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I got everything I've always wanted
Living the dream (livin' the dream)
So yeah, everything I've always wanted (always wanted)
isn't always what it seems
I'm a lucky girl
Whose dreams came true
But underneath it all
I'm just like you

Gabriella Montez finished off softly as her producer and 'guidance friend' knocked on the glass window to the recording room giving her the thumbs up with a big smile on his face. Matt was more like a friend then someone to take guidance from as Gabriella learned in the last four years of working with him out of her 24 years of life.

Gabriella smiled back with a couple of her brown shoulder length curls sliding in over her face as she gave a thumbs up back at Matt and brushed the curls out of her chocolate brown eyes. Gabriella walked over to the door that lead out of the recording room and exited to receive a hug from Matt.

"Gabi, that was great. A new hit single is a brewing and then hopefully we can produce another album?" Matt said as he let go of the slim, petite 5 foot 10 inch brunette woman and gave her another smile. Gabriella gave Matt a soft smile that told him that she caught onto what he was implying. It was the same, almost every time they would record a new song; he would say the same thing and then slip in that he wanted her to do another album, but that wasn't all, even though he didn't come right out and say it, he wanted her to stop her modeling career so that she would have more time to produce the next hit album, but each time Gabriella would brush him off with the same soft smile she had on her face right now.

"Thanks and you know I can't do that because I've been modeling ever since I was 14 and it would be like giving up ten years of my life." Gabriella said and then looked past the top of Matt's broad shoulders to see the one thing she dreaded…the clock. "Damn it." Gabriella cursed herself as she rushed over to coat rack which held her black slimming coat and through it over herself.

"Whoa…where's the fire?" Matt asked with a chuckle as Gabriella wrapped a scarf around her neck and looked at the clock again to see that it read; 5:15.

"I have to go to Ryan's banquet tonight." Gabriella said in a rush. "Which doesn't start exactly until 6, but the drink started fifteen minutes ago." Gabriella said as she rushed over to the big black door, and grasped the cold metal door handle in her thin long fingers. Gabriella froze in her spot and turned around with a grateful smile on her face that people rarely saw from her when they saw her on the front page of a magazine or billboard. "Thanks Matt…for everything." Gabriella said thoughtfully.

Matt gave her a smile. "Your doing really good Gabi, just don't strain yourself kid." Matt told her and Gabriella rolled her eyes. Matt had always been someone Gabriella looked up to since he had everything that Gabriella wanted. He had a wife, well not everything Gabriella wanted, she wanted a husband, not wife, he had two little kids and she just happened to be his youngest kid's god mother, and from what Gabriella could tell about Matt, he has had a pretty descent 40 years of life.

"Don't worry, tell the family that I said hi." Gabriella said quickly and looked at the clock to see that it read; 5:17, and it took at least ten minutes to get to the banquet hall. "I got to go." Was the last thing Matt heard from Gabriella that night as he shook his head and went back to listening to the song that Gabriella had just recorded.

Gabriella hopped into her silver Lamborghini Gallardo and pulled out of the recording studios parking lot. Gabriella sighed as she turned on the radio and her own voice filled the car without her having to even open her mouth as her old hit single filled her car, She's independent and beautiful, wish I could be like her. She's got the boys and the girls, wrapped around her finger. The words kept echoing through her head as Gabriella turned off the radio to just give herself some thinking time without actually having to hear her voice.

Most people would say that Gabriella Montez, the famous super model and singer, had it all. She had enough money that she gave $200,000 each month to a different organization. She had a schedule, each January she would give to cancer victims, each June she would give to the aids foundation, each November she would give to JDRF, (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). She had her whole year planned out as to what organization she would give to and she loves it.

She was caught at a red light as she looked down at the clock radio, 5:23. Gabriella tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she thought about how mad Ryan, her boyfriend for 1 year, could just get at her for being late for this banquet.

Gabriella and Ryan began dating when she just turned 23 and somehow Gabriella managed to put up with Ryan for a year now and all his complaining he did about how her music was taking up time in her life and that they didn't get enough 'alone' time. But each time Gabriella tolerated Ryan's complaints because she knew that she spent the same amount of time with her modeling and music as he did with his basketball team, the Lakers and his buddies.

