The car ride was short to the hotel. Of course, Kyouya had picked one of the most expensive places in all of Japan. Damn rich bastard. The good thing was that Haruhi didn't have to worry about paying off a debt anymore. She was free. Besides, she could just pay it off herself. She was, of course, somewhat famous now. Who the hell was she kidding? She was one of the most famous women in America and Japan! She really was too modest for her own good.

She stared out the window at The Kiorekanne Hotel (I totally made that up. Pronounced 'key-ore-ee-kaun-nay'. Get it? Got it? Good.) It was a very luxurious hotel. It had everything anyone could ever dream of. Nothing could compete with it. Not even the one hotel Haruhi had stayed at when she lived in America. It started with and 'H'. But what was it? The Hill Town? The Hill Tone? No. It was The..Hilton! Ah, yes. That was right. The Hilton. Nice hotel. Except for that blond girl that went partying and came to the hotel in the middle of the night drunk and yelling "that's hot" to everyone who past by. She was named after a city in Europe. London or Paris, right? It didn't matter, did it? But who would be that cruel and name their child after a city? Damn rich people…

But she was one of those rich people now! Perhaps not as snobby..but still rich. Very rich indeed. Maybe growing up 'poor' had given herself some morals. Of course it had! She didn't crave more power or wealth! She was content with being a 'commoner'. But there was nothing she could do to change that she was rich. After 2 years fame had shaped her into a whole new person. Not on the inside. Much more rather on the outside. With all the magazines craving her appearances, thinking she was a 'goddess', judging her by her looks rather than her personality, and the ever changing trends that she was suppose to keep up with. It had all shaped her body. Now she always needed to look nice. Always needed to keep up with the latest fashions. Or else she'd practically be shunned or worse, put on the 'worst dressed list'. That would be horrible. Especially since she was currently considering modeling for an agency that had begging her to join for the past 3 months. Would that make her happy?

Out of the blue, Haruhi blurted out "So what do you guys think about me modeling for Taku Sazuka?" (totally made up name) "He's been wanting me to join his agency for 3 months now…and it would keep me in Japan for a couple of years.."

Tamaki thought for a moment. As did the other host members. Haruhi. Japan. Here. With him. Wasn't it obvious what he wanted? Plus, he'd get to see Haruhi in magazines wearing the hottest styles…It would be nice, right?

"You should take the job. After all, it would keep you here..with your father too."

Haruhi smiled to herself. "Yeah. That would be nice. It's been a while since I've seen him."

"Precisely," Tamaki smiled. She would be his soon enough.

Everyone else glared at the blond haired male. He just said yes so that he could see her in cute clothes.

"Don't do it for your father," Kyouya said as he pushed up his glasses. "Do it for yourself. Make sure it's what you really want."

Haruhi turned to him. "Were you just being nice Kyouya?" She said with a smile.

"Don't be stupid," He said with an evil grin. "If people saw me hanging around with a model, it would be good for the Ootori's image."

"Always doing something for personal gain."

"Like you didn't become a ballet dancer for personal gain? You're telling me you didn't do it for all the expensive food you could buy with the money you earned for dancing around on your tippy-toes? Hmmm?"

Everyone remained silent. Haruhi always had such control. Of course she wouldn't get angry, right?

Haruhi turned around and glared at Kyouya. "First of all, I can't eat anything I fucking want! I have to be on 'diets' so my dancing figure doesn't become spoiled. Everything I eat has to be healthy so my body doesn't get bad calories and make me fat! Food has nothing to do with why I'm a ballet dancer! My grandmother wanted me to become a dancer for that Russian women. I never knew that I'd become famous!! How could I have known that a few performances here and there would make me rich? I never wanted to be rich in the first place!! But you know what? It happened. Shit happens. That's life. Which none of you know nothing about because you've never had to technically work for anything in your life. It was always given to you. At least I've earned every cent I have Kyouya!! Unlike you. You thrive off of what your father built up from scratch." She took in a breath. "And you know what? Dancing on my 'tippy-toes' hurts like hell! It makes my feet bleed." With that, she crossed her arms and sunk into the seat. Rich Bastards.

"Haruhi..I'm sorry..I was just teasing," Kyouya hesitated. He didn't want to lose her already. He just got angry so quickly when people 'insulted' him. But it wasn't an insult. It was entirely true.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry for flipping out. I'm just..hungry. That's all" Though she knew that she'd never forgive someone that easily. Maybe it was the fact that he was an old friend? She just didn't want to lose her friends…They meant too much to her right now.

"There it is!" Hunny said to break the short, yet oddly painful silence between them all. "I love this hotel," with that, he put on a large childish smile, even if he was one of the oldest people in the car.

Tamaki smiled as well. Maybe he could share a room with his 'daughter'? It wasn't like he was going to do anything…Just talk to her a little, right?

Gracefully, they all exited the car. The hotel was lovely, she had to admit, but it made her feel…snobby.

"What do you think, Haruhi!?" Tamaki asked with maybe a little bit too much enthusiasm.

"It's nice I suppose…"

They all looked at her. 'nice'? This was one of the best hotels in all of Japan, and she just thought it was NICE?

Kaoru blinked. "Ah, Haruhii. It's much better than nice. It's the best"

Hikaru nodded in agreement. "Yeah. The best"

Haruhi sighed. "Whatever."

Slowly, the pushed open the doors. None of them had bags to carry. They didn't even have to go to a hotel. They could have gone to one of the Previous Host Members estates. But hotels were…nice?