Hikaru and Koaru hesitated before entering their old high school. It had only been a couple years after graduation. Now making them 21years old. It amazed them how Ouran had decided to hold a reunion after only 2 years after their graduation. But rich people had time. The time that they had once had to entertain the young 'princesses' of this fine academy.

Ah, The Host Club. Such wonderful memories. Memories filled with the idiocy of Tamaki, the shadowy chill of Kyouya, sweetness of Hunny, the distant stares of Mori, their devilish behavior, and her all knowing cute essence that seemed to make The Host Club complete. Yes, Haruhi. She had been the only one ever able to tell them apart. Yet, she hadn't called them once since they left this school to carry out their lives. Did they even matter to her? They'd spoken to the other members of the club often. But never Haruhi. It was like she just disappeared.

They often remembered asking the other members about her. Had she just been ignoring them? Alas, she shunned the others as well. Even Ranka, her own father, did not give the slightest hint of where she was. Even if she was gone, she was never forgotten. There she was, always in their hearts. Always holding a special place in their worlds. Whether she knew it or not.

As the walked together to the old music room, the place where the other members had told them to meet, they sighed. Would she be there? To their surprise, none of the members were married. They were all just currently taking on their roles as the heirs to their families fortunes. Even Kyouya, the third son, had become his fathers successor. Then again, why wouldn't his father have picked him? He had always been the obvious choice.

Opening the door, they looked at their old friends. It wasn't like they hadn't seen them in a while. There was just something about this room that made them all seem different. Oh so very different.

Kyouya still had his grey eyes, filled with that icy glint, but now that he saw the twins, there seemed to be a hint of joy. He stood there, roughly six foot two, in his grey suit and black shoes. How like him to pick the color grey.

Hunny was still short. It was slightly sad to see that he was only five foot three inches tall. But it really didn't matter, did it? His hair still the color of his cute little name. Honey. His suit was a dark purple color. He probably just close a girlish color so he could look cute. At least it wasn't pink, right? Over on the couch was his pink bunny. How cute. (I don't know the bunnies name )

Mori was still tall. Still everything he use to be. Nothing had really changed about him really. He'd always looked older than he was. Now he just looked like a young older male. It was by Hunny that he stood, wearing a black suit for the reunion of the entire school. Black. Everything was black, just like his hair.

Then there was their lord, Tamaki. Still blonde haired and clue eyed, wearing a light blue suit that emphasized his eyes beautiful color. He wore that small smile that had always annoyed them so much. So ditzy and confused, yet they saw some seriousness in him, but only for a moment before he spoke.

"I see that our devils have found the music room. I was kind of afraid you'd get lost," He said with a childish grin.

Hikaru glared at him. "Still an idiot, I see?" Koaru elbowed his elder brother in the side giving him a look that said 'behave'.

Hunny sprung up in excitement. "I wanted to wait, but now seems like the perfect time to say it!" He interrupted the conversation, but no one seemed to mind. All their attention shifted to Hunny.

Kyouya pushed up his glasses. "What is it you wish to say, Hunny?"

Hunny giggled. "I got a hold of Haru-chan!" Before anyone could ask how, he explained himself. "You see, I knew she'd find out about the reunion, so I phoned her, asking if she was coming. To my surprise, she answered!" He giggled and grabbed his bunny in a childish way. "When I asked her about the reunion, she said she wasn't coming. But I begged and begged for about 30 minutes and she gave in! I told her to meet us in the music room, and she agreed!"

"Haruhi is coming?" Tamaki squealed in delight. "How is she? What does she do for a living? Why did she ignore us? Where does she live? Answer me!?" Everyone's attention went to Hunny.

Hunny smiled from all the attention he was getting. "She lives in America. Imagine that? Right after graduation, her grandmother insisted that she go there and help with her dance studio." He paused for a moment. "A ballet studio. Apparently Haru-chan knows ballet! When she was there she helped her grandmother wit the studio and such, but then one day a Russian woman saw Haru-chan dancing. This woman, wanted to have Haruhi sign a contract and become a dancer for her. Somehow, Haruhi was persuaded into signing." He looked at the other members stares. "Haruhi became famous in America for her dancing." He smiled. "But she told me she hated it." He frowned. "The Russian woman tried hooking her up with this boy named Marques. Haruhi said he was 'a raging ass' So they didn't really date. She said he was an arrogant jerk."

Koaru smiled slightly. "Is.. Is Haruhi married? O-r-r dating anyone?"

Hunny shook his head. "Nope. In fact she's still.." He looked around before whispering, "a virgin"

Everyone stared in disbelief. Haruhi.. still a virgin? Wasn't she pretty enough to get laid? Then again, she probably had too much respect for herself to give in to just anybody.

"I told her to come here in a red dress of some sort. I didn't care what kind, just red so I could recognize her."

"Isn't she supposed to be a boy here?"

"Nope," Hunny stated softly. "She already handled it by herself. They know that she's a girl, and given the fact that she is now a famous performer, they changed her record to make it seem like she'd always been a girl here. Isn't it wonderful?"

"Yeah," They all said in unison.

Mori nodded. "She should be here soon, right?"

Hunny nodded. "Yup. We just have to be impatient."

As if on cue, the door opened a tiny bit. Very faintly, they all say long locks of brown hair and big brown eyes peeking into the room.

"Haruhi!" Hunny yelled.

"Hello Hunny-senp… Nevermind." Haruhi said before entering the room. Sure enough, she wore a red dress.

Everyone's eyes shifted to her. She no longer had the boyish figure. She was now complete with an hour glass figure, a nicely shaped bosom, slender shaped body only more womanly, every part of her was woman. It made her hardly recognizable to them.

"Hello everyone… I'm sorry I never called you.. or made any attempts to contact you. Madame Georges wouldn't allow it. She said it messed up my agenda and such. Anyways," She said, looking at all of them. "It's nice to see you all again. I've missed you terribly."

Tamaki ran to her and wrapped her in a hug then twirled. "HARUHI! My precious daughter! How I've missed you so!"

Haruhi, gasping for air, hugged him back before pulling away. "I've miss you too Tamki," She said before taking a deep breath to regain the air in her lungs.

They all stared at her. She'd changed so much. Little did they know that almost all of them were thinking the same thing inside their heads.

'I gotta make her mine'

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