Gabriella was at railroad tracks and she had a choice right then or there, gun it and hope that the train wasn't moving fast enough so that she won't get hit, or she could wait patiently at the front of the line and be even more late since it was, 5:26 already. Gabriella gave a small smile as she put her foot on the breaks of her car and sat there calmly.

She concluded that if Ryan was mad, the worst that he would do was not talk to her that night at the banquet and have her just follow him around while he went around to mingle with the other players and their girlfriends/wives, and then he would pull her aside after everything died down at the banquet hall and speak to her in private before he would press a kiss to her mouth and they would both head separate ways to their houses. Yes, that was right, they still had different houses even though Ryan didn't like that, but Gabriella kept avoiding the topic on moving in together.

Ryan wasn't exactly that bad to be around, it's just that Gabriella has put up with him for about 1 year too long, and yes, they had only been together for one year. Gabriella would have broken it off with him after their third date, but the people that she works with on her music convinced her in a nice and caring way that it would be good for her image if she was dating one of the Lakers.

Ryan was 6 foot with blonde hair that only styled one way, flat. He had brown eyes with light, very light, skin that turned red if he was in the sun for too long. He had a fit body from working out almost every day because of basketball, and all of this was good for Gabriella. She really supported Ryan in basketball as she made sure to attend most of the games that she could when they were home.

But after the first two months of going out officially she just didn't feel anything. She just felt like Ryan was using her because of her status in life and her popularity, which he probably didn't mean to do because deep down Ryan was a good guy, he just wasn't the right guy for Gabriella. Ever since they had got 'serious' and he gave her his basketball ring taht the team got, he always had to have everything picture perfect. He actually had the nerve to come up with rules, given that there was only four rules, but still, rules are rules and they were made to break, or so that spontaneous side of Gabriella told herself.

1: We show that we are the perfect couple with the paparazzi

2: We attend events together.

3: You keep up with modeling and follow the crazy diets the 'higher' people want you too, (even though Gabriella never did).

4: We tell each other where we're going to be that day so that if we are bombarded with questions about the other one, then we always know the right answers and are on the same page.

Gabriella groaned as she looked down at the clock radio, 5:30. Gabriella said to herself, "Maybe I should have gunned it."

Gabriella road over the tracks and took a sharp right and pulled up to the building to just hand off her keys to the valet parking and after they moved her car, she walked down the carpet into the building, past all the people taking pictures. Gabriella just thanked herself mentally that she was already in her black dress that showed off some of her back and legs so she didn't have to be even more late and stop home first.

Gabriella had her model face on which to a normal person would seem like a blank, emotionless, cold stare, but to someone who really took time to look into her eyes, they would see the bored, anticipating, waiting eyes. It's not that Gabriella didn't like modeling, because she did, but now it was just the pressure that everyone was putting on her, and she was still debating on whether she should cut back on the modeling and produce another album.

Gabriella walked into the building as a man about 20 years old held the door open for her. Gabriella smiled politely at him as she said, "Thank-you." Ryan always scolded her when she would say thank you to someone who was being paid to open doors for her, but Gabriella couldn't help it, it was just who she was. Even though she was raised with money and her job consisted of mainly bitches and bastards, she always stayed polite and kind, it was rare if she were to express how mad she could get. That's why it was easy for her to tolerate Ryan and his weird rules as sometimes she just wanted to be spontaneous and let down her guard and do something crazy that the magazines would be going crazy over for weeks at a time.

Gabriella gave her jacket to another person as he helped her slip it off and she stood in the back of the banquet hall that was beautifully decorated for Christmas in deep reds and warming greens and sparkling golds. Gabriella saw some of the teams coaches sitting at the head tables with some announcers she recognized and retired players and their wives as about thirty round tables that could fit ten people were set up with creamy table clothes and wreaths in the middle.

