I don't own NCIS or any charecters. This is a TIVA story. ONESHOT. Happy New Year.

The Reason

Tony and Ziva had not spoken to each other all day. They had secretly broken the infamous rule twelve a month ago. But now Tony had cooled off declining all offers of sex and dates. This confused and hurt Ziva. It had gotten so bad they just sat at there desks doing paperwork and avoiding eye contact. .

"Why are you angry with me? Zee-vah" Tony said giving extra emphasis to her name.

"Well. You know Tony I give you a season's free pass and then you stop coming to games" Ziva said. Tony stared at her until he got the metaphor.

"I have good reason for that" Tony said trying desperately to create eye contact between them.

"What? What is this excellent reason?" Ziva said. Getting angry but hiding it by shifting paperwork.

"I, I, I" Tony stuttered.

"Is it me? Am I not pretty enough? Is my cooking that bad? Is it because I'm Jewish? Do you have another woman on the side? What Tony? What is it?" Ziva screamed whilst trying not to chuck the paper at him.

"No it's not you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Your cooking is perfect. It is not because you're Jewish. And I'm not sleeping with someone else. The truth is. The truth is." He paused.

She interrupted "What is the truth DiNozzo? Tell me! What is it?" Ziva screamed Standing up getting ready to walk out.

"The truth is, the truth is I think I love you. I think I love you Ziva." He shouted.

"You, you love me" Ziva said much quieter.

"Yes that is what I mean when I say I'm in love with you. You know I had this all planned flowers, wine and that odd Spanish music you listen too" Tony said.

"Man makes plans, god laughs" Ziva said tears rushing down her face. Tony embraced her in a loving hug. He used his hands to wipe her tears.

"You know hairy butt" Ziva said.

"What, sweet cheeks" Tony said.

"I think I love you too" Ziva said.

"Gibbs is going to kill us" Tony said.

"Indeed I am" Gibbs said walking in to the squad room carrying coffee and slapping both the agents on the head.