. She looked pensive and a little rushed, completely unaffected by the rain. "They're almost here you need to wake up!" she shouted grabbing the girls arm.

"Wha?" the world shifted and faded and light flooded in accompanied by a loud thud...


There was a loud thump as Ranma fell from his bed to the hard wood floor. The world was upside down and crooked as he remained tangled in his sheets. The only thing right ways being a rather pensive looking girl with pale skin. Floating upside down to look him in the eye, legs were but a wisp. He regarded his 'roommate' with a bored stare of annoyance.


"Sorry Ranma, but you weren't getting up." the ghost had the decency to blush. He sighed and righted himself, Sayo doing the same. He gave a long yawn scratching his head.

"What time is it?"

"Um, you should have a few minutes before the girls show up."

"Oi, Ranko!" Bellowed Asuna's voice from outside. "Are you dressed or what? I'm not going to be late because of you!" Sayo sweatdroped.

"Or they're already here." she said weakly as Ranma sighed standing up wandering on in the direction of the shower hand going around a yin yang pendent around his neck.

"Why does school have to be so early in the morning?" he grumbled cursing the fate of it all.


Outside of a two story apartment building stood two junior high school students. Both dressed in Mahora academy's red school uniforms. Asuna had grown a good bit over the years her hair still in the same hairstyle with the same ornaments, the twin tails trailing down as she frowned looking up to the window. At her side was Konoka, smiling slightly as she balanced perfectly on her roller blades. The advantage she needed to keep up with her friend's breakneck pace to get to school.

"Hmph, honestly. That girl can sleep through anything." Asuna muttered clearly annoyed. Her friend giggled a little bit.

"Not everyone is an early riser like you Asuna-chan."

"But Shouldn't a martial artist be more alert or something?" she said shaking her head with a little frustration. She perked up as a pigtailed head peeked out the window.

"What's all the racket?" Ranma muttered rubbing his eyes. "Oh, you two..."

"Oh Ranma, sorry I was just trying to get you cousin. School starting and all that."

"Oh right, I'll get her." He muttered disappearing back inside. There was silence for a short moment and then something that sounded akin to arguing. A few moment later the door opened with a defeated looking redhead, clad in a a school uniform.

"I hate these damn things..." Ranko muttered as she gave a little yawn. "Morning."

"Well everyone has to wear one so deal with it." Asuna said with no sympathy, "You should really start getting up sooner, Your lucky your cousin is around to wake you up." She said firmly.

"Yeah yeah."

"Morning Ranko-chan, you ready for the first year of Junior High?" Konoka greeted cheerfully. Ranko sighed putting her armed behind her head.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she said with clearly less enthusiasm. Above an amused Ranma leaned on the windowsill.

"You girl's better hurry or you'll be late." he said with something somewhere between a smile and a smirk. "Work hard today Ranko-chan, you want to make a good impression on the teachers." He said a small amount of amusement laced in his tone.

"I will Ranma-niichan." Ranko said the slightest twitch in her eye as she said the words, sometimes being undercover was hard. Asuna and Konoka waved back to the boy as the three school girls took off, Konoka's roller blades rumbling on the pavement alongside her friends. Once they were out of sight the Ranma in the window poofed into smoke. A little ways up the road Ranko rubbed her temples a little. Frowning slightly from the cocky clones memories, though without this cover she'd be living in the dorms and that just wouldn't be right. The three raced through a huge crowd of running girls, easily outpacing them as they headed to class.

"Headaches again?" Asuna asked looking over to the redhead.

"Yeah, It'll go away in a little bit." Ranko said as she massaged the ache away. "They don't hurt that bad anyway."

"I still say you should talk to the nurse about it."

"I'm fine, okay?"

"Your so stubborn."

"Look I can handle it okay? So stop worrying."

"Now now, you can argue all you want in homeroom." Konoka said smoothly in between the two as simple comments often can get out of control with the two volatile girls... it's a wonder they were friends. "I wonder who we will have this year?"

"It will definitely be Takahata." Asuna said firmly fist clenched. "I followed that spell you showed me to the letter, so it's guaranteed." she said with total confidence as Konoka looked her way confused.

"Asuna-chan? I was joking." Konoka said with a nervous chuckle. "I didn't think you would actually do it.


"You dressed up like a fish..." Ranko said snickering and not bothering to hide it.

"Hmph Fine, But I know my dedication will show. Takahata-sensei will be our homeroom teacher!"

A few paces back the fourth member of the morning trek floated on trying to keep up with the girls though Sayo was happy, finally she'd be in the same class room as her roommate and if Ranma's classmates were even half as lively it would be a nice happy school year after all these years. She blinked as she felt the the wind seem to move. Looking back a young boy weaving through the crowd at great speed. "He's fast..." the ghost muttered a little impressed. She was heading right for he and surprisingly moved around her at the last second coming into pace with the three in front of her. "did... did he see me?" Sayo said with a tone mixed in confusion and hope.

A gust of wind brought the sound of bells ringing, the three girls turned with no mild surprised to see a young boy easily keeping pace with them. Something that was no mean feat. He turned with a smile toward Asuna. "You have the aura of failed love."