Gabriella stood with one hand holding onto the archway as a very old looking man was in the middle of the table talking with a microphone in hand. Gabriella smiled as she recognized him as the holder of this banquet. His name was Jerry Krisk and Gabriella had done a couple of funding organizations for children with him, he was a very kind man and Gabriella respected him as he respected her.

Gabriella looked around again trying to find where Ryan's blonde hair was and that's when Gabriella finally spotted that he was in the center table with an empty seat by him alone with eight other people. Gabriella recognized the four other guys at the table as they were all on the team with Ryan, in fact they were all the starting line up for the Lakers, and they all had their girlfriends with them who Gabriella was very close with.

On Ryan's left was Kelsi, she was a couple of inches shorter than Gabriella and 23 years old, working to be a doctor so usually Jerry, Kelsi, and Gabriella would get together to organize an event to help out the kids at the hospital. On Kelsi's other side was her boyfriend of three years, Jason Cross. Right by Jason was a blonde girl that Gabriella has known for four years now as they model together, Sharpay Evens who is sitting next to her boyfriend of a half a year, Zeke Baylor. Zeke is sitting by Troy who is Gabriella's age and next to him is a blonde girl that Gabriella has never seen before, but Gabriella isn't really surprised by that because Troy never really likes having girlfriends which Gabriella didn't know too much about. Next to the blonde girl Gabriella didn't know, was Chad who was 24, Troy's best friend, and next to him was Gabriella's best friend and his girlfriend of two years who Gabriella just happened to meet when she started modeling when she was 14. Taylor and her had always been close.

Gabriella looks around the room and sees that she looks to be the only one late as every other seat is filled up. Gabriella takes a silent deep breath as she walks as quietly as she could to the middle table. Gabriella walked like she would down the run way with her head held high as she added something, a slight embarrassed smile with her cheeks slowly turning a shade of pink. Gabriella kept her eyes focused on Ryan's back which was covered by his tux as she saw out of the corner of her eyes people turning their heads to look at her. Gabriella squeezed in the chair between Taylor and Ryan as Jerry continued speaking and everyone at the table was now looking at Gabriella.

Gabriella lightly leaned over as she kept a light hold on Ryan's shoulder and pressed a soft kiss onto Ryan's cheek as he asked in a hushed whispered, "Where were you darling." Gabriella silently gulped as mostly everyone's eyes were back on Jerry. She knew Ryan was mad when he called her 'darling,' usually he would call her Gabs or Gabi like everyone else or even honey, but when it was 'darling' Gabriella knew that he was straining his patients. "This started…" Ryan looked down at his silver watch Gabriella got him for a birthday present, "45 minutes ago"

"Sorry." Gabriella whispered out of the side of her mouth. "Recording." Was all Gabriella got in when a bright light came crashing down at her table and everyone looked confused.

All of a sudden Chad got out of his seat and Gabriella saw that Taylor was paling a little. Chad got down on one knee and a lot of the girls were letting out whispers of 'aww…' as Chad pulled a little black bos out of his jacket pocket.

"Chad?" Taylor asked hesitantly.

Chad cleared his throat and in a voice so that most people around their table could hear, "Taylor McKessie, will you marry me?"

Taylor's mouth flew open as Gabriella's breath got caught in her throat as most of the guys were smiling upon their friend, and the some girls were clutching their hearts with happy tears in their eyes. Gabriella looked at Ryan for a second to see how he was reacting and he was just sitting stiffly in his seat and Gabriella knew that he was still ticked off at her.

"Um…Chad…yes." Taylor said and Chad stood up swiftly from the ground and slid a huge ring on Taylor's finger as he picked her up in a big bear hug and swung her around with mostly everyone clapping at the happy sight. Gabriella now knew what this banquet was for, Chad must of planned it because Gabriella couldn't recall when the last time they had a banquet for no reason no one knew about.

Chad and Taylor kept bringing their lips together and kissing for a second and then pulling back with huge smiles on their faces, and then kiss, and then pull back as if they were seeing if it was a dream and they would wake up, and then they would kiss again. Jerry's voice came on and everyone stopped gawking at the two happy people, "Let's eat, dance, and mingle!" Jerry announced happily as food was being served and some soft music was playing. Some women pulled their basketball men to the dance floor, as others got up to mingle, and others just sat there.

