Chapter 1

Sakura glanced up from studying the worn red planks of the bridge she was standing on, when she heard the sound of someone running in her direction.

"Sakura-chaaaaaan!" Naruto yelled, skidding to a halt. His orange clothes were almost blinding in the sunlight.

Sakura gave him a weak smile and stood up from her leaning position against the bridge railing. "Shall we go, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto's happy face fell slightly, but nodded affirmative nonetheless. "Ya."

The two began walking silently, side-by-side. Even Naruto didn't say a word. They continued that way, walking through the woods and down worn paths, until they came to the training ground they had trained together at. They paused, looked at each other, before walking over to the large slab of obsidian sitting near the trees. It was the memorial stone.

Naruto knelt down and touched the newest addition to the names of those who had died protecting the village. "It's hard to believe he's gone, isn't it, Sakura-chan?"

"Yeah," Sakura said shakily, "but he's been missing for a few months and they brought back is headband, he…he couldn't still be…"

Her eyes slowly filled with tears. "I- I thought," she trembled, "that when we got Sasuke back, that we'd be together and be-" Tears began running down he face.

"I know." Naruto said gently, standing up and looking up at the cloudless sky. "A team again."

"Let's go Sakura-chan, we'll be late meeting Tsunade-sama. He wouldn't want that." Naruto chuckled slightly.

Sakura brushed her fingers across the newly carved name, as if to convince herself that it was there.

"See you soon," she said, trying to smile through her tears, " Kakashi-sensei."

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