Period Monster

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"Karin- Gah!" a splat sounded throughout the luxurious mansion… Poor Kazune clutched his bleeding nose, which had recently been rammed in seconds ago, by the bedroom door of Karin's room.

"Karin, you locked that door on purpose, now get the heck out, you have morning practice to do!" Kazune yelled.

He heard groans from inside the bedroom, "But Kazune I hate practice, plus I'm on my perio- Um… I mean nothing, be right out!"

Soon a girl about the age of 12 popped through the door to face her peer, "Karin!" called Kazune in horror.

"What?" asked the slightly groggy girl, she rubbed her eyes sleepily, and gave a huge yawn…

"Karin!" Kazune repeated, his face was beat red and it seemed his nose was pouring over quite a different matter then from being hit by doors, he pointed to her chest.

Karin followed in wonderment, her eyes widened and she shrieked to see herself in only a bra and sweatpants, everything was coming back to her now…her first period, her stained pajama's, herself being too tired to wear something else.

"Gah, you pervert!" she whacked him in the face, and retreated back to her bedroom, she quickly got out of the sweats and bra, to, put on school cloths.

Once she came out from her bedroom, Kazune was nowhere to be seen, even though, it was odd for him to have woken from unconsciousness so soon…

"I know I gave him that move ultra cool move I learned from that boxing TV show, he should still be unconscious, so where could he be now?" asked Karin aloud.

"Naw, Gah!" cried Karin as she got down the stairs, what a blessing this woman's curse was starting out to be.

"Why!!!!!! I'm a Goddess, I shouldn't be having this, Gah!!!!!!!!" yelled Karin to the heavens.

A sudden petite laugh was heard from behind her, Karin turned around to see Himeka sitting there. "Oh sorry Himeka-chan, did I disturb you?"

Himeka smiled up at her, "Not at all. How are you this morning? You don't seem to well off."

Karin nodded, "Gah! I wish someone would take it away! Nevertheless, don't you worry about me, ok Himeka-chan? Just worry about yourself for now."

Himeka nodded, "I know you don't want me to worry, so I won't. However, I think you should learn a tip or two on how to tame the period monster."

Karin's eyes widened, "How did you know?"

Himeka smiled, "There is a scent women secrete when they are on their periods… or, more realistically, we are all lazy, moody, and dangerous, at this time. Not to mention were bleeding most are iron out, and-"

"La, La, La, La, La, La!!" cried Karin, blocking her ears from the descriptive goriness, it was too much for first thing in the morning.

"Do you know where Kazune-kun went?" asked Karin after they finished their breakfast, (Since they were awake early enough, they had breakfast)

Karin was dressed in layers, under Himeka's advice, and had gotten pain relievers to take with her, as well as she wore a pad.

Himeka shook her head, "After he dragged himself downstairs and bandaged his face, he just left."

Karin cleared her dishes from the table, "I'm gonna go find him, ok?"

"Don't do too much exercise, you'll tire yourself out, and don't let Kazune work you, ok?" Himeka warned. Karin waved Himeka a goodbye; they'd see each other at school today anyway.

As Karin walked round the block she saw Michiru in one of the park swings, she started towards him, but when she saw the person she was seeking, sitting next to him, she ran to a close bush and hid under it, so she could sorta see, but not very well hear them.

Michiru took the hot vending machine tea into his hands. Kazune settled once again beside him in the next swing over, he sipped his own tea and stared into open space. Michiru smiled, "I'll bet it was a sight for sore eyes, eh?" said Michiru disturbing the rather peaceful Kazune.

"Don't say that, who'd want to get punched out in the end anyway?" responded Kazune angrily.

Michiru laughed, "Some do like getting punched out." Kazune glared, "Ya whatever! I just can't understand women. Here I am, trying to be nice to her, and tell her that her bra's showing, and then I get punched out!"

Michiru smiled, looking off into space himself. Until he suddenly saw, a flash of blonde hair catch his eye, from one nearby bush.

Michiru grinned, guessing who it was, "Well Kazune-kun, I don't see why you don't ask her yourself." Michiru hinted.

"Ya right, "said Kazune, not taking the bait, "If I went up and said that to her, I'd probably be called a sexist pig and punched out again. I don't think so."

Kazune took a one last swig of the hot tea and handed it back to Michiru, "Well I've got to go to school now." said Kazune, "I like being early, unlike some people I know."

Michiru chuckled nervously.

"Now, now, Kazune-Kun-" said Michiru, worry bubble firmly at the back of his head.

As Kazune left for school, Karin let out a relieved exhale.

Well that was good, that that was over, she didn't know how much more she could stay here without giving herself away.

"Sheesh, I wish I could've heard what they were saying though." said Karin uncontrollably.

Karin blushed, was it just her imagination, or did Kazune look so much better then before?

Kazune was not just only making her heart flutter anymore, but, her body was becoming effective at just thinking about his body, she felt more attracted to him.

'What in world is happening to me?' she asked herself, which made her body hum in a response.

"Really, Hanazono-san honey," said Michiru, sighing, and poking the unsuspecting Karin in the back.

Karin shrieked in surprise, looking behind her, "Micchi!" she yelled in surprise seeing the older boy.

Michiru smiled, "Now how did my little Hanazono-chan get here, hmm? Could it be that she was spying?"

Karin tried to protest but Michiru stopped her by pressing a finger to her lips.

"Shh, Karin, listen to me. If you feel anything for Kazune-kun, you need to go tell him. I don't know if I've ever made this clear, but he really likes you… The chaps just so utterly clueless about you, that he does not know how to tell you."

Karin gulped, "H-How'd you know, that I liked Kazune-kun, Micchi?"

Michiru smiled, "I guessed." He chuckled.

Karin felt a worry dot in the back of her head. (-.-)

Karin bit her lip looking up at him, which made the older boy inhale sharply.

"What if he laughs at me Micchi?" she looked up at Michiru in utter helplessness.

'What was it about Karin? What was it, which made her so innocent?' Michiru wondered.

Michiru took his finger off her lips, looking away quickly before he could do anything.

"If Kazune laughed at you, then I'd take you as my own." He said, looking beyond her.

"M-Micchi?" she wondered, frowning.

'Was he just playing around again, or was he being truthful?' She wondered.

Michiru laughed, "Go on, go on! Now, girl, catch up with that Kazune!" said Michiru, picking her up as if she were a three year old child, Karin pouted.

'He was just playing around with me, after all.' She reckoned.

After awhile she smiled, "I'll do it!" she pronounced, sounding like Einstein in four-year-old mode.

She started running… in the wrong direction….

Fifteen minutes latter, and coming back to the park clearly breathless, she saw Michiru pleasantly sipping another vending machine tea on a nearby bench.

"He went to school." Michiru said calmly as Karin approached him.

"Thanks!" she replied breathlessly, running in the opposite direction.


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