"Oh my God Tay, congratulations!" Gabriella said as Taylor sat down and threw her arms around her best friend. "I'm so happy for you." Gabriella exclaimed.

People were coming to their table left and right congratulating Taylor and Chad as Gabriella looked at Ryan who was taking a sip from his alcohol beverage in front of him. "Hey, how was your day?" Gabriella asked softly.

Ryan looked at Gabriella and took a deep breath as he was still clearly mad at her. "Great, but it would be better if you managed to call your boyfriend to tell him where you were so that you wouldn't miss the engagement. Really, you almost did miss it, how could you do that?" Ryan asked getting up and walking away.

Everyone at the table was looking at Gabriella as she kept a straight face on, there was no way that Ryan would spoil how happy Gabriella was for Taylor and Chad right now, after all, Tay and her were best friends and Chad and her were practically brother and sister. Gabriella scanned over the table and saw that Shar and Jason had switched seats so that Shar and Kelsi were talking, as Jason and Zeke were busy talking, or at least they used to be talking, now they were just watching Gabriella and Ryan's retreating body. Gabriella saw that Troy's date was up at the bar with some other basketball player and Troy used to be busy talking with Chad, but obviously they were still looking at Gabriella.

Gabriella turned towards Taylor and said, "I'm sorry he's like that. And I'm sorry that I almost missed it." Gabriella said.

Taylor laid a hand on Gabriella's forearm and said, "Hey, it's okay. You didn't miss it and it's not your fault."

Gabriella smiled and then squealed. "You're getting married."

Taylor broke out into another huge grin and hugged Gabriella again, "I know!" The two girls all started to laugh with each other as everyone went back to what they were doing before.

When Taylor and Gabriella let go of each other, Gabriella looked over her shoulder and saw that Ryan was now standing at the bar. "Why don't you go talk to him?" Kelsi suggested as Gabriella leaned back in her seat and shook her head tiredly.

"No, I'll just let him cool down. I'm way too tired to deal with this." Gabriella said rubbing her temples for a second.

"Yes, what was it that made you late by 45 minutes?" Chad asked with an amused smile.

"I did a photo shoot for the new spring line for this new starting company and then I had to lay down a track. It took me a lot of tries, but I think I actually have a hit single." Gabriella said with a smile.

"Gabi, when are you going to do an album again?" Shar asked.

"I don't know, I haven't done one in so long." Gabriella said.

"You sing and model?" Troy asked.

Gabriella nodded, "I try." Gabriella said modestly.

"Ha!" Zeke exclaimed. "This girl has had ten hit singles already and her album was at the top of the charts for weeks and months at a time. She's great!" Zeke said and everyone else nodded.

Gabriella found this kind of strange that Troy was just asking this now, but then again, they have never really had just a conversation by themselves, or really talked either. Usually they would end up going to the same banquets, but they would both be busy with different people.

"You should really do another album, and then sing at our wedding!" Tay said excitedly and Chad immediately agreed.

"It would be great, free entertainment." Chad said.

"Oh…wow…guys, I don't know." Gabriella said and just as they were about to say something else Ryan came back with two drinks in his hand and set one down in front of Gabriella.

"Here, you might be thirsty after recording." Ryan said as Gabriella took a sip of her vodka gimlet with two olives. She always needed two olives, it was just her thing.

"Thanks." Gabriella said quietly as an awkward silence took over the table.

"So Troy…who's the girl?" Chad asked motioning to the blonde still at the bar talking to the same basketball player.

Troy shrugged as Gabriella looked at him closer and noticed that he had amazing blue eyes. "Some girl that we went to college with." Troy said.

"Really?" Zeke asked looking at her along with the guys.

Taylor rolled her eyes and took Chad's hand. "Let's dance."

"See you later guys." Chad said as he followed Tay to the dance floor. Gabriella looked at Tay and Chad and how happy they were and sighed. She turned her attention back to the table and saw that it was only her, Ryan, and Troy left as the others went to dance or mingle also.

