Yutta Fuji had been playing against Atsushi Kisarazu as a practice match,Mizuki Hajime was on the green bench twirling his curly,black hair as he always does. The score was 15-0,yutta was down one game and he needed to win this match. He did what he had to do to win,he used the twist spin shot three times in a row and as he was getting ready for the fourth twist spin shot to seal the game when a sharp pain went up his spine and his left shoulder,he yelled in agony "AAAAHHHH" as he fell to the ground clenching his shoulder with his hand. Atsushi ran to his friends aid. Yutta was rushed to the hospital,atsushi shouted at yutta,"WHY DID YOU DO THAT"as they rode to the hospital. Yutta exclaimed,"I needed to win",then winced from the unbearable pain."try not to move,kid",the doctor said as they brought yutta into the emergency room.After bandaging yutta's left shoulder all the way down to his waist,yutta was brought to his room to rest.Yutta rested for one hour before his older brother,Syusuke went into yutta's room.When yutta opened his eyes he saw his brother with tears streaming down his face.

"Aniki",yutta said in a low voice

"the doctor said that you almost crushed your spine and shattered your left shoulder"

"I'm sorry,aniki"

"Don't Be"

Yutta let out a scream of pain as a sharp pain went up his spine to his shoulder,"AAAAAHHHHHH"

"YUTTA",syusuke shouted with deep worry.

The doctor came running into yutta's room when he heard the screams.

"I'm sorry but you have to go now",the doctor told syusuke as he was trying to calm yutta.

Syusuke left with tears in his eyes.