The cheerful statement brought Asuna to a screeching halt grabbing the boy by his coat and lifting him up. "What the hell did you say you pip squeak!" Konoka skidded to a stop, Ranko shortly beyond looking back to the scene of soon to be child abuse.

"I-I didn't mean anything b-by it. I'm kind of a psychic and I-I couldn't help b-bu not-" The boy stumbled through his dialog as he squirmed in her grasp.

"Your future's looking dim kid if you keep talking."

"Asuna-chan calm down. He's just a kid." Konoka said giggling a little. He was pretty cute after all.

"Not until this brat takes back what he said!" she growled as the boy whimpered.

"I"m sorry! Really, p-please put me down!" he said arms flailing. With great reluctance she let his feet back on the ground. He stumbled back to put space between them. Ranko cocked her head to the side regarding the boy.

"You sure you got off at the right stop kid? This is Mahora academy." she said in an almost bored tone.

"Um I."

"You probably meant to take north station." Konoka said with a smile leaning in close to the boy who reddened a little. "Just head back to the station and ride it two more stops westbound and you should be fine. Okay?" she said with a little giggle as he stared. Though Asuna popping in his face caused him to jump back.

"You got that?" she said firmly bringing a hasty nod in response. She stood back to her full height long pony tails brushing past his face. "Good, I don;t want to have anymore brats like you ruining my day." she said crossing her arms as the boy twitched his nose. Ranko shook her head, Sayo gliding in behind her friend.

"Way to terrorize someone half your size." Ranko said giving a sarcastic thumbs up. Asuna glared to the red head as the boy unnoticed begin drawing a halty breath.

"Like you should take about size," Asuna sniped casually resting an arm on her shoulder showing the height difference, eye twitching Rank brushed the hand off locking glares with Asuna.

"You lookin' to start school at the nurse this year?"

"ah... ah"

"Bring it, I'm ready for y-"

"Chooo!" the boy's sneeze was drowned out by a torrent of wind that rushed from below causing all the girls, save a perplexed Sayo, to cover their fluttering skirts. Red faces all around, the distraction destroying the momentum built up for the fight.

"Damn it's windy today." Ranko mutter looking around, that also felt like magic... Asuna looked more mortified then anymore as she glanced to the boy sitting just in front of her.

"Y-You didn't see right?" she asked half embarrassed, half threatening. He waved his hands erratically in front of him.

"No! No I didn't see any bears!" he said desperately before covering his mouth with a whimper. Asuna, tears in her eyes, moved to grab the boy once more but Ranko put her in an awkward waist lock barely holding back the enraged school girl.

"How's that anger management going Asuna-chan?" Konoka cheerfully took a snipe at her friend as she tried to break from the martial artist's desperate hold. Sayo looked up from the spectacle to the large clock. She squeaked panicking a little, it was a scant 5 minutes till class.

"Ranma! Class is going to start soon, you have to get to your seats." the ghost said circling the undercover boy who's feet skidded as Asuna got a little traction.

"Kinda... Busy... here" she muttered trying to shift her weight in this test of strength.

"Auu..." Sayo floated back and forth thinking before she rushed over to Konoka and brushed her hand through the girl's shoulder. Shivering a little she looked toward the ghost seeing nothing but did notice the clock gasping.

"Oh my, we better get to class. Grandfather won't like me getting detention on the first day." she said, the gravity of school breaking through to Asuna enough to calm down leaving a puffing Ranko leaning against her.

"Crap we better hurry." she passed a quick glare the boy's way making him flinch. "Your getting off easy kid." she said with a 'hmph' before taking off, Ranko following a bit afterward.

"Man, you put gorillas to shame with the brute strength you've got." she muttered in annoyance.

"Bite me pygmy."

"Oi! Say that to my face!"

"Oh not again..." Sayo moaned as she floated on after the pair hoping they didn't start anything before class. Konoka leaned down to the boy once more.

"Now remember, westbound two more stops. Okay?" she said with a bright smile, dazzling the boy once more.

"Get a move on Konoka, we're gonna be late!" Bellow Ranko from a distance, she sighed.

"Coming!" she called back before giving the boy a wink. "Don't get lost okay." and with that she rolled off at top speed to catch up with her friends leaving a stunned and slightly traumatized boy behind.

"I didn't know Japanese girls were so aggressive..." Muttered a slightly disheveled Negi Springfield. He brushed himself off and grasped the straps of his backpack tightly. "Well I can't let this set me back. I need to meet with the headmaster." he said nodding to himself as he continued into the administrative building, ready to begin his test to be a Magister Magi.

End Chapter 1

AN – My newest work, falls somewhat on the dark side of things but has a good bit of humor and romance. I'm sure you have many questions considering the path this has taken so far so feel free to ask away. Just a few things to note... In this fic the trip to china was pushed up a little heading to china when he was about 10 and returning nearly 11. After the time skip he's 14-15 and has spent the last few years going to school at Mahora under his Ranko Alias. How he's gotten to know his 31 classmates will be revealed in time but as of the start only Sayo (the ghost girl), Evangeline (the vampire), and Konoka know of his curse.

Special thanks – Six string Samurai (my beta); WindFalcon (for exchanging ideas with me); Dumbledork, Darkforce222 and Euphemism (for giving me lots of feedback); and to the rest of the TFF board for reading my draft as I worked this story out.