Gabriella looked at Ryan as she gently put her hand on his upper arm and he didn't move. "Ry, I'm sorry that I was late, but the traffic and there was a train. I didn't mean to stay late recording." Gabriella said in a soft tone so that they wouldn't draw attention to themselves.

"I'm so sick of hearing 'I'm sorry,' from you Gabi. It's getting old." Ryan said coldly.

Gabriella pulled her arm back and looked at him with a 'unbelievable' angry look. "What more do you want me to say? Singing is important to me Ry, you know that." Gabriella said.

"I also thought I knew that you love modeling, basketball, and this banquet." Ryan said. "But…"

"But what? I do. I support you enough as it is, and I do love modeling and your basketball." Gabriella said.

Troy looked at the couple fighting wishing he hadn't brought some cheap blond bimbo as a date who abandons him when he needed a wing man to keep him out of awkward situations like these.

"Really? You really love modeling that you don't follow their rules." Ryan pointed out.

"What rules, their diets?" Gabriella asked.

Ryan looked at the food that was placed in front of Gabriella five minutes ago and saw the steak, soup, potatoes, corn, bread, and a fruit cup. "Yeah. The diets, how do you expect to be able to do a photo shoot when you gain five extra pounds?"

Gabriella's jaw dropped, she knew that she was perfect weight, in fact the doctors told her that she needed to gain another ten pounds but it was physically impossible since Gabriella was always on the go or doing something active, there was no need to follow the stupid diets that people wanted to set up for her. "Ry, the diets they want me on consist of not eating anything and then if I feel faint, eat a piece of cheese." Gabriella said. "I can't deal with you right now. I'm too tired from the photo shoot and recording." Gabriella said standing up.

"You wouldn't be tired if you just went to the photo shoot and forgot about singing." Ryan muttered so that Gabriella heard.

Gabriella got up leaving Troy and Ryan at the table by themselves. "Uh…" Troy said not knowing what to say, unlike usual when Troy was practically the leader of the group since he was team captain.

"Hey we have practice tomorrow, right?" Ryan asked changing the subject. Ryan and Troy been friends for two years now, ever since Troy joined the team. Well, not so much as friends, but they hung out together because they shared the same friends.

"Yeah, from noon to three." Troy said. "You gonna make it?"

"Yeah…" Ryan said even though he knew that Gabriella had some runway thing where she was modeling this one person's new designs. "I am."

"Good. Coach doesn't like people missing." Troy said as he took a sip of water in front of him.

"What doesn't Coach like?" Their coach asked.

"Nothing." Troy and Ryan said at the same time.

"Good. Let's keep it at nothing too. So about practice tomorrow, it's canceled but we're working our asses off on Monday then." The Coach said.

"Yes sir." Troy replied in a bored tone as the coach clapped his shoulder and walked away missing Troy's tone.

"Great, now I can go to Shar's, Tay's, and Gabi's show." Ryan said rolling his eyes. "And it's not going to be pretty if she's still mad."

Troy looked at Ryan and found a strange feeling inside of him. He found this small growing feeling that had a mixture of hate, confusion, and something else…was Troy feeling sorry for Gabriella that she had to put up with Ryan?

"Hey, so how did you and Gabriella meet?" Troy asked.

Ryan shrugged. "I was visiting my old college with Jason and Gabriella was a senior there and we bumped into each other getting coffee." Ryan said as if it was nothing.

"Oh…" Troy said not knowing what else to say.

Troy sighed out of relief quietly as Gabriella walked back over to their table, but she didn't sit down. "Ry, I'm heading home because--"

"Because you recording your song took a lot out of you so now you can't be here to celebrate with your friends." Ryan said.

"No…" Gabriella said shortly as she narrowed her eyes on Ryan's sitting body. "Because I need some sleep for the show tomorrow, you are coming right?" Gabriella asked as she dug down deep enough to still keep the conversation polite enough for everyone's liking.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." Ryan said as he smiled cheekily up at her. Gabriella shook off the anger that was brewing in her body as she saw Ryan's smile and smiled down sweetly at him. "I love you." Ryan said.

"You too." Gabriella answered back as she started for the door.

But before she could walk three steps away Ryan called to her as he played with the stir straw in his drink, "Do you want me to walk you out?"

"Don't strain yourself." Gabriella said as she walked away. "I'll see you tomorrow Ry."

Troy leaned into the table a little more just so he could see Gabriella's retreating back go into the coat room to get her jacket and Ryan not budging.

"God she's bitchy today. Sorry you had to hear that." Ryan said in a bored tone.

"No problem." Troy mumbled not believing Ryan that that was Gabriella being bitchy because Troy had seen a lot worst from other women and they were not nearly as laid back as Gabriella. "Excuse me, but I think I just saw my date leave with someone else." Troy lied as he stood up from the table and saw that Ryan waved him off with a flick of the wrist.

Troy didn't know why, but he was excited to get to the coat rack before Gabriella had a chance to leave. Troy walked into a giant coat room that looked like it could be from a different building. It didn't have any red, greens, or golds like the banquet hall, instead it was a pale yellow with cheap wood trim and a used to be white ceiling now turning a sick pale yellow, like paper when it gets old.

Troy walked in and sees Gabriella buttoning up her jacket. Gabriella looks up with hope in her eyes and Troy could tell that she was hoping that it was Ryan as when her chocolate eyes met his blue ones, her face faltered a bit and then quickly turned to a soft smile.

"Hey. Leaving so soon?" Gabriella asked as Troy shrugged and started looking for his jacket.

"I could ask you the same thing." Troy said back in a cool voice which made Gabriella giggle.

"Fair enough, fair enough." Gabriella said as she started to go for the door as Troy finally grabbed his jacket.

"Hey, do you need a ride home?" Troy asked lamely. Gabriella had on a shocked face and Troy suddenly realized why, he had just asked one of his friend's girlfriend for a ride home. "I mean…I know your with…Ryan, I was just…never mind." Troy said as he put his jacket on all the way.

"No problem, and thank you for asking, but I have my car with me." Gabriella said. "Hence why I was here late." Gabriella said.

"Right, so you were recording a song?" Troy asked as he held the door open for Gabriella and she walked through it smiling.

Gabriella nodded, "Yeah. It feels good that I got it finished." Gabriella said.

"Oh so you're relieved?" Troy asked trying to find out as much as he could about the wondrous beauty in front of him. And right then Troy's eyes went wide into over drive shock that he was infatuated with his teammates girl.

"Well, no. I'm just happy. You know feeling you get when you finally accomplished something?" Gabriella asked as they made it to the door that lead outside where all the flashes were already going off since they saw their shadows threw the tinted glass door.

"Yeah." Troy said. "Well…"

"Thanks for walking me to the hell hold doors that lead to the devils with flashes." Gabriella said as Troy gave off a chuckle and Gabriella smiled up at him.

"Anytime Gabriella." Troy said.

"Ow…that hurt." Gabriella said faking hurt.

"What?" Troy asked.

"Only my mother and father call me Gabriella when I'm in trouble." Gabriella said.

"Oh, sorry." Troy said. "Then what should I call you, Gabi…" Troy suggested slowly. "Gabs…" Troy spoke in a low slow voice. "Ella…" Troy looked over Gabriella, up her smooth arms to her soft delicate creamy shoulders, up her neck that had a freckle here and there, to her soft pink lips, to her chocolate brown eyes just boring into his. "Brie?"

Gabriella smiled. Ryan had never looked at her like the way Troy was now and it should've scared her that it wasn't her boyfriend that was trying to figure her out, but it didn't. "My friends call me Gabi." Gabriella said and pushed open the doors to exit.

Troy caught a glimpse of her retrieving back as flashes went off crazy and questions were being yelled as Gabriella kept her head straight. That's when he realized that he was just checking out his friend's girlfriend and was even flirting with her for a minute.





Troy waited until he heard the car start up and he pushed the doors open and walked down the carpet or as Brie would say, the hell hold carpet.





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